Pfizer Announces Its Vaccine Is Useless 11 Months After Dosing

The only reasonable way to read its claim that booster is 19 times more effective than two doses

Well, that’s not how they phrased it.

But it is the only reasonable way to read their press release claiming that the booster is 95% effective.

Remember. The booster is given to people who have RECEIVED the vaccine. (That’s why it’s a booster, right?)

And when they tested a booster against a placebo in those people, they found a 95% reduction in disease in people who received the booster (for a total of 11 weeks after they received the booster, excluding the first week, because science – by which I mean because including that week would not help their results).


Where have you heard that figure before? Oh yeah, it is EXACTLY the same relative risk reduction they claimed in the pivotal trial last year, when they tested the INITIAL dose against placebo.

The only reasonable read is that the booster is providing (temporary) protection similar to the first two-dose series (temporarily) did AGAINST PLACEBO. But these are VACCINATED people.

So where’s the protection from the initial two doses?

There is ONE difference, though. The ABSOLUTE risk appeared at least two to three times higher in the vaccinated people in this trial than in UNVACCINATED people in the initial trial – 110 infections in 5,000 people in 10 weeks, compared to 162 infections in 20,000 people in about the same period.

Because vaccines work.

If you are vaccinated, get ready to take boosters forever.

By the way, the press release includes NO specific safety data.

Yay Pfizer!

Source: Unreported Truths

  1. guest says

    Bold-faced lie, in print
    >>>” when Delta was prevalent”

    There as no Delta —anywhere in sight— until these wapr-speed “vaccines” were injected into people. People started producing and shedding Delta only after they received the magic shot.

    As for effectiveness: A glass of tap-water was effective against the Wuhan flu of 2020. My personal favourite preventative measure was O’Henry bar (worked like a charm).

    This news-item is part of the campaign to misdirect attention.

    Why don’t we do a million-men study on what need was there for these covid measures and vaccines ?

    1. david i carter says

      FINALLY,somebody that said it correctly,BOLD not bald,lol.

  2. ken says

    “And when they tested a booster against a placebo in those people”

    One has to wonder how many lies and bullshit it will take before no one believes anything ‘they’ say? For almost two years nothing but BS stacked on lies.

    The only truth I can remember is when they come clean and said their concoctions would not prevent the alleged disease nor stop the transmission. They said it ‘may’ relieve some of the symptoms…. yeah, right.

    And then all the mandates from health officials that probably can’t spell their names.

    Checking coffee cups in Australia. Okay to have your mask down if coffee cup has coffee in it but a blatant health hazard which will kill granny if there is no coffee in it.
    And in Australia you risk getting the shit kicked out of you by the gestapo.

    In the US and UK, okay to protest the non existent racism without masks but if you protest the illegal lockdowns you must wear the diaper.

    How about testing the idiots with a bogus test known to spit out positives like a fire hydrant. And they pay from $50 to $2-300 for these useless tests so they can fly the friendly skies after being sexually abused while holding shoes in hand! And the covid psycho passengers have the air crews kick 2 year old toddlers off the plane because they wont wear the mask.

    And then fired because prudence says to avoid the killshots when 17,000 in the US alone are known to have died from them.

    In 1976 they stopped the vaxxes after 50 died. Using that measure than today all deaths over 50 are murders as they refuse to stop.

    Also these are NOT unexpected adverse advents. If they were they would stop the shots. Instead they’re gonna start killing children and worse,,, with the children parents approval. Over 15,000 have signed up their ‘loved ones’ for the killshots. I believe in parental rights BUT NOT when it comes to needling them with a experimental shot that has already killed/injured/maimed millions the world over.

    Especially over a alleged disease with a 99.87% survival rate 100% for children.

  3. aardvark-gnosis says

    I read Jon Rappaport’s Blog… You can find him on the internet with ease… Yes, he says where is the science? He also is a journalistic reporter who is calling out Big Pharma contesting the science they say they have to convince humans that Covid something really exists… except it doesn’t because they have not isolated the virus in a vacuum of a petree dish other than all other Coronaviruses that exist as the common cold???? He is calling them out with no reply other than to say he is a lunatic!!! How about that??? Eating ants is easy, why, because they exist and there is no doubt as to their whereabouts>… Oh Ya… The Flu??? where did it go??? Is Covid the flu???..get your jab today… I do not get the flu Jab! Why? because the first one I got was the last one I will ever get… I was sicker than I have ever been with the flue not long after in the winter months that year…10 years ago and have not had the flu since!!! Knock on wood… Natural immunity might be the regimen of taking your vitamins and D-3 seems to be the winner in the big picture along with Chelated Zinc…C and Quercetin… You can find out what works as Dr. Mercola explains in his book Covid-19…

  4. nnn says

    Zionist mafia making billions

  5. Malatok says

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure.

    But of course you know that already otherwise you would not be here.

    Spritzen macht frei…permanently.

  6. Rebel Forever says

    Haven’t taken it, ain’t gonna take it…you got that, sleepy joe?

  7. Unseen Sabis says

    What is also interesting to me is that all the references I find to this Pfizer ‘data’ are business web sites that relate the (very limited) data claims specifically to the profit expectations, not published as a medical study in a medical journal.

    Methodology that would give a full disclosure of how the various test cohorts were selected and assessed is very limited in all the business page reports on this Booster.

    “..reflects the reduction in disease occurrence in the boosted group versus the non-boosted group in those without evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.

    What seems obscured is the Pfizer methodology of determining prior exposure / infection –

    A Recovered/Non-Vaxxed test group control should also be included in the test population. What you would find would be virtually no infections.

    I also doubt the veracity of those claiming fading ‘antibodies’ as a justification for the ‘Boosters’ in the first place, or employing unspecified diagnostic methods claiming to separate the infected/recovered with viral naive test subjects.

    There should not be significant antibody levels in either vaxxed or recovered people over the course of a year, because this is not what is offering long term protection to the recovered. The vaxxed / uninfected do not have any immunity to the whole virus – viral payload, but only to the specific whole spike version that it was designed to generate, which would be the only valid means to define these Pfizer test groups, not some NAAT / PCR, which I suspect is probably the actual process used.

    I think that what would put this issue to rest in short order is for those of us who have had the virus to volunteer for a study to exposure to aerosolized Covid along with Vaxxed volunteers. The aerosolized method prevents tampering and ensures everyone gets the same dosing / exposure.

    I am not going to do it for free, but I would volunteer without hesitation for such comparison exposure – not because I am a tough guy – but because I am already certain of the outcome.

    I think that a pool of volunteers consisting only of those of us who recovered without any medical aid (no use of Ivermectin, Regeneron, Vaxxes), and have no underlying medical conditions presenting an undue hazard, get deliberately exposed again along with a pool of Vaxxed volunteers, and see who gets sick. I already know it will be the Vaxxed, not me. I say a 10k remuneration for volunteers in such a 2 or 3 week study, and an agreement in advance that the Biden/CDC/NIH/FDA mandate scammery is terminated when we win the contest.

    1. Mark says

      “A Recovered/Non-Vaxxed test group control should also be included in the test population. What you would find would be virtually no infections.”

      Maybe yes, maybe no, but you’re not going to find out via any scientific method, because Moderna and Pfizer were there ahead of you. Both offered to ‘unblind’ their test subjects a couple of months into the trial, and to vaccinate those who had received the placebo if they wanted it. Most took it, leaving less than 10% of the origina;l ‘control group’. For all intents and purposes it does not exist any longer, because it is now statistically insignificant and a variety of explanations could be mustered as to why they did not get infected, if they did not. I would not be surprised to learn Pfizer and Moderna have simply stopped following them, since they were given a mandate to test their products on the whole world long before the trials were anywhere near complete.

      1. Republic of Pineland says

        “ is now statistically insignificant and a variety of explanations could be mustered as to why they did not get infected”

        An Unvaxxed / Recovered cohort still exists, which is in no way related to those who were prior participants in any pharma studies. There are many millions who got Covid early on, before any vax even existed, and never accepted any of the vax.

        Pharma strategy is to basically assert that they have no technological means to determine who is unvaxxed / recovered,

        “We don’t know whether antibodies protect against various COVID-19 strains in circulation,” Dr. Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH, dean of the School of Global Public Health at New York University, tells Health. “So there’s not much value in antibody testing.”

        When I googled this woman, I find no record of her ever practicing medicine or treating patients, primarily her record indicates involvement in smoking cessation activities prior to Covid, so the experts being trotted out to attempt to swat down immunity are probably some of the last people that would have any actual expertise.

        At this point, its effectively a battle, in which the covidite vax worshippers will use any tactic to prevail, at which point the only option is to outmaneuver.

        You dont even really need a vaxxed counter-test group, since they are basically pillow-biters who would not risk anything, all you would need is a fairly small number of unvaxxed but recovered immune to volunteer for re-exposure to Covid.

        If this can be done in a way that is clinically sound and does not require weeks or a month in a medical facility then a lot of people would volunteer for free to basically bypass Healton, Fauci and others like them.

  8. Neil Sutherland says

    by their own numbers, less than 1% of the population get cd19. by their own numbers, less than 1% who get cvd19 die. by their own numbers, those under 70 and healthy have zero risk from cvd19. They also say ‘test positive’, meaning the control group had no symptoms, versus earlier claims were that cvd19 vaxxed got and transmitted cvd19, but less serious, less hospital and death (but MORE overall deaths and hospital when including caused by the vax itself). Also, the ‘control’ group are bogus. with a real control group, they already have the symptoms, and you give them a placebo, a ‘magic’ pill, and see if their symptoms magically go away, in this case there was no placebo. Finally, if the test subjects did not have symptoms, then they would get a preventive medicine, ‘prophylactic’, like ivermectin (or even a REAL ‘vaccine’), in which case they would get no symptoms, would not transmit the virus (or rather spike protein). To top it all off, ‘trusting’ people are taking clot shots from ‘experts’ ‘authority’ figures like ‘where am I’, the maker of cvd19 itself, the killer of millions with previous vaxes.

  9. Christian says

    After delta is upsilon: soonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bob says

    Endless BS.

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