PODCAST: Trump Doubles Down on Ineffective Sanctions

The president seems to lack other ideas

On FPF #498. I discuss Trump’s foreign policy strategy of using sanctions to deal with any international issue. Trump has sanctioned several countries, including Russia, China, Iraq, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar. For others – North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran – he has not limited the sanctions to individuals or industries, but rather imposes an economic war on the entire population of the country. Trump’s sanctions have actually harmed the president’s foreign policy, as the sanctions interfere with his ability to engage the countries diplomatically. 


  1. nick1111 says

    Retarded idiot in the WH

  2. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

    Its clear that the US no longer wishes to publicly humiliate itself and its armed forces any longer so sanctions are the soup du jour. Makes it look and sound like theyre doing something, which they are of course, most sanctions cause people to suffer on some level even if the smart countries find a work around. It is clear however that they don’t work in the long run and fail to create the desired change (ie. regime change) so its just PR for domestic audiences and suffering for the people of sanctioned countries not as intended the elites. Wholly inadequate and inhumane but thats what the US is all about, just look at how they treat their own black citizens.

  3. persiansoul says

    He’s an imbecile! I hope Americans have realised it by now! He needs to go!

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    obama the same—expected from an empire that produces nearly nothing and is unable to compete…the desperate attempts to extend empire regard imperialist theft, sanctions, tariffs, third party sanctions, threats, coup attempts

  5. Jorge Trevino says

    Trump has shown massive incompetence and ignorance. He’s nothing but a son of daddy’s fortune. Limited skills, no languages, general culture close to zero, bad manners, vulgar, a total weirdo. Just the president the American regime needed. They’ve got what they deserve.

  6. XRGRSF says

    You don’t seriously think that Trump is in charge of anything; foreign policy or anything else? Trump does what he’s told to do by his masters, and those instructions are relayed through Jared Kushner. Trump is just the designated dart board, the man the masses are programmed to love/hate. Trump will continue to follow orders if he wants to get out of this alive. When Da Donald expresses a cognizant thought Jared whispers, “JFK, JFK, JFK.”

  7. nick1111 says

    Trump is a disgusting pig

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