Photos Surface of the Turkish Army Convoy Devastated by Syrian Artillery Last Week

Utter devastation by what must have been Syrian laser-guided artillery

Seven Turkish soldiers and one military contractor were killed on the night of February 3 on the outskirts of the Syrian town of Saraqib when a Turkish convoy was mistaken for Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda).

This is the aftermath:

That the Syrians were able to devastate a moving convoy at night like this tells you this is no longer your grandfather’s artillery. The big new thing in artillery (perhaps first demonstrated by Russia in Donbass in 2014) is to have a drone flying overhead that allows you to correct fire in real-time, or even mount a laser designator and guide the fire directly.

Everybody has drones now. Not the large armed ones of the kind the US fields, but you don’t necessarily need those. If you’ve got a ranged ground weapon, you can get a lot of the same capabilities without having to strap a weapon onto the drone directly. Food for thought for adventurists — there are no cakewalks anymore.

  1. […] Photos Surface of the Turkish Army Convoy Devastated by Syrian Artillery Last Week 1 har lest innlegget i dag. Innlegget er lest totalt 1 ganger. […]

  2. Mary E says

    Just stay on them Syria! They’ll get the hint to leave eventually- and they can take their US buddies with them. Good riddance..

    1. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says

      Looks like the acc has been terminated by “You Tube Hates The Truth”

  3. Ronm1945 says

    I hope no one was riding the ferris wheel during the attack.

    1. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says

      That’s where tje artillery ‘spotter’ was likely positioned . . . . 😉

  4. pavolszentivanyi says

    Turkey The Syrian border like Turkey smuggles terrorists and ISIS weapons.
    An American senior member of the government is organizing ISIS.
    US helicopter protects ISIS convoy
    The American general said denying the truth about American military hegemony.

    1. Helga Weber says

      Unfortunately all the videos are disabled, that tells me a lot.

  5. Mathew Neville says

    Is EVERYONE blind ?
    THIS is all proceeding from the” PNAC” plan …. set out by those clever neocons who originally set it up for Netanyahu & Israel many years ago BUT when it became too “big” of course it had to be FINESSED over to the SAME neocons in WASHINGTON supposedly ” acting on behalf of the USA .
    Remember how they told the WORLD that OF COURSE it would take years ABSENT an event like “A NEW PEARL HARBOR” ?

    Then UNBELIEVABLY 9/11 happened ( as you know ?) & the rest is HISTORY !!!!!!!

  6. Nassim7 says

    Tanks are highly vulnerable to explosives landing on their tops – where the armour is thin.

    Montgomery wrote a book about the role of wars in history. He repeatedly stressed that the advantage oscillated between attacker and defender. Currently, the advantage is with defender. But it will take the Americans 10 years to work that out. 🙁

    A History of Warfare: Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

  7. Canosin says

    great………hope to see more to come of these scrapped tanks….the Turkish goatfuckers need more lessons to learn….how to behave…..Erdogan and his gang are going to pay the same price tag as Saddam and Gaddafi….in this case deservedly

  8. kpevt12 . says

    What is not being told is there is an oil field in Idlib that Turkey was promised by the US to have after Syria was sliced into segments. Now that Syria is taking back its rightful territory, many faced Erdogan sees his free oil disappearing. The Trump State Department sent Turkey $9 billion to stop Syria at all costs. If Syria is stuck fighting in Idlib, the US can continue to steal Syrian oil without worry of Syrian Tanks on the horizon. When will Turkey finally realized they are being played by the US and the Zionists.

    1. Mark says

      The only oil in Idlib is olive oil – it is a major agricultural center, producing olives, cotton, grains and fruits such as figs, grapes and cherries. There is an oil market nearby which is used by ISIS to traffic oil for money, but the market is useless without oil. The oilfields are central, around Deir ez Zoor. It would have been too easy for the USA to nibble off a piece for its precious Kurds if there had been an oilfield near the Syrian border, but there isn’t.

      Would you mind citing your source for the alleged transfer of $9 Billion to Turkey to ‘stop Syria at all costs”? Just ’cause that’s, like, more than the USA has given to Ukraine in the total time since the overthrow of its government in 2014.

      1. kpevt12 . says

        VT in an article stating that oil is off the coast of Idlib. Took me some time to find where I saw it. Here is an excerpt…

        Thus, what we see is that Turkey is chasing oil and gas, predictably, onshore in Idlib, the deposits recognized in 2012 and which, quite probably led to the fake “Arab Spring” moves against Damascus

        So according to this Veterans Today report there is more than just Olive Oil in Idlib. Maybe the report is wrong.

        1. Mark says

          You must have forgotten to include the link. Turkey most certainly would like to resume its previous thievery of Syrian oil, in which Turkish trucks were loading it directly from ISIS captures and Erdogan’s greasy son’s shipping company was fencing it on the global market. But it didn’t come from Idlib. The Syrian government signed an agreement with Russia to explore and develop two blocks in its territorial waters, but Idlib is about 70 km from the sea and over 500 meters elevation above sea level. Not ideal conditions from which to tap into offshore oil.

          Turkey imagines that if it opens hostilities with Russia, NATO will be obligated to come to its assistance under Article 5. But Turkey’s military losses thus far have been incurred during a unilateral Turkish operation against another sovereign country, on foreign soil. This is outside NATO’s mandate under Article 5. Washington is cheering the Turks on, but if Erdogan’s mouth gets his face in trouble, he’ll be hanging out there all alone.

          Turkey has plenty of gas now that the Turkish Stream pipeline from Russia is online and operational. But it is totally like Erdogan to want control over resources he does not have to pay for. If he keeps lipping off to Russia, he is going to find himself with an empty pipeline. And Russia probably hopes he will buy the Patriot missile system from the USA as he is threatening to do; Russian fighters are probably in greater danger of being hit by a cast-iron frying pan thrown from the ground than a Patriot, which has a terrible intercept record.

      2. mike hutchings says

        thank you that was obviously fake news…..

    2. Dagwood Bumstead says

      You have a citation for that claim that Turkey was promised an oil field(s)?

      1. kpevt12 . says

        Indirectly … this is from above.

        Thus, what we see is that Turkey is chasing oil and gas, predictably, onshore in Idlib, the deposits recognized in 2012 and which, quite probably led to the fake “Arab Spring” moves against Damascus

    3. Under the moon light says

      Turkey is doing this for two reasons. Turkey does not want the Islamic terrorists they supported in there nation. Secondly turkey wants to expand there border. If oil plays apart in turkeys decision than it has nothing to do with America.

    4. Under the moon light says

      That’s all fake news to try to blame turkeys evils on America. Turkey is doing this all on there own. No one told them to invade Syria and support Islamic terrorists. No one told turkey to invade Libya. Turkey under erdogan is trying to be a new ottoman Islamic terorist empire.

      1. NDMA says

        said like a true goy donkey #WW3 dear shekel’s whores : we’re done putting up with ya slave of money simpletons #Samuel1528 watch how your kind loses more than y’all could have dreamt of stealing #NoMercy good luck pirate f**ks

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