Pigs Burst Into the Home of German Doctor Critical of Lockdown, Arrest Him in the Middle of a YouTube Livestream

Lockdowners = cultist garbage

Shocking footage out of Germany shows Doctor Andreas Noack being raided by armed police in the middle of a YouTube stream for apparently violating coronavirus laws.

The clip shows Noack in conversation with someone during the live stream before he is distracted by noises outside his door.

Shocking footage out of Germany shows Doctor Andreas Noack being raided by armed police in the middle of a YouTube stream for apparently violating coronavirus laws.

The clip shows Noack in conversation with someone during the live stream before he is distracted by noises outside his door.

Banging is then heard along with screams of “Polizei!” before armed cops are seen entering and ordering Noack to get on the floor, as he is treated like some kind of violent terrorist.

As Noack is handcuffed, a police officer in a mask then appears to try to shut down the live stream but only succeeds in diverting the camera.

Speclation raged on Twitter as to the reason for the raid, with some suggesting Noack had been active in treating injured protesters at anti-lockdown demonstrations.

Others suggested the reason was that Noack had welcomed too many people into his house, violating COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.

“I think the guy is guilty of expressing his opinions,” said another respondent.

“They’ve turned back the clock to the 1930’s,” remarked another.

“Insanity!” commented another.

Germany has seen numerous massive anti-lockdown protests, including one yesterday in Berlin during which police hit protesters with water cannons.

As we previously highlighted, a pregnant mother in Australia received a home visit and was arrested by police for the crime of helping to organize an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook.

Source: Summit News

  1. SanityClaus says


  2. Julie Bronson says

    People like Merkel NEED TO BE EXECUTED!!! zionism IS SATANISM. PERIOD!

  3. Mr. Evans says

    Beware Of Operation Warped Minds On $peed Because You Will Be Poisoned, Tracking Chipped, $terilized And Controlled Until Your Untimely Death . . .

    $hill Gate$ Of HELL To ᛋᛋ Doctor Fraudci . . . We’ll Tracking Chip Tag Them And $terilize Them And Poison Them, And You And Your Friends Can $lab Them And Toe Tag Them, . . . And We’ll Have Lot’s Of $$$ And Their Stuff After 95% Of The Realm’s Useless Eaters Are Gone . . .-0

  4. nick1111 says

    Stinky fascist Germany

  5. Mr. Evans says

    The NAZIS On Trial At The Nuremberg Trials In 1946 Said That They Were ” Just Following Their Orders ” . . . . We Need A New 2020-2021 Nuremberg Style Trials (German: Nürnberger Prozesse) Or Tribunals For All Of These Evil Soulless Greedy Empathy-Less Psychopathic Non-Human Monsters Like $hill Gates Of Hell And Fascist Doctor Death Anthony Fraudci, And All Of The Evil $hits In Places Of Power And In Governments Around The Realm Who Are Enforcing These Illegal-Criminal COVID-OP$1984 $camdemic Lockdowns, And The Illegal-Criminal Unhealthy Forced Face Diaper Nappy Muzzle Wearing Which Are Making Everyone Sick And Ill Which Is Part Of Their Evil Sick Nefarious Sadistic Plans For Forced Depopulation Using The Evil UN Agenda 21 / 2030 Realm-Wide Depopulation Agendas For Forced Sterilization And Genocide Of Over 95% Of Humanity Across The Realm, And The Upcoming Illegal-Criminal Genocidal Forced Highly Toxic And Deadly Vaccination$ Which Will Have Their Evil Micro Tracking-Control Chips In Suspension In The $eries Of Vaccination$ They Have In $tore For Every Human Being, But Not For The Evil Monsters In Charge Nor The Evil Ones Above Them Pulling Their $trings . . ;-( . . . . .
    This COVID-OP$1984 $camdemic Is Pure F’n Evil Fourth Reich NAZI Fascism Folks . . . . Resist Their $hite And Fight For Your Very Lives, And Your Childrens And Families Lives Because They Are In Imminent & Grave Danger From These Programmed Monsters, And The Real Monsters Behind Them Ordering Them To Do What They Are Doing For The B$ Non Viru$ COVID-OP$1984 . . . ;-0. . . . Do Not Let Anyone Inject You, Or Your Children And Families With Any Vaccine$ Because They Will Have Their Nefarious Tracking Chip$ In Them, Nor Drink Any Kind Of Liquid Drinks Or Medications Because They Could And Most Likely Will Be Deadly To You And Everyone Else Who Take Them, And They Will Have Toxic $hite In Them Which Can And Will $terilize You, And Your Children As Part Of Agenda 21 / 2030 For Their Evil Nefarious And $adistic Realm-Wide UN Population Control Program$ . . . Do You Understand Me ? ;-0

  6. Mike says

    That was bound to happen sooner or later and other countries will follow rapidly as their narratives are being challenged. The playbook is out there for quite a long time but people just cannot seem to see it. They have been taking away your freedoms one bit at the time over the years but it was for your own good…right? As long as the majority remains submissive, they will win. They give you technology like smartphones and 5G because it’s absolutely great…right? Within the next ten years, they will continue to push for electric cars for a cleaner environment? Really? Or is it so that they can control where you will be able to go in the future thanks to 5G or soon to be pushed out, 6G?

    The mass media and social media already controls what you can read or watch by deleting everything that goes against what ‘others’ (the top 1%) want. Just since last March, they controlled your mind by pushing the same lies over and over 24hours a day. Thousands of doctors made videos on YouTube, twitted information or even on Facebook and were immediately deleted because they went against the grain. How much more proof do you need?

    There’s only one way to fight back. Get rid of their toys. No more smartphones and get rid of Windows for crying out loud! By doing just that, you will get a lot of your power back. I now use a simple flip phone and Linux and the same goes for most of my friends and family.

    When your phone starts on its own once in a while and the same goes for Windows at 3:00AM, it’s not for your own good!!! The more you will complain or point at your own government’s crooked deals, the more you will notice strange things happening with your phones and computers.

    As long as they control the mass, they will continue to push for the ultimate goal. A 100% submissive population that will never question what they do.

  7. Jihadi Colin says

    I remember the time I used to visit this site regularly. Now I look in about once a week, think “still on the Covfefevirus obsession”, yawn, and leave for SouthFront or Moon Of Alabama or the Saker. I’ll give it to the end of December and if things don’t change I’ll just stop looking in at all.

    1. fresnoman4man says

      I remember time when I visited SouthFront with their cool maps of Syria, and Moon of Alabama and the Saker but they seem to have vanished. I remember when this blog showed up as a stand in for a site that promoted ultra conservative Russian values. I am glad to see Anti Empire focusing on the actual agenda of the collectivist fascist agenda under Herr Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset of population reduction and the creation of food shortages and other tactics of the demented Kill Gates, and his ultra elite comrades I am glad this site is more relevant .

      1. Jihadi Colin says

        “…when I visited SouthFront with their cool maps of Syria…they seem to have vanished.”

        I suppose then you have not visited SouthFront in a while.

    2. Ave Milagrosa says

      If you don’t understand the transcendent nature of the emerging technocracy and its (pseudo) medical fascism, then there is no hope for you anyway. You’re wasting your time – not only on this website – but on any other website too. I expect you’ll be amongst the first in line waiting to receive their nice, new, mandatory RNA vaccines. Good luck with that.

      1. Jihadi Colin says

        That’s rich. I’m one of the earliest sceptics of the Covfefevirus narrative and even Marko has read articles by me about it. But I am not obsessed by it day in day out for the entire year and ignoring the far more important things going on while you all are obsessed by it to the exclusion of everything else.

        1. Ave Milagrosa says

          Yes, there are lots of things going on, and i’ve been able to follow some of them, both here and elsewhere. But the majority of those other events – whether Nagorno Karabakh, the American election fraud, or the France-Turkey confrotation, are not things that any of us can do anything about in our daily lives. The impending loss of bodily autonomy through forced medical procedures (imposed on us by depopulation fanatics) not only outstrips anything else in importance, it is the one thing we are best positioned to oppose. The plutocratic plan to demolish the global economy (throwing countless millions into poverty) and replace it with a digital currency in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ goes beyond anything they’ve done for hundrred years. If it’s not defeated, we’ll all be walking around with implanted microchips very soon. I think i can deal with a bit less coverage of other issues whilst we tackle this fascist plot, thank you.

          1. Jihadi Colin says

            This so called fascist plot is doing an excellent job of distracting your attention from other things then, isn’t it?

            1. Ave Milagrosa says

              When you have an ankle bracelet on, or a microchip, or you have to text the government to be able to leave your house (as is NOW THE CASE in Greece) then *you* also will be distracted. And, by the way, i can’t do a damn thing about those “other things” that you’re so concerned with.

            2. Jihadi Colin says

              As a medical professional in real life, I know all about the truth of Covfefevirus. And how exactly is your obsession with it, or Anti Empire’s, helping? Apart from Anti Empire designating the CIA stooge Jair Bolsonaro a “hero”, of course.

    3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      It’s visited and trolled by Nazi morons, too, mainly from blacklisted news. I’m a sucker for trolls but I’ve about had it here, too. Some of these people are as stupid as the black lives matter people and democrats they malign.

      Here’s the goddamn truth. America has gone dumb. Mostly just raw ass, caveman stupid. It won’t be corrected within 50 years. Maybe the elites have finally won and achieved maximum subservience and ignorance but I think they’ve really lost. The ignorant apes they have created – apes who mostly support BOTH big parties and are college educated, non-college educated, white, black, Hispanic, oriental, male, and female apes – will go after them at some point and kill as many of them as they can. Most Americans have gone feral and are rabid and unpredictable. They will also freely kill a large number of people just like them. This sad situation has been building since the sick, putrid 1980s – when just about everything turned to shit – and has steadily gotten worse.

      Good luck. I have a nice retirement, family money, land, no debt. Fuck everyone.

  8. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Oh the real reasons for their scamdemic are becoming very apparent, fascism leading to a totalitarian world of servile slaves, ruled by the 0.1%, a world of chipped morons, via a vaccine, courtesy of the “Gates”of hell, Bill & Melinda !

  9. ke4ram says

    There ya go folks. Germany 1939 now Germany 2020. Germans just can’t seem to get past this. This will occur in all the FREE western nations as more truth gets out and the political terrorists start fearing for their lives.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      It’s just as bad right here in moron central. Americans are dumber than turds. Le Ruse is exhibit A.

      1. ke4ram says

        Hi Jimmy

        Le Ruse?Are you talking about Lyndon Larouche?

        1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

          Sorry. Had a bit to drink tonight and that Nazi bitch got under my thin skin.

    2. Le Ruse says

      Actually they use ex staff from the STASI ? Mutti was on STASI payroll …

  10. Ave Milagrosa says

    People are going to have to start responding in kind. Remember the Spanish crowd that “dearrested” an elderly lady that the police were trying to drag off? If we had groups like that at every demo the police would be forced to dial back their fascist tactics. The amount of tyranny we have is only the amount that we put up with.

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