Poland Tells Belarus Not Acting as a Border Guard for Germany Equals “State Terrorism”

As Poland cooperates with EU's collective reprisals against Belarusian civilians

Polish PM says Belarus is conducting “state terrorism” against Poland:

Poland’s prime minister accused Belarus of “state terrorism” over its role in the influx of migrants gathered at the border. Mateusz Morawiecki made the comments during a joint news conference with European Council President Charles Michel in Warsaw.

Meanwhile, the migrants don’t even want to be in Poland but are trying to reach Germany:

Polish helicopters hovered over the scene as some of the migrants chanted, “Germany!”, their desired destination, according to video posted to social media.

Poles are acting as the border guards of the Germans. That is their choice. But if Belarus has no interest in the same, then that is “state-sponsored terrorism”?


Why must Belarus make it difficult for Syrians and Iraqis to travel to Belarus? Because many will then use Belarus as a jumping-off point to reach Germany? Okay, but what does that have to do with Belarus? (Or even Poland?)

“State terrorism” requires action. Not doing something can not be terrorism. Not imposing expensive and difficult visas is not terrorism. Not cutting flights to the Middle East is not terrorism. Not rounding up and deporting people (who are trying to leave your soil anyway) is not terrorism.

Also “terrorism” requires action that is in itself illegitimate. If Belarus is delivering food and shelter to people camped out on its border, if it is making cheap flights to the Middle East and advertising them, yeah that is going to put the EU in a pickle, but it is not terrorism.

Opting not to act as Germany’s marchland is not terrorism.

That said, since then the Poles are also accusing the Belarusians of trying to “dazzle” them with “green lasers”:

I am not an expert, but I do think such lasers can blind night-vision goggles?

Not very nice of the Belarusian vehicle to do that, but aren’t even any migrants in the video. It’s not in support of their charges at the border fence.

You know what might be state terrorism, however? Economic sanctions.

They’re a textbook example of collective punishment. Ie of targeting civilians (albeit not for death but “merely” impoverishment).

They also consist of actions that are illegitimate in themselves. They are restrictions backed by state violence on their own citizens from doing business with an entity in Belarus. What business is it of your state-mafia who you do business with?

To be fair most sanctions against Belarus are against named officials which are fine in my book (they’re in the state-mafia game), but there are also economic sanctions against its civilian airline and its innocent employees and dependents. (One truly wonders why an airline barred from Europe wouldn’t try to ramp up its Middle Eastern flights?)

Moreover, the EU is now planning to ramp up the sanctions.

So then we have Poland, which is engaged in collective punishment of Belarusian civilians (by way of repressing its own citizens who would cooperate with Belarusians), accusing Belarus of “state terrorism” for… for not acting as a border guard for Germany. Very persuasive Warsaw.

Also, Poland has dumped over one thousand migrants into Belarus so whose border is really being violated by the other’s security forces?

Asked about the migrants being sent back to Belarus — so-called “pushbacks” — Zdanowicz said Poland had sent back 1,122 migrants since the beginning of October when a law allowing this controversial procedure came into force.

  1. guest says

    Luca Shenko, the sub-human garbage, is obviously an enemy of humans. At tax-payer expense, this vermin transports cultural enrichment from the Middle-East into White Russia and tries to let them upon Poland. Luca Shenk, the brainless moron, has no idea how to organize White Russia to be self-sufficient, to produce for themselves goods, so he wants Europe to give him welfare.

    Hopefully many White Russians will be gang-raped by cultural enrichment, so Luca Shenko may walk around proudly, like a peacock in a general’s uniform, decked out like a russian christmas-tree, with enough hanging thingies to make a bullet-proof vest.

    White Russia can only lose in this dumb-and-dumber game, and only a moron would support this tapeworm from White Russia in his efforts to destroy humans.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      He has the support of the majority of the population.
      It is because he protects their interests.

    2. padre says

      What is your problem, didn’t get layed last night?

  2. nnn says

    Stop gas flow to this murderers from EU, let them all freeze to death

  3. scripted reality says

    The 82 year old picture with the Wehrmacht-soldiers makes no sense.
    It’s the typical anti-German stereotype.

    1. Adam says

      That 82-year-old picture is no Stereotype. It is a historical fact. The Hitlerite Fascist German State invaded and tried to Genocide the Polish People and their Eastern neighbours. Currently, the German State is the Head of the Fascist European Union. The only thing that has changed for the German State is Re-Branding. Germany is still governed by the same generational Fascist Psychopaths. So, do you still think the Germans are the innocent little children in the Forest? They created this mess and this mess will consume them.

  4. William White says

    I’m sure most Poles are real concerned about helping Germany. Remember the War? As for Belarus, well the same only double. I’d like to hear a statistic about how many EU Citizens think the EU is nothing but a huge Turd Pie? We never see that stat do we?

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