Podcast: Are Narco Charges Against Maduro Paving the Way for US Military Action in Venezuela?

Several warships deployed off Venezuela's coast in 'anti-drug' operation

Will Porter returns to FPF to discuss the aggressive actions Trump has taken towards Venezuela in recent weeks.

The US indicted Maduro then offered a $15 million reward for his arrest. Similar actions were taken in 1989 before the US military invaded Panama and captured the country’s leader.

The US has offered a “new” proposal to drop sanctions once Venezuela’s president Maduro resigns. However, Maduro will not step down and turn the country over to his opposition as the US demands.

Now, in the name of fighting the drug war, Trump deployed several warships and anti-drug ships off of Venezuela’s coast. 

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  1. james richardson says

    With the collapse of the Shale Oil industry…brought on by the Covid Virus AND Russia/Saudi Arabia wanting to destroy the U.S. Shale industry…..the obvious thing to do is grab Venezuela’s oil. Shale Oil production costs are too high to compete against Russia/Saudi Arabia so the Empire must have a cheaper source it an control. What better way than to grab Venezuela’s oil. The “drug charges” are pure bogus and anyone with an IQ higher than a cabbage should recognize that immediately. This is pure Imperialism laid bare. The Empire is after Venezuela’s oil.

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