Poland to Ramp Up to Oil Export to Ukraine to Combat Fuel Crisis

Difference in gauge may slow down import by rail

Source: Strana.ua

Poland will connect its ports to speed up the supply of fuel to Ukraine, writes the local paper Wprost.

Fuel will be delivered to Ukraine through the ports of Gdansk and Swinoujscie. And then send by train, for which the schedule of Polish and Ukrainian trains will be synchronized.

Now about 60,000 tons of fuel per month passes through Poland to Ukraine. The goal is to reach 200,000 tons, Ukrainian Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko told the newspaper.

Source: 24 Ekonomika

Monthly, as the minister explained, Ukraine requires about 100 thousand tons of gasoline, 250 thousand tons of diesel and about 70 thousand tons of liquefied gas. Currently, market participants have already contracted 72 thousand tons of gasoline and almost 253 thousand tons of diesel.

A meeting was held in Warsaw with all participants of the Polish market, representatives of the Romanian energy sector, that Ukraine will increase transit through Poland to 250 thousand tons per month.

“That is, we will try as soon as possible to solve the fuel shortage, which has developed situationally, temporarily in the Ukrainian market,” she added.

Source: Wprost

Poland itself is an importer of almost 100 percent in crude oil and, to a large extent, an importer of finished petrochemical products. So we can be an intermediary for Ukraine, said Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin. There are such difficulties as the different track gauge between Poland and Ukraine. Therefore, an effective reloading of transports is needed he added.

Editor’s note: It seems this in fact already started in April since Poland all of a sudden doubled its oil imports. BiznesAlert:

Poland imported a record 701,000 metric tons of low-sulfur diesel ULSD from Saudi Arabia in March, compared with 384,000 a three-month average and 363,000 in March 2021.

Poland is practically the sole supplier of fuels to Ukraine. Data about them remain classified and Polish institutions do not disclose them despite questions from BiznesAlert.pl.

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