Manchester Police Broke Up 10-Year-Old’s Birthday Party for Lockdown Gathering

We know because they proudly tweeted about it

Police have been accused of ‘boasting’ about breaking up a child’s birthday party after they posted online about the incident. Greater Manchester Police tweeted: ‘Officers attended a property in #Swinton where three families were celebrating a child’s birthday in a private garden. The homeowner has been issued with a fixed penalty notice.’ The town where it happened is in Salford, one of the areas of Greater Manchester subject to additional lockdown restrictions. According to the Daily Mail, the child having the party was a 10-year-old girl.

After reading about what happened, several people accused the local force of being heavy handed with their policing. Academic Lee Jones tweeted: ‘Greater Manchester Police boasting about breaking up a child’s birthday party. We have clearly entered the Twilight Zone.’

London Assembly member David Kurten added: ‘Just following orders: Greater Manchester Police break up a children’s birthday party.’

Ashley Hinton wrote: ‘If you’re wasting Manchester taxpayers money on this totalitarianism, the local drug dealers and burglars must be having a fantastic evening. You, Greater Manchester Police, are part of the problem. You disgust me to the core.’

There were almost 5,000 comments responding to the original tweet.

‘Did you confiscate all the kids presents as well?’ one woman asked. However, some supported the force with one man saying: ‘Thanks for doing a difficult job in reminding the selfish that they’re not above everyone else. ‘We all have to respect social distancing rules to prevent the whole of Manchester going into a severe lockdown that ends up damaging the city as a whole.’

A police spokesman said: ‘This was one of several breaches of Covid-19 regulations that were publicised to demonstrate the breadth of incidents Greater Manchester Police have been called to in just one night.’

Source: Metro

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  1. Aurum Cimex says

    Manchester police- twinned with Australian police in the Halls of Fascism.

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