Phoenix Mayor Lies That Covid Bodies Are Overflowing Hospital Morgue Space

Contradicted by the hospitals

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Phoenix Democratic Mayor Kate Gallego charged Friday that one major health care provider in her city has been forced to order refrigerated trucks because its hospitals have exhausted their morgue capacity.

“Our county public health agency just announced that they are going to be getting refrigerated trucks because the Abrazo health care system has run out of morgue beds,” Gallego said on MSNBC. “It is very scary out here. I wish we had given mayors the authority to act earlier.”

Abrazo Health, however, later released a statement contradicting the mayor’s claims, clarifying that “hospitals currently have adequate morgue space,” and that its order for refrigerated trucks came in response to the state requesting providers to implement their emergency plans which includes proactively preparing with backup resources.

Earlier this week, Gallego has also raised the alarm that constituents have been waiting at testing sites in more than 100 degree heat for upwards of eight hours while claiming the federal government has been of little help to Arizona to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Gallego neglected to mention however, that most of the city’s testing sites offer drive-thru testing, where inpiduals remain in their cars sheltered from the heat.

Phoenix City Councilmember Sal DiCiccio meanwhile, has pushed back on the mayor’s assertions of an absent federal presence reporting that the Trump administration has sent Phoenix $293 million in pandemic aid.

Source: The Federalist

  1. restless94110 says

    What possible reason would anyone have for voting for this woman?

  2. Julie Bronson says

    Guess its like Demented Donny EPSTEIN GUILTY Drumpfy pretending to oppose Fauci and Gates yet funding GATES GAVI group with 8 BILLION DOLLARS eh? GET IT YET?

  3. pinOKYO nOSE says


  4. James Willy says

    And the sheeple probably believe this lie 100% too. Like all the rest we have had to hear.

  5. Undecider says

    It’s amazing how this scam gets exposed in one party of the country and then reattempted in another. It’s as though they think we’re not paying attention.

    1. Paul Robinson says

      Some of us are paying attention. But are only a small minority? It seems as if the great masses are just mindless ignorant sheep.

  6. TLC says

    Liar, liar, pants on fire ….. 🔥🔥🔥

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