PODCAST: 19 Years After 9/11 Americans Still Live in Fear

And keep bombing the Middle East

On Conflicts of Interest #6, Kyle and Will outline the legacy of the September 11 attacks on their 19th anniversary, including years of war, torture, and mass surveillance carried out in their wake.

The Pentagon has awarded a $13.3 billion contract to Northrop Grumman to develop the next-generation ICBM, the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent, part of a 30-year and $1 trillion nuclear modernization project.

The Portland City Council has passed a sweeping ban on facial recognition technology, including for the police and private agencies, joining a growing list of cities to prohibit the controversial tech.


  1. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

    9/11 was blowback. Until America understands that they will be forever lost. They’ve killed an estimated 3 million people since 2001 in their war on terra and a recently released report said that those wars had caused the displacement of 37 million people. That makes WWII look like childs play. America will never be free until they stop resisting the reality of who they really are and what they really do. Cognitive dissonance is a massive problem in the West but nowhere more so than the US. Cause and effect.


    1. Kapricorn4 says

      Blowback was my first impression about nein eleven, but after forensically analyzing the evidence, I concluded that it was Mossad, who planted nuclear devices directly under buildings 1 and 2 in the bathtub. Nothing else comes near to explaining the volcanic eruption that tore vertically upwards inside the buildings to turn the buildings to dust.

      Fifty times normal Tritium levels in the basement water confirm the use of nuclear devices. In addition to this damning evidence, the authorities have the nerve to call the twin pools of water that fit exactly the buildings’ footprints a memorial, when it is in fact a wastewater treatment plant to mitigate the China syndrome. Consider also the cancer deaths of the first responders, and the dancing Israelis who were there to record the event on film, who obviously had prior knowledge.

    2. Bob avlon says

      Afraid over 9/11 but not about killing a few million overseas. How can America possibly be a Democracy with a fascist foreign policy of invading countries and crazy things like endless wars.

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