PM Says Crucial to Inject Children or Else Israel Could See One “Million” Omicron Cases Every Day

The population of Israel is 9 million

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett hinted Monday at future health restrictions and said that while most people may eventually contract COVID-19, being vaccinated would keep their illness from “being a big deal.”

At a meeting with education officials about vaccinating children, Bennett said Israel would race to make sure every eligible kid was immunized in the next two weeks, as Israel girds for what is expected to be a major wave of new cases fueled by the fast-spreading Omicron variant.

“This is a wave that we cannot stop, but we can delay and slow and diminish its strength,” said Bennett alongside Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton. The goal, he said, was to get through it without harm to the economy or the education system.

The prime minister warned that the Omicron variant “is unusually contagious. While during Delta we saw a doubling [of cases] every 10 days, now the average is [a doubling] every day or two or three days,” Bennett said, adding that health authorities were still learning about the new variant.

“If today we have 1,000 [new daily] confirmed cases, and it’s doubling every two days, then in 20 days there’ll be a million new cases daily,” he also said, according to a Channel 12 news report, which noted dryly “not everyone in the healthcare system would sign off on that.”

Noting early evidence that shows Omicron may be better than the Delta variant at evading vaccine protection, Bennett said it was likely vaccination still thwarted serious illness.

“It’s not inconceivable that many of us will unfortunately be infected, but it’s not a big deal because we are vaccinated,” he said.

The prime minister said over the next two weeks, the main priority for “the State of Israel, the government of Israel and the education system is to vaccinate the children of Israel before the beginning of the wave.”

Once the wave arrives in full force, said Bennett, “we will try to flatten it so that it does not double itself.” He did not say what measures would be put in place, though observers interpreted the comment to mean he would push for more restrictions.

Bennett’s government has imposed curbs on movement haltingly as case numbers have risen, largely cutting off international travel but keeping most venues inside the country open to those with a vaccination certificate. Instead the government has pushed heavily for all eligible Israelis to be vaccinated, though Shasha-Biton and others in Bennett’s cabinet have faced accusations that they are not sufficiently supporting the vaccination of young children, including in schools.

Israel began vaccinating 5- to 11-year-olds one month ago, but the response has been relatively slow thus far. As of Monday, 11.4 percent of the age group had received a first dose of the COVID vaccine, compared to 61% of children ages 12-15, who became eligible for the shot in June.

News reports have alleged that many school officials were instructed to refrain from pushing for in-school vaccinations and not to encourage parents to do so.

According to Hebrew media reports, Bennett asked Education Ministry staff at the meeting on Monday if they were in favor of a vacation day from school to allow for vaccination, and most officials said they were opposed.

Bennett reiterated the need for education officials to get on board with the vaccination drive.

“I expect every district chief, every supervisor, every principal and every teacher to understand that this is the chief goal of the next two weeks,” he said, “above all other goals.”

Source: The Times of Israel

  1. GMC says

    LOL which Israeli politician has his hand on the PCR knob , that they turned up to 40 ? Reports show that Ukraine is trying out Phyzer on young adults in Ukraine – and they are dropping like flies, so I would guess that Phyzer sent the killer gene therapy lot #s that coincide with jab injuries. ….

  2. ken says

    “It’s not inconceivable that many of us will unfortunately be infected, but it’s not a big deal because we are vaccinated,” he said.

    Tell that to the tens of thousands known dead and the millions injured.

    With their rigged tests anyone with a cold or even completely clear of any disease will be a rona case. Same goes for spring allergies.

    Hasn’t anyone noticed everyone is still alive and well after 2 years of this horse hockey?

    The only confirmed dead and injured from this scamdemic is from the bio weapon injections which they are now blaming on the rona or calling it post pandemic stress disorder. In other words, it’s all in your head.

    Yeah,,, the easily conned take the shots get sick or die and they are told to go to a mental ward. What happened to the “oh, we care for you and love you bs”?

    This is what schools in Washington state USA are doing to the children. Can you imagine growing up is such bs. That’d make any sane person suicidal.

    1. Aggeliki says

      People Need To Wake Up And Fast

      Before It Is Too Late

  3. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, a recent Freedom of Information request has resulted in the release of one of Pfizer’s earliest studies on the negative health impact of its mRNA vaccine:

    One has to wonder how many governments around the world were aware of this information before coercing their citizens into accepting an experimental medical treatment?

    1. Aggeliki says

      All The Governments Are Part Of All This Bull
      They Must Elliminate Millions Of People In Order To Be Able To Make Slaves Of Us

      And To Be Able To Control Us

      Wake The Heck Up
      And Hurry

  4. Oilman says

    And the lies continues by now, using fraudulent tactics to continue to scare the population. For those who are not aware of what’s going on, the PCR uses 3 markers to declare someone positive. For omicron, only two are needed. They change the rules as they go along because people start to realize that they are being fooled. Now you will see much more cases and as it always was during this time of the year, hospitals will be packed with people because of the flue, stress, and those who will continue to fall thanks to other covid shots.

    They are telling you that the shots you took are not working for omicron but you need to take boosters anyway. Don’t you see how stupid this story is turning into?

  5. guest says

    Gives new life and meaning to the term “anti-semitism”
    The Israeli (and every other) government now officially acknowledges that the first two Warp-Speed trump-shots were utterly ineffective. The exact-same scientifically & democratically elected governments (who in the meantime democratically gave themselves Stalin-like powers) now tell us that we need a new injection of nanites and messengers, to deal with the same problem of co-incidence.

    1. ken says

      Oh, they are effective alright,,, it’s just no one wants to entertain the fact they want most of us dead.

      And that is making it easy for them…

  6. Mr Reynard says

    Yupp.. You better do it ?/ To avoid another 60 millions holocaust ??

  7. allah_speaking says

    The elephant in the room… The mRNA shots do not work.

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