Poland, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia Also Stand Defeated in Afghanistan

It's not just America that lost a war here

America has lost another war. So have all of its vassals that followed it there.

They may have only been there to curry favor with Washington, to pay the kind of tribute by symbolic military service that the Empire expects, and that is so helpful to legitimizing its wars, but it does not ultimately matter. When you take part in a war and your side loses, that is called being defeated in a war.

Not counting contractors, 3596 US-aligned soldiers did not return from Afghanistan. Just 68 percent were Americans. 18 percent were from the British Commonwealth, with nearly all of the remainder from other NATO members.

The United States lost 2452, Britain 455, Canada 158, France 86, Germany 54, Italy 48, Denmark 43, Australia 41, Poland 40, Spain 34, Georgia 29, Netherlands 25, Romania 25, Turkey 14, Czechia 14, New Zealand 11, Norway 10, Estonia 9, Hungary 7, Sweden 5, Latvia 3, Slovakia 3, Finland 2, Jordan 2, Portugal 2, Albania 1, Belgium 1, Croatia 1, Lithuania 1, South Korea 1.

Relative to their populations, Britain and Georgia lost about as many soldiers killed as did the United States (7 per 1 million), and Canada not that much fewer (4 per 1 million).

At one point — before the Obama surge — fully one-half of the 60,000 occupational troops were non-American.

The Obama surge relied on 60 thousand additional American troops but also wrangled an additional 10 thousand troops from the auxiliaries for the non-American maximum troop strength of 40 thousand from 2010 to 212.

From 2015 on, non-Americans again provided fully one-half of the occupation.

The fact is that the American war in Afghanistan could not have continued for as long as it did without the NATO aid in manpower, in spreading out the blood cost, and in providing a mirage of political and moral legitimacy as an “international” (rather than Imperial) exercise.

The burden NATO took on in Afghanistan also allowed the US to focus more on Iraq and to pursue that war for longer and with more intensity than it could have otherwise done.

In the end, both the Imperial metropolis and the vassal swarm lost in both.

  1. JameT says

    In fact it is not the absurdity of “America” that has been laid bare, but the absurdity of the West.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Remember,the nosehooked jews originated in the Serpent cultures of Mesoamerica, the wandering land of Cain, Nod( 54)…They were in constant killing and sacrificial wars, building pyramids of skulls and bones there,with ripping out the hearts!
      When the zionist jews usurped power in the United States,making it USrael, their never ending wars started! With sacrificial false flag operations, massmurders and war crimes never heard of before! USrael Army building their pyramids of skulls and bones around the world, leaving the ripping out of hearts for thdir zionist brothers in Israel!

  2. JameT says


    1. Jerry Hood says

      No,Blue Lodge of the West…

  3. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an article that looks at the very significant impact that the devolution of Afghanistan has had on its civilian population:


  4. Jerry Hood says

    The Western,stupid goyim in military uniforms aren’t of any interest to us, they volunteered to die! How many afghanis were killed in that evil agression against Afghanistan? How many Iraqis? Libyans? Syrians???Yemenis? Somalis? At the END TIME, the entire North America shall be destroyd and killed!!! It will be Not the First time!!! We know, the Black ” Olmecs”( Jaguar or Yama people) were annihilated there,their statues destroyd,their big basalt heads burried! They were replaced by new colonists,the Red Indians, who were teplaced by the White colonists from Europe! Codex Zouche-Nuttall,page 36, depicts the North American replacement of the White goyim of Europe, by the Yellow Chinese!!! This is a fact, and a true history repeating itself in the galactic cycles!!!

  5. ken says

    Not trying to make lite of any life lost in these stupid wars BUT so far 15,000 in the US and 35,000 dead in the EU from a safe and effective vax doesn’t even get honorable mention. Do those lives even count?

    How does 50,000 compare to 3096? In fact there are more dead from the vax than nine/eleven and ALL the Mideast wars. But, for unknown reasons, that’s not headlines.

    No,,, headlines are now fearing the Taliban will operate a tyrannical state. All of the sudden women’s rights are b a c k! Will the children get skooled etc. What about the LGBT?

    Well folks,,, look at Australia,,, look at New Zealand,,,even the UK and Canada! These AND some states in the land of the free, are well on their way to totalitarian insanity. Hitler, Stalin and Mao are laughing their asses off.

    In Australia and New Zealand because of one PCR case, one cannot talk to their neighbor,,, one cannot go for a walk,,, one cannot meet up with family in a different region,,, one cannot go shopping without permission,,, one has to wear a oxygen depriving mask,,, The police are brutal,,, beating up men women and children. The army is preparing to go door to door with guns to force the jabs. School children are being forced jabbed,,, soon, babies and up will be meeting their maker.

    And we are worried about a People that were born,,, live and die in the land they just freed from a gaggle of tyrannical bullies! Our honor is at stake? Where is the honor in subjugating and terrorizing a people to bring them demockracy?

    We have more to lose at home today than worrying about a war we should have never started. I think a sanity check is in order.

    1. Eddy says

      Ken, I’m Australian, just come back from a camping trip I undertook with my son for days. During that time, we never saw any of the events you claim are happening in Australia. There were no masks, no military and we saw no Police anywhere either, bu then we don’t live in the Eastern States.

  6. Raptar Driver says

    NATO is the king of the north. It is the bringer of death.
    That is it’s only purpose.

    1. XSFRGR says

      What goes around comes around !!

  7. NGg says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  8. yuri says

    Afghanistan was an amerikan humiliation….that many US colonies contributed token efforts cannot erase the obvious truth

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