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Pfizer Has Received $4.7 Billion in Fines for 80 Different Violations Over the Past 20 Years

Including $1 billion for "false claims"

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has paid more than $ 4.7 billion in fines over the past 20 years for 80 different crimes and violations, including off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, foreign corrupt practices, bribery, government-contracting-related offenses and drug or medical equipment safety violations.

And these are only identified and proven cases, how many hidden are currently unknown.

According to Violation Tracker on Good Job First, only for unapproved promotion of medical products and government-contracting-related offenses, Pfizer was found guilty in 33 cases.

Also in the report of the Corporate Research Project it is said that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer tried to use legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes in the United States by moving assets and production to Ireland, but they failed to complete this idea.

However, aggressive marketing is still working for the corporation, and the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened Pfizer’s position in the drug market as they said their vaccine would be super effective.

Amid an extremely murky and dark history of the pharmaceutical company, many Americans have questioned the veracity of Pfizer’s claims about a new vaccine for Covid-19.

Source: USA Really

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1 month ago

And oh by the way, the satanic system of government gifted them legal immunity for their gene therapy drug. Surely a coincidence!