Podcast: The US Is Losing in Afghanistan

While the MSM obsesses over impeachment

On FPF #448, I discuss several news stories that are being ignored as the media obsessively covers impeachment.

In Afghanistan, a US plane was downed and the UN announced it needs to provide basic aid to an additional three million Afghans this year.

The US Embassy in Baghdad was hit with a rocket. The Iraqi security force continues to kill protesters. Many of the protesters are demanding American forces leave.

Trump announced his Isreal/Palestine “Deal of the Century.” The deal appears DOA as it fails to meet even basic Palestinian demands.


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  2. Canosin says

    the US isn’t losing in Afghanistan…….it has since long already squarely lost in Afghanistan…….its only dragging on this outcome, hiding it from the American public, as far and as long as it can possible go…especially when’s election year…..

  3. thomas malthaus says


    Difficult to know why the Afghanistan peace process broke down last fall. They were so close (sarc).

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