PODCAST: 9/11 Victims Advance Case to Find Truth About Saudi Role in Terror Plot

Will Prince Bandar have to testify?

On Conflicts of Interest #7, Kyle and Will break down a federal judge’s order to Saudi Arabia to arrange for some two dozen current and former officials to testify about their potential knowledge, or involvement in, the 9/11 plot. 

Julian Assange’s extradition hearing was postponed until Monday after a Covid scare on the prosecution side. The lawyer’s test ultimately came back negative.

Tensions between China and Taiwan spiked last week after Beijing sent aircraft into Taiwanese airspace two days in a row as the breakaway state carried out live-fire missile drills.

The Trump administration brokered a normalization deal between Israel and Bahrain, a move Palestinian leadership slammed as a stab in the back.


  1. richard kingston says

    Bandar.. the billionaire Saudi crook who was/is great pals with the Bush crime family, he was adored by the swines in the US government, as was Bin Laden when he was trained, supplied to kill in Afghanistan. Nothing will done to the evil anti- democracy, anti- human rights, terrorist- backing beheading despot Saudis, they have the Infidels in their back pockets, they roll-up laughing at the US/ UK who pimp-out their military to prop-up and keep the demons in power. Bush held hands with the so- called Saudi king, Obama bowed, Trump danced with swords, what will creepy, crooked Biden do when he goes to pay homage to the evil brutal Saudi despots the US/UK sell arms to and call Allies!!!

    1. Southern says

      He did more than just hold hands….In the end… that’s irrelevant in the greater context of things since 9-11 was an inside job/ biggest conjob of the century that should have been properly investigated instead of appointing Kissinger as the laundry man.

      A number of the Saudies were alive when they were accused of the event, I don’t believe they were responsible but a diversion to draw attention away from the real suspects.

      Dancing Israeli’s and Benjamin Netanyahu famous ”9-11 is very good for Israel” was another giveaway.

      Whatever flew into the Pentagone should have been revealed by now and why not the place is surrounded by camera’s.

      There’s far more to this – they’ve had near 20 years for the cover up, war crimes have been committed on an ongoing basis and neither those have resulted in the real criminals being held to account but the man who exposed it all – Julian Assange.


  2. plamenpetkov says

    It’s a common knowledge by now most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis and/or Egyptians. USA has been protecting their pals the Saudis for 2 decades now. This is absolutely disgusting.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      It is not the AMERICAN PEOPLE who protected their sheep fucking asses or who is protecting the goddamn jews. It is US and EU billionaires, wall street, and corporations with no nationality. That’s who protects the sheep fucking Saudis and jews.

      1. Southern says

        It never could have happened without some very high level of assistance from inside.

        9-11 served as a smoke screen to launch the lie based war on terror.

        1. richard kingston says

          The demonic Saudis got the US and its poodles to smash Iraq for them as they could never fight a real tough enemy, they pay-off the Infidels to fight wars for them. VAST Saudi investments in USA and Londonstan keep the US/UK in their back pockets ‘Fact-of-life’ The pure BS they call Real Politic!!!…its bribery, pay-offs, crooked deals, and the GOD of them all? $$$$ MONEY.

    2. richard kingston says

      They just keep bad-mouthing China, Russia, Iran etc, keep well way from offending the evil despot regime they call Saudi Arabia. Its all so rotting,, corrupt its unreal they ‘CALL’ it Democracy!!!

      1. richard kingston says

        The US military does not protect the American people, they are the strong-arm, the muscle for the Corporations. Jesse Ventura.

  3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    What more do we need to know than the majority of the supposed terrorists were Saudis?
    If it weren’t for the glow of his monitor in his glasses, Will Porter would appear to be staring into nowhere.

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