PODCAST: Trump’s Russia Policy Failed the American People

He is starting a new arms race and cold war

On FPF #511, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Trump’s failing Russia policy. During the campaign, Trump made it clear that he would able to get along and make deals with Putin. However, once Trump took office, his policy towards Russia became more and more aggressive. Trump started with expelling diplomats and is now ripping up key arms control agreements over minor disputes. Kyle and Will explain how the president’s actions are pushing the US to a new arms race and cold war with Russia. 

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    Obama’s policy same as trump—only the bushes produced a minimLLY rational policy–clinton the worst

  2. Charles Homer says

    Here is an interesting look at some recent comments from Russia about Washington’s attempts to force its anti-Iran sanctions on other nations:


    Despite what Washington might want or believe, Iran does not stand alone. Both Russia and China have made it very clear that Iran is off-limits when it comes to American interference.

  3. nick1111 says

    Trump is an idiot

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