Podcast: Did ISIS Dupe Trump Into Attacking Iran?

Iraq says ISIS was behind the killing of a US contractor

On FPF #453, I discuss Trump’s firing of impeachment witnesses, insider attacks in Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Trump fired EU Ambassador Sondland and NSC Ukraine expert Vinland. Both men testified in the House impeachment hearing providing Democrats with great soundbites and little evidence.

In Afghanistan, two US soldiers were killed by an insider attack. The attack is further proof the war is failing.

Iraq says the attack that Trump used as an excuse to assassinate Soleimani was carried out by ISIS and not a Shia militia group. If the Iraqi military and intelligence are correct, then Trump was duped by jihadists into a conflict with Iran.

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11 months ago

The author shows absolutely no understanding of the history of ISIS.

ISIS has always served American interests.

It never attacked the very targets a genuine jihadi outfit would attack – Israel and the fat, corrupt princes of Saudi Arabia.

ISIS also has served as a convenient excuse for American forces to be where they don’t belong and to bomb things they wanted to bomb.

Elements of ISIS in the past were observed to have been helicoptered by American forces.

Same for al Nusra.

11 months ago

“Did ISIS Dupe Trump Into Attacking Iran?”

What an infantile question!

ISIS provided Trump with an excuse for the murder of General Soleimani on orders from Washington or Jerusalem. Donny Trump just did as he was told. He doesn’t have the intelligence to plan or decide on operations.