Podcast: Who Attacked Saudi Oil

Will Porter returns to the show to breakdown the attack

On FPF #400, Will Porter returns to the show to breakdown the attack on Saudi oil infrastructure that took half of the Saudi’s oil production offline. Will describes the attack and evidence produced by Saudi Arabia. The Houthis have claimed they carried out the attack. However, the US has pointed the finger at Iran. Will and Kyle look at the competing claims and describe why the Houthi are more likely behind the attack. They also explain why either Iran or the Houthi have a reason to attack Saudi Arabia, Trump would be foolish to start a war with Iran, and how the new NSA – Robert O’Brien – could impact the future discussion of war with Iran. 


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  1. dedhenry says

    FROM 9-11 to 9-14 !!

    The similarities are very striking (9-11 bis ?) :
    high military technicalities and perfect/faultless organization and targeting (think
    of New-York towers !!) no doubt taking years to plan and program. Possibly same or similar Israeli-USA (deep
    state – CIA – home security etc…) top secret organization based maybe in Israel
    or top secret US base in Djibouti from where everything was organized – drones
    prepared etc… even launched ( if too far first to some intermediate base). And
    the attack came all of a sudden: no intelligence service was aware of this ?!
    And why were no patriot radars active in recent months (Against all military rules
    to be prepared at all times !) Who decided that ? Next (of course !): all Saudi petro-installations must be
    re-inforced for security ! And who is equipped to do that ? the US of course :
    the entire US war industry (Lockheed-Martin etc..) and defense contractors
    are expecting very lucrative contracts very soon ! – for which Congress will
    gladly approve all necessary tax money ! To summarize : the possible 9-11
    connection should be thoroughly investigated and will no doubt reveal very
    interesting facts ! FROM : dehenry

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