Podcast: Israel Aims to Heat Up Tensions With Iran

Israel bombs several countries ahead of elections

On FPF #392, I discuss a string of Israeli bombing across the Middle East. In Iraq, the US has disclosed Israel is targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces. The PMF is a Shia fought against IS and received support from the US and Iran. In Syria, Israel targeted Iranians supporting Assad’s fight against jihadists. Israel has now admitted to bombing Assad 100s of times throughout the Syrian War. In Lebanon, Israeli drones targeted Beirut and a Palestinian. The Lebanese president said the attacks are like an act of war and Hezbollah said they would respond. Israeli has also suggested joining the fight against the Houthi in Yemen.

All the Israeli attacks risk starting a larger war that will drag the US into a war with Iran. The attacks are occurring in the leadup to the Israeli election. I explain that Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is likely trying to spin up nationalism in hopes it will help him to get reelected. 



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  1. thomas malthaus says

    If only this facility was “disabled,” Israel’s tune regarding peace negotiations with regional foes might change.

    Not really.

    Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) seems the most effective route.

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