Poklonskaya: “Z” Is a Symbol of Tragedy for Russia and Ukraine Both

"We will either realize everything together, or we will destroy the world"

Noble soul

Editor’s note: Hard to argue against. In fact the war has fallen the hardest precisely on people like her who draw deep roots from both sides of the border. Precisely the people who are the most invested in Russian-Ukrainian fraternity and who could have served as bridges and links to tie them together.,

Source: RBC

The letter Z, which Russian military personnel put on equipment during a special operation in Ukraine, symbolizes tragedy and grief. Natalya Poklonskaya, deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo [ex-Russian MP, ex-Crimean prosecutor, and ex-Ukrainian prosecutor], said this in an interview with a popular YouTube channel.

“This letter Z symbolizes tragedy and grief for both Russia and Ukraine. Why? Yes, because Russian soldiers and Russians are dying, and parents receive different news. This is trouble. After all, the Ministry of Defense says: so many died, so many wounded. Is this joy? No,” she noted.

She also said that she had previously urged the Russian Orthodox Church not to depict the letter Z on Easter cakes, while specifying that she did not know for sure about the accuracy of this information.

The Latin letters Z and V are considered symbols of a special military operation that Russia has been conducting in Ukraine since February 24. These letters are applied by Russian servicemen to military equipment. The Ministry of Defense explained that the letter Z means “For the victory”, and V – “Strength in truth” and “The task will be completed.”

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law banning the symbols Z and V. After the entry into force of the law, the symbols cannot be used “without a legitimate context or in the context of justifying” Russia’s actions in Ukraine or any other military actions.

In early March Poklonskaya issued a beautiful and heartfelt appeal to Russians and Ukrainians both to stop inciting hatred against the other, and falling for chauvinistic super-patriotism, but to instead work for unity:

There are no longer words that can change the current situation of mutual grievances between Russians and Ukrainians.

Everyone says: “We will win, because our caus is just, God is with us.” And everyone has their own slogans: “Ukrainians are fighting for their land and freedom”, “Russians do not abandon their own”.

And who is God with? All have patriotic and noble goals. This is a dead-end. Think for a moment. Maybe there is no absolute truth and, moreover, no monopoly on it? [Poklonskaya with the revolutionary notion that more that two things can be true at the same time.]

I appeal to people again: please stop this madness and the incitement of hatred towards each other. Doubt yourself and show human compassion for a world that is in the balance.

We must finally admit that for all these eight years one part of Ukraine lived in a nightmare – under the silence and condemnation of its other part.

My grandmother (participant of the Second World War), Dubrovskaya Lidia Mikhailovna, also lived there, and she was also called a “separatist”. She died before today’s nightmare came.

I know what she would say to us today. That it is a pity for people, children and everyone who today is forced to live the same way as they have all these almost eight years, hiding from shells. And I would also say that I am ready to sacrifice myself so that others live – in Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava.

Those who now hate Russians or Ukrainians, or overly admire or exalt one nation over another, are quietly becoming a tool of destruction of the whole world. Please stop!

It seems to me that we have gone too far, and it is time to take courage for the future on our own, without putting it into the hands of those with weapons.

I appeal to all Russians and Ukrainians: we need not to be divided, but to unite with each other – without finding out who is a patriot and who is not.

We will either realize everything together, or we will destroy the world, after which, through suffering, we will come to the understanding that we must be able to accept the choice of others.

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