Podcast: Are Taliban and Trump Agreement-Capable?

They're soon to put pen to paper on a violence-reduction pact

On FPF #454, I discuss recent progress made in negotiations with the Taliban. The US and Taliban will soon implement a reduction in violence pact.

If successful, the pact could be the first step in a peace deal between the US and the Taliban.

However, there are a lot of potential paths that could lead the US away from peace. Including the president’s erratic decisions on foreign policy.

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  2. XRGRSF says

    Agreement capable: The Taliban, perhaps; the U$, probably not.

  3. cechas vodobenikov says

    perhaps the Taliban are….Sacvan Bercovitch described the USA as “the ultimate trickster’s paradise”
    “amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries” Daniel Boorstin
    as Durkheim observed, “the state always reflects the values and desires of its people”
    Ask Iran

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