Podcast: Quad-NATO, Trump’s Shiny New Doomsday Machine

The proposed Asian alliance will stoke tension with China

The US State Department has called to formalize a NATO-like alliance between itself, Japan, Australia and India, currently known as the “Quad.” The Deputy Secretary of State, Stephen Biegun, said he would like the new alliance to serve as a bulwark against Beijing, potentially creating a mutual defense pact akin to the North Atlantic Treaty. Kyle and Will discuss the risks in emboldening regional states to take a harder line against China.

A run-in between an American and Russian patrols in Northeast Syria resulted in at least 4 injured US troops, the Pentagon has claimed, accusing Moscow of dangerous and provocative behavior. Russia, for its part, says Washington knew its patrol route and that the American vehicles blocked their path. The case has underscored the dangers of the illegal American presence in Syria, risking an escalation of tensions between the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals. Another vehicle collision involving a US military vehicle occurred in South Korea last week to much less fanfare, despite killing four local civilians.

A New York Times report claims the Taliban fired rockets at two US bases in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, citing anonymous US officials, however, the militant group has denied the charge. Will and Kyle break down the accusation and examine the likelihood the story is true.


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