Please Stop Saying Sweden Is the One Taking a Gamble. There Is Nothing “Safe” About This Unprecedented Social Experiment

When did impersonating Pol Pot become the "safe" option?

You’d have to go back to Pol Pot and Mao to find something as radical as what we’re attempting only this time it has taken over whole continents

Editor’s note: First ran on April 2.

Even some of those who look at Sweden’s chosen path of tackling the covid mind virus scare with a measure of envy, admiration and support nonetheless insist the country is “taking a gamble”. Puhleeze!

We’ve decided to bring the global economy — which is what finances our health systems in the first place — to a halt and to confine entire continents to their homes in sweeping never-before-seen measures whose consequences are impossible to predict but it’s Sweden who is “taking a gamble”?


We’ve got most of Europe and Northern America as well as parts of Asia and South America — that’s hundreds of millions, possibly over a billion people, told they can not work — or even leave the indoors except for the briefest of journeys, but it’s Sweden who is “taking a gamble”?

We’ve got restrictions which if imposed on us by a foreign country would be deemed the most severe economic sanctions ever conceived, and the most restrictive military occupation ever (even the Nazis stopped short of shutting down elementary schools) — and it spans entire continents!

We’ve got what looks the way a general worker’s strike would — except it’s mandated from the top and directed against the workers.

Never before has humanity attempted a social experiment as radical and reckless as this. There is no way to predict where this is going. Starvation and serfdom are again, in what is a first for Europe for over 150 years, a real possibility.

But it’s Sweden which is taking a gamble?

Give me a break.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    many people r skeptical of fascism–e.g. Belarus which rejects any extreme measures and so far reports few c19 cases

  2. ravenise says

    “Profits over people, profits over people, OYE VAYE”

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Apparently, it has always been acceptable to starve innocent people into submission with uncorroborable stories about imaginary pathogens.

  3. stevek9 says

    Unfortunately Sweden may back down as well. Cases are ‘soaring’ … of course they are, that is what happens in an epidemic. They ‘soar’, peak, then decline, also rapidly, as the population develops immunity. This craziness only ‘flattens the curve’ but that is really only useful if the peak is too high for the system, unlikely now, anywhere … Italy will stand out as a special case.

    1. ravenise says

      Chinas curve flattened because they cracked down 1000x harder than we have here in the west. If everybody is infected nobody can work; I survived this, almost died, and im on day 40 after infection and my lungs feel like they have been permanently damaged, incredible pain still. You people are living in la la land.

  4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Operating in a complete vacuum of accurate reporting is not a good excuse for believing what long-established propaganda services are serving up in lieu of the truth.

    1. fluttershield mlp says

      Very accurate. No context is given with any of the infected and death rates.

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        The only context the media cares about is omnipresence of COVID.

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