Poland Will Formally Propose Sending NATO Troops to Ukraine at Summit This Thursday

Division of Ukraine?

US and Soviet tanks, Berlin 1961

Source: AFP

Poland on Tuesday called for a Nato peace mission “protected by armed forces” to help Ukraine.

“This cannot be an unarmed mission,” Vice Premier Jaroslaw Kaczynski was quoted as saying by the Polish news agency PAP during a visit to Kyiv.

“It must seek to provide humanitarian and peaceful aid to Ukraine.”

“I think that we need a peacekeeping mission from Nato, or even possibly from a larger international structure, but a mission that will be able to defend itself and that will operate on Ukrainian territory, which will be in this country with the agreement of the president and the government of Ukraine and it will not be a defenseless mission,” Kaczynski said.

It “will strive for peace, to provide humanitarian aid, but at the same time it will be protected by appropriate forces, armed forces,” added Kaczynski, who is also the leader of the ruling conservative party in Poland and is considered the main strategist of government policy.

Source: Interia.pl

One of Poland’s top conservative leader’s call on Tuesday for NATO to enter Ukraine in a “peacekeeping mission” was rejected by NATO allies such as Germany and the United States, but Poland’s prime minister has now added his voice in defense of the proposal.

Jarosław Kaczyński, the head of the ruling Polish Law and Justice (PiS) party and deputy prime minister, made the proposal for such a NATO mission during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Despite warnings that NATO in Ukraine could spark a conflict with Russia and potentially even lead to World War III, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says that there is still ample reason to support such a move.

“In situations in which women and children are dying, when civilians are being murdered, Ukraine has a right to invite NATO and other allied troops. Such a peace mission would make it so that there would be peace in some parts of the country’s [Ukraine] territory,” Morawiecki explained during interview for TVP, Polish public broadcaster.

He added that the idea had been consulted with Poland’s allies and will be presented at the upcoming NATO summit.

  1. SteveK9 says

    How could the leaders of a large country be this crazy? It might be cruel and unfair to point out that Poland started WWII and they are trying to do it again.

    1. Arnieus says

      Leaders can only be this crazy if they are well paid to be crazy or they were a friend of Epstein.

    2. DutchPartisan says

      You didn’t expect the world to depopulate itself, now did you?

      1. Hungary Guy says

        Yep, the suicidal COVidiots have become suicidal Russophobes.

      2. Albert Nogala says

        Hahahaha, funniest comment here. Thanks for the laughs.

      3. Avenger says

        Actually they have been – one willing dose at a time.

    3. Helga Weber says

      It was actually the Ribbentrop / Molotow agreement, they agreed to divide Poland between this 2 countries.

      1. Helga Weber says

        sorry : these

      2. danyla says

        it is actually started in 1938 by divided Czechoslovakia between Germany and Poland

        1. Stig says

          Just so that you are informed, Poland, opportunistic as it was, took back some territory the Czechs annexed while Poland was fighting the Soviets in 1920.

    4. Albert Nogala says

      Look at corrupt US leaders from the SC to the WH to Congress to Governors and Mayors and Chiefs of Police, and sitting on School Boards, promoting less policing and CRT and Tranny hour and brainwashing kids to hate religion and men and being white and heterosexuality and the family, everything BLM told us they stood for is being played out in the US, and everywhere else the globalist scum paying for this can get people to take their money. The corruption is astounding. Look at the ineffective, illegal lockdowns that they KNEW wouldn’t help, yet they used them anyway – to bring us to our knees. Look at the forced mRNAs that kill more people than they help, while Ivermectin worked GREAT but was suppressed. Corporations love pumping us full of drugs, even when they give kids heart attacks, they feel nothing but GREED. Corporations love war, and will arm both sides in any conflict where they can sell the weapons. Corporations don’t love the environment, or humans, they love money and power. Polish leaders are apparently every bit as sold out as US leaders. We are exactly what Putin said, the Empire of LIes.

    5. Avenger says

      How many Pollocks does it take to start WW3? — ONE.

      1. Stig says

        Catchy line, maybe, but wars invariably are designed by jewed anglos and their brethren, and have been for quite a while. And finding idiots to start them they do. So get your brain working again, and come up with something useful.

    6. Kointel Killah says

      Ukraine is a just a side hustle to sell Lego collectibles.

    7. Chooch says

      They ‘started’ WW 2 ? Which strain are you smoking?

    8. Kevin says

      Yes, you are correct.

    9. Harry Schneider says

      you are well informed and correct

  2. Warrior Nation says

    Now I am beginning to understand what all those Polak jokes were about!

    1. Kointel Killah says

      They’ve come a long way since then.

      They put sandbags in windows now.

    2. Stig says

      One more brain-damaged ignoramus.

  3. Karla Summers says

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    1. Jim Yost says

      Can you say “PARASITE?”

      1. Tony says

        did you know that during the reign of the Soviet. Not being gainfully employed was illegal barring being ancient and decrepit or being too young to work eg. newborn. By definition unemployment meant you were a burden to society. Also known as a parasite and parasitism was illegal in the USSR, punishable by hard time in a gulag or death.

  4. Hungary Guy says

    These Polaks have been braindead asleep in the last 30 Years:
    Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Syria, Eastern Ukraine…

    Where were theit Peacekeepers then?…

    1. Albert Nogala says

      The war on terror has displaced many millions of people and created chaos wherever it went on. And the corporations made money on it the whole time. Peacekeepers? Where do you find them now days?

    2. Avenger says

      They are born brain dead for centuries.

  5. ken says

    The West wants this war sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad! And it would not surprise me that Russia still would not cancel shipping gas and other minerals to the West while the West is waging war with them. Apparently to Russia,,, maintaining the contract is more important than their existence as a nation.

    We have the head of the Russian central bank that shipped half of the country’s gold and other reserves to Western nations that are now locking the accounts,,, probably to steal the booty later. And Putin nominates this individual that lost all that for another term! I’m waiting for Putin to send a team to help the Western banks tote off the gold.

    Did Putin take the covid shots? He certainly acts like it. Everyone I know that took the “vaxxines” are screwed up in some manner. Either memory loss or just plain acting strange or both. These are the sme NPC’s that switch over night from the Covidcon to the Ukiecon and soon back again. It’s almost like the narratives are being piped straight into their brains from gov narrative central.

    The Polish apparently like being invaded and pawns to world powers. This time the US is the guarantor. Same shit,,, different names.

    1. Albert Nogala says

      Yeah that really surprised me, and dashed my hopes of a clean, ethical outcome for this situation. IMO Russia has every right to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Russians, and to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. But this central bank thing stinks as bad as Ukrainian politics. Very disappointing. I’ll post links for people who haven’t read about this yet, PCR’s articles are short, pithy summaries that will get people up to speed quickly, he’s an expert on Russia and a straight shooter, he is fearless and says what he thinks.

      Putin Reappoints Russian Central Bank Chief Who Handed Over Russia’s Reserves to Russia’s Enemieshttps://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/03/18/putin-reappoints-russian-central-bank-chief-who-handed-over-russias-reserves-to-russias-enemies/

      It Took Russia 31 years to figure out she was trusting Satan but the knowledge hasn’t translated into actionhttps://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/03/19/it-took-russia-31-years-to-figure-out-she-was-trusting-satan-but-the-knowledge-hasnt-translated-into-action/

    2. Avenger says

      Putin took 3 doses so far

    3. Kointel Killah says

      War Back Better

  6. Blitz1969 says

    This dwarf country along with those other Baltic republics have already been repelled by France and Germany! They want to enter Ukraine! Among these 3 runts! The NATO secretary puppet himself yesterday spoke at a press conference almost crying with shame that they can’t help the Ukrainian Nazis (their friends), they are on their own now! The same Georgia story repeats itself, they provoke and then they run away! NATO likes to make war with other people’s dead! The comical part of the article was the humanitarian aid!

    1. ken says

      Poland was completely gone, as in did not exist until President Woodrow Wilson blew life into it to get the Polish vote.

  7. XSFRGR says

    GOOD !! Let’s get in on now !! It’s gonna happen so the sooner it’s done the sooner we can begin rebuilding the planet. Whatever happens Russia/China must not allow the West to become stronger.

    1. Albert Nogala says

      The odds of the US being around after the big takedown look very low. I don’t know where you live but it seems pretty obvious that the western civilized countries are the biggest targets of the Globalists, if they can take us down the rest will fall like dominoes, they will fall over on their own in fear and desperation. That is not something I hope to live to see.

      1. XSFRGR says

        I live in North West U$A, and I gave a lot of though to what I wrote. I’m a retired soldier with significant combat time so I’m not particularly afraid of death, but I have no interest is living as a slave to the Banksters. I don’t think the Western nations are the biggest targets of the Globalists because the West is already defeated, and the Western liberal masses will live in slavery, and poverty without a whimper. The Western nations are also, for all practical purposes, Satanic, having been subjugated by the Pharisees. They claim to be Christian, but they have no concept of Biblical Christianity. The Western nations are also racist in that they are dedicated to the destruction of the White race. Russia is the last great White Christian nation so the choice of who’s side to be on is simple; at least for me.

        1. Eddy says

          As one vet to another, agree totally with your post. However, the racist remark cannot go unanswered. I’m from European background, (parents migrated out a long time ago,) reason being, they believed there was no future in Europe, that eventually they would all kill themselves because of their racist behaviour and attitude to their own neighbouring countries. It doesn’t matter what colour skin you have, only the language you speak. I accept, in the U.S. the story may be different, with it’s large population of Blacks and Hispanics. But here note, many Hispanics come from adjoining nations, just like in Europe and the racisism is similar as well.

          1. XSFRGR says

            My family, which came to the U$ in the 1600 -1700 period, is predominately Ulster Scot, and Norman French. I don’t consider myself as much a racist, as a realist. The simple fact is that the Liberal world is founded on anti-White racism, and is dedicated to the destruction of the White race. I don’t understand why this is the case because when the Whites are gone many of the third world races will simple eat each other, and the Jews will have no one to protect them. For what it’s worth I consider the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese as White. After the Whites are gone the orientals will clean up the mess, and they are very through indeed.

            I did three tours in ‘Nam (75th Ranger Infantry, & Special Forces), and I had absolute respect for the Vietnamese on both sides. Although my children are grown, and married I would have been comfortable with either my son or daughter married to a Vietnamese or other oriental.

            There is a great variation between Latinos, and Mestizos, and the potential for instability with Mestizos is extreme. Latinos, on the other hand, are generally good people, and I’m very comfortable around them..

            Blacks are simply a horror, and that should be obvious by their conduct in the U$ as well as the rest of the world. I did two years (77-79) as a sergeant in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, and that the gave me ample opportunity to watch the Black in its natural habitat. Bottom line: They were no different than Blacks in the U$.

            The above said I’m a strong believer in equal opportunity, and equality under the law.

            The most tragic aspect of the Russia/Ukraine war is that White men are killing White men for absolutely no reason. All of this could have been worked out were in not for the Jewnited States. A demography study that I read determined that were it not for the deaths sustained by Whites during the wars from the American Revolution forward to Vietnam there would be 1.600,000,000 more Whites alive today; one point six billion more Whites alive if we didn’t delight in killing each other.

            1. GMC says

              Did you know my late friend Buddha – Jim Bondsteel in Africa?

            2. XSFRGR says

              Not that I recall although I did have a Tpr. Boreland in my troop. I was in 41 troop (mortars), 1RLI. Although we had excellent Hotchkiss-Brandt long tube 81mm we never had the opportunity to use them in combat.

            3. Frank Frivilous says

              Both of the above comments are excellent, well reasoned and no surprise coming from our vets. Europe has been a playground for the Kazarian mafia for centuries and the United States was groomed for it’s role from the beginning by FreeMasons. The final battle of Armeggedon has to occur between caucasian nations because they are the only ones who oppose the freakish feudal designs of Frankish Jews. One thing they cannot control is the fact that millions of Muslims, Chicoms and even Israelis are converting to Christianity on their own without the influence of western missionaries. We should not forget whom the real savior is. This may also explain why the Kabalists are so invested in the vaccine narrative. The truth is coming out now and I look forward to seeing what the Russians have discovered in the Bio-warfare labs in the Ukraine.

            4. XSFRGR says

              About 10 years ago the Russians caught three U$ medical teams harvesting DNA along the Russia/China border. The Russians interrogated them, and then turned them lose. Obviously the U$ is attempting to use the Russian, and Chinese DNA to develop a genetically specific bio-weapon. The Israeli’s have been at this for a number of years, and I fear that Covid is part of the program. My fellow Americans should remember the law of Karma: WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

        2. Avenger says

          Maybe if like minded vets took out their criminal government, then we wouldn’t be having all these satanic Zionists problems

          1. XSFRGR says

            I wish it was that simple, but along with it being a crime an act of treason it would be pointless. Taking out the trash will work just as long as it takes for more trash to accumulate. The problem is universally enfranchised brain dead democracy combined with manipulation by the Ministry of Propaganda. Until the current system is destroyed, and reformed things will remain as they are. However, if we continue to poke the bear….well…..!

        3. Jim Yost says

          Well said, and I totally agree with everything you said. I wish there were more people like you in America.

      2. Eddy says

        Disagree with your post. FACT, the NWO has been trying to take over the World now for a very long time, and despite all it’s planning and manipulation, has not succeeded. The FACT that all such planning NEVER runs to plan, seems to have been ignored. The reason we can all see what’s going on right in front of our eyes, is because the plan has NOT succeeded and is having difficulties, because unplanned for actions are upsetting the agenda. I’m 72 years of age, unvacced, and plan to live long enough to see the World be freed from this tyrany. Though I know the time will be very difficult for us all, I’m happy to live thru it, just to see the U.S. get it’s just deserts.

        1. Bill T says

          I have noticed this trend also. None Dare Call It Conspiracy, written in the Sixties, predicted we would be a prison camp by the Eighties, for example. I have come to realize that it will only fully come to pass after the Rapture. The presence of Christians, even the clueless ones, prevents the Adversary from having full sway.

    2. guest says

      A Russian ambassador on Thursday said Bosnia and Herzegovina could face the same military aggression unleashed on Ukraine if the country joins NATO.

      Igor Kalbukhov made the remarks during an interview with broadcaster FTV on Thursday. He noted that the country is free to join the 30-member alliance but that Moscow would respond, Euractiv reported.

      “If (Bosnia and Herzegovina) decides to be a member of any alliance, that is an internal matter,” he said. “Our response is a different matter. Ukraine’s example shows what we expect. Should there be any threat, we will respond.”


      1. XSFRGR says

        I hope that Bosnia & Herzegovina will profit from watching the action in Ukraine. However, if they decide that their path is NATO then they are simply too stupid to live. If this continues to the point of a nuclear exchange then so be it.

        1. Eddy says

          Doesn’t the U.S. have the largest military base in Europe in one these places ?

          1. XSFRGR says

            We have significant assets in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and we’re building a monster base in Poland….very near the Russian border.

    3. Kointel Killah says

      Trust the Scam?

      1. XSFRGR says

        Trust is a six letter word ending in ed as in F***ed,

  8. johnny says

    if this true then that polish idiot did not understand Putin warnings
    Poles are very stupid that way….

    1. Albert Nogala says

      I believe they’re puppets, they are being paid to say this so the globalists can see how Putin and the EU and US public react. They war game everything with AI now, the more data the AI can be fed the more accurate its predictions can be. The people at the top who are sane know that nobody wins a nuclear war with Russia & China (who would surely weigh in). An isolated madman e.g. Israelistaging a false flag, who wants Iran destroyed and thinks they will live to take over the ME, that is another story.

      1. Eddy says

        L.O.L. The last time I read something like this, the AI told them them they’d get their butts licked big time by the Russians. I recall every time they punched in data, the outcome was the same each time. L.O.L. can’t see it changing anytime in the future. No matter how many times they try.

    2. Kointel Killah says

      How do you say “situation room” in Polish?

      Is it the same as Ukrainian? Russian?

      Doesn’t matter if you speak English.

  9. Albert Nogala says

    WTF is wrong with Polaish leaders, how far up Biden’s A** are they?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Polish leaders ?? 100% Pure Poles? Confirmed by their rabbis …

      1. Avenger says

        Who do you think runs Israel? … Polish leaders … Look it up for yourself – starting with Ben Gurion.

    2. Eddy says

      So far up, they can’t see daylight. Maybe they are suffering from oxygen deprivation ???

    3. Avenger says

      More like England’s rearend – as Hillary said the Council of Foreign Relations is where they get their orders … as well as Tel Aviv who also controls DC

    4. Kointel Killah says

      The Burisma Boys will let you know when Hunter gets his job back.

  10. Albert Nogala says

    Too bad you haven’t noticed there’s a much bigger picture that involves a potentially much bigger conflict.

  11. Frank Frivilous says

    I thought the Russians were sent in on a peacekeeping mission too.

  12. nnn says

    Idiots just asking for nuclear strike on Warshaw

  13. Jim says

    No wonder they’re called “Pollocks.”

  14. Eddy says

    Quote, “Slovinia, Czechia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Slovakia, and allegedly France.” With the exception of France, each of these piddly tiny nations couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag on their own. Even combined, their military capability amounts to…… NOTHING, otherwise they wouldn’t be members of NATO in the first place. Because they are so puny and weak, they must rely on NATO to do their heavy lifting for them, because on their own, they are useless. Also the idea of involving NATO in this conflict is suicidal and would mean the beginnings of WW 3 and their own nations obliterated in the blink of an eye. Are they really so stupid ?
    Apparently they are. Ass for France, I don’t believe for a second, they will involve themselves in a fight that is not their business. The French might be a lot of things, but stupid ? I don’t think so.

  15. Jim Yost says

    Can you say “PARASITE?”

    1. Mr Reynard says

      She’s looking for partners to do more home porn movies ??

  16. Jim Yost says

    A few days ago I read a statement in an article saying that the Presidents of Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine are avowed Satanists. I wonder of it’s true. If it is, that would explain a lot about what’s going on over there. I didn’t save the link to the article because I didn’t know whether to believe it or not. Now I wish I had saved the link.

  17. Jim Yost says

    Can you say “PARASITE?”

  18. Jim Yost says

    One time about twelve years ago my then brother-in-law (my ex-brother-in-law now) was complaining to me about some sort of political stupidity that was going on at the time (no doubt having something to do with Obama because he hated him), and I replied that the world is being run by crazy people. He gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look, and even though he didn’t say so, he dismissed me as being a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. That was twelve years ago. I haven’t talked to him in almost six years, but I wonder what he thinks about it now.

  19. Kointel Killah says


    “NATO pays better.”- John McKraine, 2013

  20. Together we stand says

    Stupid, Stupid Pollocks, war again for the Khazars!

  21. Kointel Killah says

    If you’ve seen one summit, you’ve seen them all.

    It’s like watching a rerun, of a remake, of a reboot.

    Let’s Go Nato!

  22. Frank Frivilous says

    The Polish PM is another Mason and doesn’t give a lick about his own people let alone Ukrainians. That is why he has been assigned to start a war between Russia and NATO. This is starting to look like a repeat of WW2.

    1. Deemer665 says

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  23. William White says

    Give your head a shake.

  24. hating america says

    Real stupid thing for Poland to do. Poland will start a world war or nuclear war, NATO inside Ukraine, too close to Russia’s borders as Russia has communicated multiple times, will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Don’t be stupid, Poland. Have some respect for Russia. Stop being the asshole that will start the nuclear war!!!

  25. Toddster23 says

    BIG mistake and a case of warmongers sticking their big nose in the oven, the new USSR would easily make mince meat out of nato ground troops, smart thing is for UKRN to just surrender and give up their country, because my sources in Burma tell me warsaw is next to fall by mid summer

  26. Michael says

    The polaks are sick with itchy ass and also desperate to invade the ukries, as they want to take back some territories that they lost in the 2nd world war.

  27. Jim Phelps says

    Not a good idea. Poland might disappear off the map

  28. Kevin says

    The remains of the White tribes are now being slaugfhtered.

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