Police Entered a Church To Take Pictures of Congregants Illegally Gathering … in Canada

We're all North Korea now

When you hear of police entering a church gathering to collect information on citizens breaking the law, what country comes to mind?

Perhaps China or North Korea? Perhaps Yemen or Afghanistan?

Well get ready to redefine your understanding of worldwide persecution, because such a thing just happened in Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Here’s more context from the pastor:

Pretty crazy, folks. Even if you’re still scared of this “pandemic” and believe healthy people need to remain shuttered in their homes and never sing, smile, laugh, or hope ever again, there’s hopefully some small part at the very back of your brain that still sees the dangers in laws that allow authorities to come onto properties without warrants to surveil citizens.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Pastor Tim Stephens of the church, Fairview Baptist:

“No amount of fine, no amount of jail time is going to discourage people as they come together to worship. It’s strange that they would… lecture Christians about how they ought to behave and how they ought to worship. I think there’s a real misunderstanding on their part. Christ is King, and so we are here to worship Him. And He is above every other authority.”

And also this one:

“Inside of our hearts is sin. And we are not good people. And so unless we have the Lord Jesus who is leading us – unless we have his Holy Spirit within us – sin is just gonna take course. You’re going to see more and more police, more and more government control, to try and subdue a people. But when we’re self-governed according to the principles laid down in Scripture, we have a free society: free for Christian, and free for non-Christian. And that’s what we’ve seen that’s going away in our society. It’s not just the Church: it’s our entire society that’s coming under the grips of more and more tyranny.”

Source: Not the Bee

  1. Jerry Hood says

    USrael made the Western Hemisphere into a fascist Sodom-and-Gomorrah with Gestaten Polizei on every corner!

  2. ken says

    The police are now a scourge upon society. They are an equal to Hitlers BrownShirts. They are now the most hated group,,, which includes Antifa and BLM.

    People need to remember this next time your hero’s try to say they are part of the community. They are nothing but evil goons for the tyrannical politicians.

    They need their pictures taken so that when this is settled they can be located and pay for their crimes against their fellow Man.

    And folks, Jesus has no problem with people taking care of the business of defending Him and His Kingdom. By His grace….

    1. geo says

      Equal to Talmudist bands “cleaned” by Brown Shirts.
      You know propaganda, not the truth.

  3. 7.62x39 says

    The pastor is impressive challenging these canuck cucks. We will not comply!

    The political elite in the west and in asia as well as the people they rule
    are spineless.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      When you elect as PM a faggot son of a whore , what else could you expect ?

      1. geo says

        Yes, and people of Canada should remember the idiocy of the “national spirit” – most of the respondents said the religion is a private affair, not to be considered of public interest.
        The thing is…. everything one is doing is religious and full of symbols.

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