Podcast: The Dark History of the ATF

Sam Jacobs on 'Fast and Furious' and Ruby Ridge

I invited Sam Jacobs on the show to discuss the dark history of the ATF. Sam has a recent article that covers the ATF gun-walking operations know as ‘Fast and Furious.’ Sam explains how the program provided arms to deadly cartels. The weapons were used to kill many Mexicans and a US border agent. Sam covers the ATF murders a Ruby Ridge. During the standoff, AFT’s incompetence and blood lust led to a 14-year old boy and an innocent woman to be gunned down. 

Sam Jacobs is the lead writer and chief historian at Ammo.com. Work from Ammo.com‘s Resistance Library has been featured by USA Today, Reason, Bloomberg’s Business Week, Zero Hedge, The Guardian, and National Review as well as many other prominent news and alt-news publications.


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