Pfizer Tells Fully Vaxxed US Northeast to Brace for ‘True Delta Wave’

The people with the most Pfizer injections are about to get hammered by the ‘true’ Delta plague, Pfizer predicts

Pfizer’s magic mNRA cocktail creates “breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”

Good news for the science-savvy stay-at-home specialists who inhabit the Northeastern United States: The “true” Delta wave is on its way! The previous Delta wave was merely a “warning,” Pfizer has revealed. This is very reassuring news because East Coasters have Pfizer vaccine dripping out of their eyeballs, so if anyone can defeat the Genuine Delta, it’s them.

Here is a news article:

“But Mr. Slavsquat,” we can already hear you say. “Our beloved New York Post is quoting the former head of the FDA, not Pfizer!”

Scott Gottlieb left his Pfizer-regulating government post in 2017, and then joined Pfizer’s board of directors. The Post decided it wasn’t necessary to disclose this.

CNBC’s article described him as a “former FDA chief,” but at least had the decency to mention in passing that he “now serves on the board of Covid vaccine maker Pfizer.”

CNBC used to be more forthcoming with this information:

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Pfizer is telling its biggest fanboys (the double-dosed, highly moral people who want unvaccinated lepers to be excluded from society) that they are about to get pummeled by a virus that Pfizer’s “highly effective” jab was supposed to fully protect them from. 

In Massachusetts – basically the most Pfizer-loving state in the Union, with an impressive 77% of adults fully vaccinated – breakthrough infections currently make up about 40% of the state’s weekly caseload. And that figure has reportedly been going up since the state began tracking vaccine-linked transmission in late July. 

For the sake of accuracy, we should point out that Gottlieb claimed that the “true” Delta wave about to rampage through Massachusetts and the rest of the East Coast will be bad, but not as bad as the (allegedly) “dense and severe” wave that hit the Unvaxxed South. Is Gottlieb aware that his cash cow injection doesn’t stop transmission?

Northeast is Pfizer Country

And judging by the data coming out of Israel and other heavily vaccinated countries, it seems increasingly unlikely that vaccines are effective at preventing hospitalization.

Then there’s the problem of “no reliable data.” Before “approving” Pfizer’s vaccine (actually, they gave the green light to a different drug that is not even available in the United States) in late August, the FDA refused to hold a formal advisory committee meeting composed of independent experts to ensure full transparency with the public. 

Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who serves as a consumer representative on the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, said that the decision meant that “we have no idea what the data looks like” regarding the vaccine’s potential benefits and pitfalls. 

Witczak also noted that full approval was being granted on 6 months’ worth of data, even though clinical trials were supposed to last for two years. The limited data already suffered from the fact that most trial participants who received a placebo were later given the actual vaccine, making it a tad bit difficult to gauge efficacy and other aspects of the drug.

“There is no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed,” Witczak noted, highlighting an often overlooked detail that has raised eyebrows as far back as February. 

(We are honestly just splitting hairs at this point: a proper regulatory review requires a decade or more of careful observation to ensure there are no long-term side effects. You can’t really “expedite” this process.)

“Science will win”

In the coming weeks, hospitals in the Northeast will fill up with teenagers suffering from permanent heart damage, 45-year-old Costco blobs with type 666 diabetes, and sclerotic octogenarians who are at risk of dying from a slight breeze. All of them will have been vaccinated, and all of them will be victims of the “True Delta Wave.” The former FDA chief said so.

  1. ken says

    The true Delta == Kill Shots == ADE == Dead.

    The FDA/Pfizer medical nazi(s) is/are getting the lemmings prepped for the shitshow that may be coming this winter.

    Already a fully vaxxed individual less than 14 days from the kill shot is now recorded as unvaxxed covid (Delta). That ought to lower the VAERS deaths. Amazing what they do with stats and no one says crappola.

    They’re reasoning for this is they say the shots do not provide immunity for the first 14 days.

    Out of the other side of their lying mouths they say the shots do not prevent the disease nor the transmission. The bobble heads out here, unable to process these lies, just smile and bobble.

    If this goes anything like the failed animal tests it’s going to be a long dark winter.

    Recording Herd Stupidity.

  2. gelly says

    it’s almost like they didn’t want a control group.

    1. rm p says

      What? Those who are accepting the injections ARE the control group – and very controlled indeed (lied to unto death).. Very treacherous. Abysmally sad..

    2. Lynn says

      They didnt.
      But those of us who havent masked, tested or vaxed we’re the true control group.

  3. Steven Rowlandson says

    “Pfizer Tells Fully Vaxxed US Northeast to Brace for ‘True Delta Wave’”
    Pfizer or one of their allies must be arranging it.

  4. Rusn says

    Looks like that’s when the vaccinated will die. They shouldn’t got vaccinated.

  5. Howard T. Lewis III says

    ie, The death shot fake vaccine IS the ‘Delta wave’. Defend yourselves because the FDA/CDC/Gates/Faucifraud swine WILL NOT STOP until you are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

  6. Steve Kastl says

    Another Israeli duel citizen killing millions of Americans.

    1. S H says

      Rumor has it he is not even vaxxed himself.

    2. jim says

      Ironically Sidney Gottlieb was a CIA scientist and war criminal who also experimented on people without consent. I wonder if they are related.

  7. yuri says

    pfizer slogan well chosen
    “amerikans believe anything described as scientific without question”. G Gorer (1948)
    amerikan liberals and konservatives equally misuse science”. Susan Jacoby ‘The Age of amerikan Unreason’ 2009
    “the scientific attitude is naive and dishonest”. M Merleau-Ponty
    “man must awaken to wonder and so do perhaps peoples: science sends them back to sleep again”. Ludwig Wittgenstein
    “amerikans fetishize science: in amerika it is the most aggressive and dogmatic of religions that like all religions should be separated from the state”. Paul Feyerabend
    apparently amerikans do not comprehend that the fascist govt and corporations fund all science in USA

  8. jim says

    It is truly astonishing to see this many people stupid enough to take the death jabs. The sheeple truly love being told what to do, no matter how retarded it is.

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