Podcast: Protesters Break Into the US Embassy in Iran

The US commits another blunder in Iraq

On FPF #437, I discuss Iraqi protesters breaking into the US Embassy in Baghdad. The protesters took to the street outside of the embassy in response to US airstrikes on an Iraqi militia. The US claims the strikes targeted an Iranian backed militia that had attacked an Iraqi military base. However, the US has not provided any evidence for this claim. The Iraqi government has called the strike a breach of their sovereignty. I explain how this will likely power Iran. 

  1. Rowdy-Yates says

    So how did a rag tag bunch of protesters penetrate America’s Embassy in Baghdad which is a literal fortress the size of the Vatican and built to withstand a full scale invasion? hmmm

    I guess the same way 13 rag tag terrorists managed to penetrate NORAD and attack the Twin towers to the Pentagon 19 years ago on 9/11. In that situation the CIA & MOSSAD were involved to get America into ME wars.

    I bet by this year we will be fighting Iran, Russia and China as Israel wants us to do

    1. Jesus says

      Give the Iranian proxies due credit, if Israel wants war, US will be embarrassed and Israel will have to deal with Iranian ballistic missiles and Hezbollah attacks.

      1. Rowdy-Yates says

        Israel wanted war and Trump backed off at the last moment. Some say that the impeachment is an attempt to remove Trump and have Pence step in. Pence is a bigger warmonger than Trump and would have fulfilled that request.
        Now it looks like the impeachment went nowhere and the urgency for reason to wage war on Iran has to be created.
        Iran has nothing to gain in a full fledged war with America. I doubt Iran would initiate this but America would.

        1. Pablo Rivera says

          Agree… There’s a full economic war already against the East, Russia and China are now in a secret “NATO” with Iran, which is the weaker link. There’s no way that they would let it alone against the US or Israel. Anyone who claims that Iran would be a matter of weeks is clearly delusional.

          1. Rowdy-Yates says

            At 650 Thousand square miles (close to half the size of India), the center of the Persian Empire and one of the centers of Islam to a member of OPEC and situated in the energy center of the world and an emerging nuclear power, Iran has a lot of strong points that make her a worthy ally of Russia and China, both of whom want Iran to be their ally and not their foe.

            1. Canosin says

              100% right

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