Poland and Iran Condemn Opposites Sides of the Unrest in the US

Iran issues a statement on "Recent Protests in the US" and it looks somehow familiar

Poland’s Ambassador to the US and the Bahamas is “disgusted and appalled,” urges quick action by the White House:

Iran’s Foreign Minister says something like this has been “long overdue”:

Al-Qaeda also has something to say:

  1. Alternate History says

    Iran is proud and smart; Poland , not so much.

  2. geo says

    Al Qaeda is not against race, is fighting against other religion, specifically Christian.
    So, one should not pay attention to such low IQ comment they posted.

  3. CEjU pronounce see_eye_ae says

    Hilarious trolling by Iran…
    On the other hand, Polakistan showing again, how faithful little Doggy it is; playing the same Part as before WWII.

  4. Abraham Seggfej says

    Iran is right about the unsustainable amounts of money the USSA Gov spends on it’s bloated Military that is good at buying weapon’s that are overpriced and not worth their price Tag.

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