PODCAST: Journalism on Trial – Liberal Warmonger Praised as Assange’s Plight Ignored

The free press is dying

An unverified hit piece by Jeffery Goldberg in the Atlantic accused Donald Trump of trash-talking US troops. Despite its flimsy sourcing, the Libertarian Party ran with the story to score political points against the president. Kyle and Will explain the problems with their messaging.

Julian Assange’s extradition hearing is set to resume on Monday, as the US presses ahead with its war on journalism. While Assange’s case looks bleak, a recent US court ruling on the NSA mass surveillance provides some reason for optimism, effectively vindicating Edward Snowden’s historic leak in 2013.

New York may soon step up police enforcement of social distancing rules with a NYPD task force, as Governor Andrew Cuomo refuses to allow restaurants to reopen, despite the economic devastation brought by the continued shutdowns.


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