PEST CONTROL: Unvaxxed Russian Shoppers Fenced in Like Swine

Klaus Schwab approves

This is what good ‘public health’ looks like!

The Russian government understands that unvaxxed “people” are disgusting and pose an existential threat to society.

Isn’t it time to pen-in these mongoloids? The city of Kurgan (it’s somewhere east of Chelyabinsk) certainly thinks so. Feast your eyes upon this beautiful Vermin Barrier, which protects Responsible Shoppers from the Unjabbed Swine:

“The Orwell barnyard is already here,” reads one of many very offensive comments on YouTube.

“As in America in the 60s, blacks could not walk on the same side with whites,” another NATO supporter wrote.

What is wrong with these “people”?

Anyway. According to local media reports, barbed wire and machine gun nests will be added in the coming days. Good!

Meanwhile, in the Samara region (it’s somewhere west of Chelyabinsk), an ungrateful granny complained about not being able to buy food—even though the Russian government is literally saving her life:

Many residents of the Samara region are not yet accustomed to the system of QR codes that were entered during the lockdown. One of the prohibitions is that visiting the shopping center without vaccination certificates is prohibited. It is because of this that residents begin to conflict with the staff.

One of these unpleasant cases occurred in the Bus shopping center. The pensioner wanted to go to the store, but she did not have a vaccine certificate. The woman was not allowed into the mall, then she began to fall to the floor and cry, her emotions overwhelmed her.

“I have no children or grandchildren, I live alone. I need a piece of bread, I want to eat. Are you monsters not to let me in? I lie here on the doorstep and starve to death? If I die, take me immediately to the churchyard, to bury me in the grave,” said the woman.

This is how she repays Putin—after all he’s done for her? What a thankless hag.


Editor’s note: To be honest I think the people really getting humiliated here are the vaxxed losers. I would be ashamed to walk anywhere but down the middle with my people. Or as I like to call them — the cool brigades.

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  1. ken says

    Those running this shitshow around the world are animals. Putin and his kremlin bunch along with the other flotsam in regional governments have joined the world circus. They don’t care for anything or anyone except numero uno!

    The sooner you realize that the better off you will be. No amount of shame will slow them. They are devoid of feelings and conscious. They feed on your pain and suffering.
    They are not human. Even the word animal doesn’t fit them properly. They are sub human that real feeling humans have mistakenly allowed to flourish.

    The entire purpose of their exercise is to eliminate people,,, especially oldsters. the handicapped and mentally defective. They don’t care how you die,,, either by the shot,,, or starvation,,, or being denied medical care…… just die already!

    These are the first,,, they’ll work they way down as they think they need no human. In their eyes computers, robots and AI will take care of them. A few GMO human slaves may be allowed to live to handle what just absolutely has to be done by humans.

    This is a war,,, These people are not human and I include the vaxxed. You are a pest to be eradicated, nothing more. The sooner you realize this and join the resistance the faster we can stop them.

    1. guest says

      If elimination of people had been the purpose, they would have released a Wuhan flu that actually killed people. So far they only wanted to bankrupt, regulate, regiment people, and to make an all-around fool of them. Yes, in some parts undertakers are working overtime, but there is no overall population reduction.

      The one-child and no-child policy in the past 70 years will eliminate more people from Europe than vaccine.

      In a war there are two (equipped and trained) sides slugging it out at Stalingrad. Today there is no other side, only well-organized bureaucrats, doctors & nurses, and police against masses of headless chicken (a majority of whom idolize government)

      Animals are generally good people; the beings who run the show on Earth are not good people; I like the theory that there are ship-wrecked space-aliens here

      1. Ying Jun says

        Not Wuhan flu but Fort Detrick bio lab flu.

        1. ken says

          The virus is a psyop,,, virus doesn’t exist,,, but at this point it really doesn’t matter. We need to unite and fight them every way possible and to hell with petty differences.

      2. ken says

        They would not release a killer virus because they cannot control it. It may mutate and kill them as well as us… Not good.

        The shot is their weapon because they can control who gets what and they can pretend to get the shot.

        The VAERS system shows about 17,619 people dead. According to studies this represents about 1-10% of the actual deaths. So its likely between 200,000 and 2 million.

        The shot destroys the immune system. Many will die when catching wild viruses.

        And I understand they shipped different mixes to different locations with different mixtures. The boosters for example are said to be 10 times the strength of the normal second shot.

      3. Maria says

        Vaccine batches are different. Of course NOT all will kill fast! The purpose is not to kill everybody vaxxed in days, weeks months after vaxxination. First is to sterilise ppl (but yet again this won t happen to all vax), then the baby of vax will be sterile (as plants everything that is GMO is sterile and cannot multiply with seads), also majority will die in 2-3 eldery or 5-10 years the rest. If all would be dead fast after 2 months no one will take the vax and ppl will revolt. Vax batches are not the same some give different things like side effects but make no mistake: none is good! Absolutelly none and is possible this with 5% to be a hoax as I believe the answer how the body reacts depends on the dna. But all of them are bad, no saline. Even placebo have graphene and other things in them

      4. fred says

        They tried very hard to weaponize it but didn’t succeed so they weaponized the jab and released it 2 years early to do their dastardly deeds.

    2. Bay says


  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting look at who the unvaccinated are and why they remain unvaccinated:

    While the government and the mainstream media love to paint these individuals as “dangerous antivaxxers”, in fact, it is largely a matter of trust in these particular vaccines and the government that is promoting them that is the issue.

    1. ken says

      No ma’am,,, It’s largely a matter that I do not want to die or worse contract some strange disease they claim did not come from the injection. Trust in gov and vaccines? Lost both decades ago. Suggest you do the same for your health and safety. Neither are your friend.

  3. MHC says

    On the flipside, this happened in Russia. Officer told the worker she couldn’t refuse service to the unvaccinated that the qr code proof of vaccination “requirement” was really a recommendation but not enforceable and violates the constitution.

  4. great reset says

    Putin is a hypocritical inversionist. One day he’s talking about western values declining, the next day he’s herding his cattle like sheep playing along with the fake Covid deadly vaccine narrative. I won’t how many videos MOSSAD has of Putin raping children? Depopulate Putin and let the Russians live their lives.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Just that picture, make me suspicious !×411.jpg
      Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge say no more..

    2. Raptar Driver says

      Putin is the bogeyman for the west but nice and controlled.

      1. yuri says

        rat driver is racist 8th grade educated hillbilly from arkansas

      2. yuri says

        you are bitter controlled rat, envious and racist! coward, feminized gringo hillbilly…”only in amerika is the father vestigial; the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. G Gorer
        your boyfriend tells you how to dress in your matriarchy

    3. yuri says

      we live our lives how we wish—your racism and stupidity is typically amerikan

  5. Bobby says

    I always assumed the Russians were brilliant people for the most part. I must now revise that belief.

    1. Ellen Ashley says

      I was deceived too…I even thought Putin was a much better leader than the ones we have had in the US. I should have known better.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Putins high point was the protection of Crimea.
        His low point was doing nothing after that.

        1. yuri says

          “amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. amerikans are yet they do not think. the American mind puerile primitive lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola
          coward rat driver 1 more proof

      2. yuri says

        “amerika requires a stupified population”. Christopher Lasch
        u r proof

    2. yuri says

      “stupidity is a precious natural resource in amerika”. Philip Slater
      u r proof–u believe fake CIA funded pro-empire

  6. yuri says

    pro-empire receives another payment from CIA for fake news
    the fringe anti-vaxxer psychopaths = poshlost

  7. edwardi says

    I certainly had much higher expectations of Russia and Putin, to do the most rational and effective counter measures for their public, which is of course to stress early recognition of symptoms and then to seek and receive early preventative and curative treatments which now actually abound. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are but two of the repurposed drugs shown to be very effective at stopping the spread and curing the flu like virus symptoms. In the US the state of Florida was early on ridiculed by the Pfizer/Joe Biden world, but has now clearly demonstrated that ignoring all the B.S. coming from vermin like Dr. Fauci, and stressing early treatments, is the way to go, and they are still forbidden to roll out the Ivermectin protocol and are forced to use the more expensive monoclonal antibody treatment, which would be even more effective if these other drugs, which are completely proven and safe, were being used. Hey Mr. Putin, do you know that the very large nation of India exists, have you paid any attention at all to their effective use of take home Ivermectin kits which has stopped the spread there ? Why is the world so pathetically dumb ? Has no one heard of the effectiveness of Nebulizing H202 @ 3%, one inexpensive nebulizer can be used by an entire family or group of people, each using their own plastic mask that cost a pittance. Rapid Virus Recovery, a book by Dr. Thomas Levy explains in detail. I don’t know the specifics of the Sputnik ( great Russian movie recently released with that name, nothing to do with Virus ) vaccine but have assumed it is more benign than the US ” Death Shots” as they are called by Dr. Zelenski, LOL, but even if they are less deadly or injurious, there is Zero reason to attempt to use vaccines to stop a virus spread, and the mass using of them has only demonstrated their ineffectiveness.

  8. Teraspol says

    I think it depends from the regions if they have a vaccine mandate or not. There are 80 different regions in the Russian Federation. So you can move if you do not like the Samara region policy. Moreover not a single commentator here realises that it is a different vaccine in Russia. it is not an MRNA vaccine but a classical vaccine (dead adenovirus to boost your immunity). In the West they have no choice, the Sputnik vaccine is not allowed (except in Hungary, Slovakia).

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