Podcast: US Drone Downed Over Yemen, What Was It Doing There Anyway??

The important questions the MSM never asks

On FPF #390, I discuss a US drone being shot down over Yemen. The US claims that Iran supplied the Houthi with the weapons. The US media has focused their attention on the relationship between Houthi and Iran. However, the more important question is what was a US drone doing over Houthi held Yemen. Trump has no authority to wage a war against the Houthi, who oppose al-Qaeda. I explain how the downing of a US drone and Saudi losing Aden to separatists show the US needs to end its involvement in Yemen. 


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  1. DarkEyes says

    The “ISUS”-drone is the spy tool to prepare the Khazarian Mafia & Underworld mercenaries (US Miliary & Freelance killers) for the next war.
    (Concatenate ISrael with US which gives you “the ISUS” government in Washington, D.C.)

    This time on Yemen and by zio-calculations going thru Yemen they hope to be able to reach Iran and start an all out war on Iran.

    Again the American Boys and Girls are allowed to die not for defending their country as their oath means but for Congress and its Greater Israel Firster project.
    Quite an honor.

    Isn’t that wonderful?

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