Plot Twist: After Lying Down for 18 Months Australia Erupts in Some of the World’s Most Spirited Anti-COVID Cult Protests

Honor restored.

If you work construction, what exactly do you have to fear the flu for?

Australia, welcome back among the living.

The protests aren’t even that large. The energy on display isn’t even the result of how many are attending, but who they are spearheaded by — construction workers.

The protests were preceded by threats that anyone who does not vaccinate will be “locked out of the economy”.

Builders account for one-sixth of all workplace deaths in Australia. (Needless to say the remainder falls on farmers, fishermen and forklift drivers — not cops, professors and “public health” parasites.)

To work a job that actually carries risk to life and limb and to then have it shut down by middle-class wankers because there is a flu about… And to then be threatened by the same Zoom classes (many of them fed by your taxpayer dollar) that — unless you take part in the demented virtue-signaling rituals they do — you and your family will starve is quite something. It’s cheeky, insufferably so.

Please make sure you’re vaccinated while you’re dangling in the sky on steel poles. We wouldn’t want you to jam up our hospitals

The aspect of Australia’s revolt that is the most glaring is how much this looks like a class war. Because it is. Construction workers rising against the leashed dogs of the Zoom middle class. But actually, it had been a class war all along. Since March 2020 this has been a class war against the working class. A class war from the top against the bottom. A class war to subordinate all society and all life to middle-class neuroticism and demented new religion,  and to control, humiliate and push down further into the mud the impious working class if possible. What has changed now is only that the class war has stopped being one-sided as the working class is finally fighting back.

The class war trendy public-sector leftists hoped for in their younger days is here, and it’s against them.

Meanwhile the treatment of middle-class, eco-cult protesters (in the UK but it’s the same thing)
  1. Malatok says

    Oz awakes finally. How can you have a barbie without grilling and how can you get the vertical pig to know who’s boss without making rashers when it is necessary. Now comes the time to crush the Brownstoned political pedovore filth, craven presstitute garbage, bankster gangsters and anyone else on the payroll slash blackmail roll of the WEF globo pedovore satanic scum that started this scamdemic.

    Thank you max Igan for all that you do.

    1. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

      Max has jewish friends so he told us. Anyone telling me that is not credible in the truth movement. I watched Max for a while but eventually he turned me off; as so many truthers have turned me off since they only go so far and our perpetual parasite is still running the show.

      1. Malatok says

        So anyone with “jewish friends” is the enemy of humanity? Get a life already. You are not worth the dirt of Max’s shoe if you denigrate a man that has been on the front line for 20 years. Why do you imagine you are “credible” in your so-called “truth movement”. There is NO truth movement as you put it; there is only THE truth and Max certainly represents that to more people than you can ever hope to understand.
        Peace to men of good will…all men of good will.

  2. Leisure Larry says

    The fingerprints of Jew m.o. are all over covid.
    This is not class war, the communist assault is and always has been a Jewish race war against Whites.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Larry.. see @
      That they are the meat in the sandwich, like the goyim …
      Satan’s followers are in charge

      1. Jerry Hood says

        It is satanic jews behind Covid and the lock downs, ” vaccination”, yet the judaised dumbed down Westener defends their murderers! It is time to pick up msssively on the zionists and cabalists!!!

        1. Glock says

          it goes deeper than zionists and cabalists – they are simply front men for those behind the door. Yes, I’m pointing at the jesuits. read a book called The Secret Terrorists

    2. Dors says

      How can anyone say “This is a Jewish race war against Whites” when Jews, and Singaporeans and Filipinos, are among the most locked-down and injection-poisoned nations in the world. <shrug shoulders>

      1. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

        Jew jabbing jews in IsraHELL is just for show to convince us that they are like us and on the same agenda to liquidate as many people as they can since the jewish insurance companies can’t pay all those retirement benefits coming due. Ultimately the covidocaust is a jewish bankers’ agenda. Jews will kill their own as well if it advances their diabolical agenda. The jewish religion is a death cult designed for psychopaths. This Satanic entity has always been a problem for the civilized. Jews were a huge problem for stability in the Roman Empire and of course we know about today’s American and British Empires. They are also the work of the parasite and have caused the murderous deaths of millions; just as they are now doing globally with their jew jabs. Time for the parasite to be expelled from the entire planet once and for all. Get rid of them down to the last particle.

        1. Jerry Hood says

          I agree with your statement 100%!

      2. Jerry Hood says

        You ficki..g stupid, jufaised goy!!!

  3. tunamelt says

    All it takes is a spirited minority which is much more valuable than the cowardly quislings in power. In 1776 America, only a 1/3 wanted to revolt, 1/3 didn’t care and 1/3 were pro empire. God help the Ozzies.

    1. Jonny Rotten says

      In 2021 America is to fat and lazy to get of their ass.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Majority of states aren’t under any severe restrictions, so can’t be compared to Australia.
        BTW, Australians are overweight, fat and lazy as you say also

        1. Jerry Hood says

          You lardy ass, you should shut a f..up!!!

  4. Danny.white20 says

    People starting to realize that only violence directed at people brings any meaningful change
    Next step is that they work out that specific people need to be targeted
    And that’s not the police.
    Specific individuals in charge and their public servants
    I do wonder how long it will take for the masses to work that out.
    Unfortunately poor Australians have been drinking the governments cool aid for almost a century.
    But they will figure it out.
    They dont need to fight the whole police force, just those giving them directions.
    Fascinating times
    I wouldn’t miss 2021 / 22 for quids.
    Go the Freedom fighters

    1. kiwi says

      take the UN down and the bankers this BS stops

  5. Graeme O'Neill says

    As an ex RNZN, who spent many hours in the 50’s chatting with his father’s friends, ANZAC’s all, and watching what is happening now, I know they are all , everyone, turning in their graves.

    Why did the NZ and Australian military shed their sacred blood, and lives, in defence of freedom, but to secure that freedom for all in the future.

    I was prepared to do the same during my ten years service, while ensuring the peace they had fought so bloodily for, remained secure.

    Right now Australia has willingly turned back into that Penal Colony it started as. You have shackled yourself, using chains you have forged yourself, because you want to be coddled.Same with NZ.

    Grow some backbone, and become ANZAC’s again. Rise against the medical tyranny, , being imposed by the so-called leaders, who now call you Government Subjects. Throw off the un-elected bureaucrat’s who hold the chains you have willingly given them, and reclaim your FREEDOM

    1. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

      As soon as Denny Andrews, tranny Ahearn and Glad Ass Berejiklian are hanged for their crimes circumstances will quickly change down under. These creatures are not human beings but soulless monsters who are shouting loudly about how much they deserve to receive a good session of rope therapy. The same goes for up here in the Canadian wonderland. I expect this time around someone will shoot Justin T. So far all that he has received is a few pebbles. Wait until those pebbles become boulders. He is setting itself up for that. Is it any wonder he is such a POS. Sired by a jew and mothered by a jewish whore who even had group sex with that disgusting jew Geraldo. The people at the top of our food chains are mostly jews and their niggers. Time for the parasite to go. It has finally overstayed its welcome.

  6. Revo says

    Looks like they have started a war against the people, first to target and kioll have to be the talking heads in the media…It is those script reading reporters that have been pushing the bullshit scamdemic with 24/7 fear porn for 2 years nearly….And they are pushing the Juden Death Jab non stop…..The media is our Number1 enemy…with out their lying media this whole scamdemic bullshit will fall apart….

    1. Daz says

      A SkyNews presstitute got heckled by the boys at the protest and looked shocked. They really thought everyone was so dumb that they’d not notice the bullshit propaganda they excrete every day.

    2. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

      The covidocaust is creating a long list of names requiring immediate therapy. Fauci deserves wheel therapy. Birx can go out on a rope. The Eritrean terrorist in the WHO can go out with a dozen bullets strategically placed. And so forth. We have to do it ourselves. Our courts are Masonic temples ruled over by usually portly gentlemen who automatically receive 30% of the day’s take into the pension fund. There is no justice in the jew run courts so to expect to find it there is just a silly waste of time. Cops and the courts are run by the enemy of all life on Earth. This parasite is now hard at it to get rid of as many of us as it can get away with before we exterminate the lot of em.

  7. Daz says

    So proud of the lads! Real Aussie men!!

  8. Between Three Centuries says

    Oz needs water pipe shotguns and grenade launchers. Black powder formulas online. Stump remover, garden sulfur and Barbie charcoal. Mortar propellant from rags and kClO3 weed killer. Propane gas tanks filled with fertilizer or chlorine gas.

    1. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

      We are at war with the international parasite. Things are about to get really ugly as we are reaching critical mass. If I was a jew I’d be looking for a rocket away from here.

  9. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

    The covid cult is jewish. This covidocaust is a jewish agenda. The international cabal of chicken swingers have finally pushed us too far and now the parasite is scrambling like a cockroach caught in a strong light. Coppers are the jews’ front line attack dogs. Cops are not human beings since they have no conscience. jews are also not human beings but an alien infestation of soulless vermin. Now it is time to go the next step and start taking the coppers and the international parasite back to hell which spawned them.

  10. Firebird7479 says

    Get yourselves some swimming goggles, a neck gaiter, some spray paint and bleach, dust off your cricket bats.

  11. Jerry Hood says

    Penal colony turning again into a new,Covid penal colony! Afraid to pick up guns against its capos!!!

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