Podcast: Rand Tries Diplomacy with Iran

Trump gives go-ahead for talks with Iranian FM

On FPF #377, I discuss Senator Rand Paul’s attempt to engage in talks with Iran. Rand played a round of gulf with Trump and got the go-ahead to talk with the Iranian foreign minister. While Trump still seems committed to his maximum pressure campaign, the realistic Paul and Zarif may be able to begin improving the US/Iranian relationship. 

I update the Eric Garner murder. The police-involved will not be held responsible. I use this story to look at who should be held responsible for enforcing state policy. 

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

  2. Alternate History says

    Rand Paul has of late been a moderate voice of reason. The fact that Trump is relying on him shows that he accepts the failure of his bluster and false flag operations. As soon as he relieves the sanctions talks can begin. Of course, he will end up where O’Bomber was, but, he’ll take credit before the elections. In other words, this is more of the ignorant Trump tactics: when all the BS fails, try reasonable diplomacy.

  3. restless94110 says

    Garner was resisting an officer of the law. Don’t resist an order by the police. It’s very simple. You can file a claim against the officers after. You can fight any charges in court. The time to fight is not on the street. The officers will attempt to detain you. If you resist they won’t stop trying to detain you. This seems so obvious and simple.

    It was clear that Ganer had “had enough” of being busted by cops for violating the law. Was it a petty law? Yes. Was it the law? Yes. Do police have to enforce the laws? Yes. If you are told you have violated the law and you start fighting are you going to be physically arrested (meaning stopped)? Yes.

    Why is this such a hard concept to understand? Garner would be alive today if he just said: Yes sir and did what he was instructed to do.

    That’s the lesson that no one seems to have learned at least as exemplified by this ignorant podcast.

    1. DarkEyes says

      Meaning, the police is there to protect the “Law of the Big Corporations”. The police gives a toss about none-Corporations and they just kill at will.

      A nice, pretty, cozy police state US and the fifty states of the United States of America.
      Law and Order on Demand by Big Corporations.

      1. restless94110 says

        No. Meaning the police is here to enforce the law passed by the representatives that a majority of people elected. The police enforce the law. If a person is dead in a police altercation there is a ton of review as we have just seen. This happened what 3 years ago? And it’s just now being finalized?

        If you don’t want a lot of laws then get off you arse and get rid of these lunatics who keep passing them. There are so many laws that it is said that every citizen in America violates at least THREE laws every single day!!! That’s not the corporations doing..

        It’s citizens voting in Joe Schmo who says we have to pass this law “for the children” or we have to pass this other law because “terrorists”.

        You voted them in. The cops enforce the laws the guys you voted for pass.

        But even so there is one thing you MUST always do: DO NOT RESIST ARREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is so hard to understand about this obvious street fact?????????????????

        When a cop says stop hands up? Stop. That’s not what Garner did.

        He resisted and resisted and he was a huge fat man. You try to enforce a lawful order given as part of your job on someone like that.

        You try calibrating the amount of force you would need to exert on a wildly crazed mad fat man and see how you do.

        Stop your emotional woman like hysterics. Use your brain.

        1. DarkEyes says

          Remains still the question: What was the reason for the arrest?

          BTW, I assumed this a normal discussion and platform meaning I do not understand your agitation.

          Anyway, have a wonderful day.

          1. restless94110 says

            If you are arrested, the place and time to question the reason for your arrest is before a judge in court. At that point, if the arrest was false, then the officer(s) who made the arrest could be sued.

            I have absolutely no agitation about anything at all, but thanks for asking.

            I do though not understand the ignorance people have around how the law works. You don’t get to question the arrest while you are being arrested. You can say what am I being arrested for? The officers can tell you or they don’t have to tell you. You will be booked and arraigned and the charge will be revealed to you.

            But challenging the arrest is called resisting arrest. This is a separate crime. It is a felony. Don’t do it. Allow yourself to be arrested. Period. Simple.

        2. che guevera says

          Yes those god damn individual cigarette peddlers have to be stopped. business needs to force people to buy complete packs. MAGA.

          1. restless94110 says

            Don’t like it? Vote the fools who made the law out. Otherwise you are just saying that the cops should enforce whichever laws they personally want to and not enforce the other laws. If we are a nation of laws, then you got to change the laws, not tell the cops to not enforce them.

  4. John C Carleton says

    Anyone goes to Washington DC, has committed treason against America, Americans.

    Want Washington DC to do the right thing on Iran?

    Tell the DC whores, gonna have Fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hangings for Treason, pedophilia, war crimes, bribery, crimes against humanity, if they don’t sit down, shut up, leave Iran alone!

  5. René Martin says

    “Eric Garner murder”: A grossly overweight career criminal suffering from a plethora of medical issues refuses to obey the police and dies while resisting arrest. Murder? Good riddance!

    1. Alternate History says

      That’s called ‘re-selling’. It’s an important part of Cpitalism.

    2. che guevera says

      Yes, buying a pack of cigarettes and then selling them individually to other people freely requesting them is a crime that must be prioritized. We just can’t let them get away with that, it cut’s into corporate profits.

      1. René Martin says

        The gravity of the crime is irrelevant. It was the ‘resisting arrest’ part that forced the police to restrain Mr Garner. It was his morbid obesity and bad health that killed him.

        1. che guevera says

          Gee, I thought it was undue use of excessive force, the ignorant misapplication of body mechanical techniques of control. But that was all after the fact of the ignorant way the police approached the individual and their sickeningly poor verbal skills and lack of empathy regarding your “morbidly obese, ” and “grossly overweight” while black fellow human being. There were 100 ways to defuse that situation, and progressing to an arrest for such trivial bullshit again talks to lack of any sane policing doctrine which on it’s face is grossly racist. It is obviously also “classist,” the persecution of the poor on behalf of the well off, steal a pack of gum and get beaten and go to jail, steal 10 million dollars from gullible old people, and disappear into the Cayman islands. The stupid son of a bitch policeman applying the chokehold, obviously something 100% prohibited in wrestling rules, should have been sent to jail for voluntary manslaughter. The gravity of the crime is not irrelevant as this brain dead police force has for decades enforced criminal laws, passed and enacted by a rigged system on behalf of moneyed interests, such as the decades long prosecution of a highly medicinal drug called marijuana, inflicting untold needless harms upon millions of people, is par for the course. Only racist fascist Nazi type psychos even want to be police in this fucked system of the rich preying upon the poor.

          1. René Martin says

            Don’t resist arrest in the US.

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