Podcast: Brink of War as Civilian Advisers Pushed for Strikes on Iran but Trump Sided With Pentagon

Lost in the corona coverage was how close we were to a US-Iran war ("strikes")

Will Porter returns to the show to discuss the Trump admin’s move towards war with Iran.

The recent events happened under the cover of the coronavirus and got little attention in the MSM.

Trump’s civilian advisers pushed him to carry out strikes within Iran, and it was the military leaders – Secretary of Defense and Head of the Joint Chiefs – that disagreed with striking Iran.

Fortunately, Trump decided not to strike Iran because of the corona outbreak.

Will and Kyle explain how the instability in Iraq – and Trump’s hawkish advisers – could eventually push Trump to strike Iran.

  1. Monte George says

    I don’t know if Trump ordered a strike or not, but someone sure as hell did! Someone seeded a virulent strain of Corona Virus among the Iranians, then publicly assassinated the universally popular General Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani’s funeral brought millions of Iranians into the crowded streets, marching arm-in-arm, holding hands, crying, hugging, kissing, spreading the contagion. I’d call that an effective, diabolical, cowardly, strike. I expect most Iranians see it that way too. Now we wait for the blowback and the payback.

    1. Joe Cooper says

      That is a brilliant deduction, never thought of that. You can never underestimate the diabolical evil of the Zionist jew/CIA cabal.

  2. isaac says

    Tulsi is a POS, aside from being pro MASSIVE immigration to the jUS, she is a POC and therefore an anti-white arsehole. POCs will always gang up on Whites, wtf good is that? How stupid can these pundits be, “Well Tulsi had integrity, she wanted to bring the boys (and girlz, and whatevers) home. Of course a chick POC would never lie or renege on a campaign promise.” sez the “experts who are still waiting for Trump to bring the boyz home (and the wall, and the swamp drain thing, and the…). A Presidential candidate would never deceive duh sheeple with empty campaign promises, would he (she, or it)?
    How effing stupid can these people be? Trump surrounded by jews from his a-hole to his pie hole BEFORE he ever stained the WH with his BS, but, noooooo…he’s going to advocate for the people who elected him (white, middle class and blue collar Americans), he’s going to stop illegal immigration, he’s going to get us out of the mess in the ME, he’s going to show China whose boss and bring “OUR” industries home, he’s going to blah, blah, blah…He’s going to kowtow to his jewish masters just like every other punk and punkette in the ZOG. It’s all BULLSHIT! There is no political solution, long as the kikes have an iron grip on “OUR” political system, major media outlets and banking (to name but a few) – NEVER!

    1. Joe says

      Another Whitey war criminal cannon fodder facilitating schmuck whining like a little bitch. Poor victims, oh wohoo, we forget how victimized and affected you are. STFU. Trump is bitch whipping boi you red neck cunt. You fucks have benefited greatly from the Zionist plundering of the world but complain like little bitches when it bites you in the ass. Fuck and you and him, keeping living in la la la land while the shithole sinks with you on board.

    2. itchyvet says

      Bloody good, honest, accurate post, IMHO.

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