Podcast: North Korea Tests New Missiles

How Trump's economic war pushed Kim

On FPF #381, I discuss the status of talks between the US and North Korea. North Korea recently tested some missiles, and the never-Trumpers attempted to make a show of the tests. Trump downplayed the tests and said that he continues to hope for talks with North Korea. I explain how it was the US policy against North Korea that led Kim to test these missiles. I argue the US should engage in step-by-step diplomacy with North Korea to normalize the relationship. 


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  1. Mary E says

    Someone is dreaming here! The US does not do diplomacy – at least the diplomacy that works well for a Win-Win situation….their version of diplomacy has military mission written all over it…so it can be in a Win-Lose position! Why do people continue to have hope for the US to do the right thing??

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