20 Persian Fast Attack Boats Escort US Carrier out of the Persian Gulf

Apparently that's Farsi for "Sorry, we're not impressed"

Editor’s note: Sailing a carrier into an enclosed sea right off the Iranian shore is the last thing you would do in an actual war. It is for this reason that USS Abraham Lincoln had until now kept a safe distance from Iran in the Indian Ocean. Entering the Gulf is posturing that may impress politicians in the US but not the Iranian Guards. The provocative escort, as the answer to Lincoln’s provocative presence, is them saying as much.

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Iranian state news agency has released satellite image showing U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) transited the Strait of Hormuz escorted by 20 Iranian Revolutionary Guard small craft.

According to media reports, a group of twenty Iranian Revolutionary Guard small craft ‘harassed’ the U.S. aircraft carrier strike group Abraham Lincoln with the guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) and guided-missile destroyer USS Farragut (DDG 99) during its transit the Strait of Hormuz.

It also added that some of the Iranian small craft were approaching within 400 yards to American ships.


Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations (AOO) in support of naval operations to ensure maritime stability and security in the Central Region, connecting the Mediterranean and the Pacific through the western Indian Ocean and three strategic choke points. With Abraham Lincoln as the flagship, deployed strike group assets include staffs, ships and aircraft of CSG 12, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 2, USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) and Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7.

The U.S. 5th Fleet AOO encompasses about 2.5 million square miles of water and includes the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean. The expanse is comprised of 20 countries and includes three critical choke points at the Strait of Hormuz, the Suez Canal and the Strait of Bab al Mandeb at the southern tip of Yemen.


U.S. aircraft carrier strike group Abraham Lincoln’s presence in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations (AOO) demonstrates the U.S. and its regional partners’ commitment to the free flow of commerce, regional maritime security and freedom of navigation.

U.S. aircraft carrier left Norfolk, Virginia, in April and was diverted to the Middle East in May, but it had remained in the Arabian Sea, avoiding passage through the strait that borders Iran.

Tensions in the Gulf have risen since attacks on oil tankers this summer, including off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, and a major assault on energy facilities in Saudi Arabia. Washington has blamed Iran, which has denied being behind the attacks on global energy infrastructure.

Source: Defence Blog

  1. OzricTentacle says

    Aircraft carrier strike group…. It sounds so Rambo….

  2. Jim Fredrickson says

    Those big aircraft carriers were a threat a generation ago. Now they just giant targets waiting to be sent to the bottom of the ocean.

  3. Jizzmo Onyabhutti says

    The generals and admirals are always ready to fight the last war. I think the big carriers are just targets of opportunity. If one is sunk, we will lose between 5,000 and 6,000 sailors. How will the American people feel about that? It is just the Military Industrial Complex robbing the taxpayer. They look impressive, but they can’t defend against everything all of the time.

    1. George Evans says

      just like the old Battleships..their day is gone….they have a similar use in cowing small countries with no real defences…and look good for ceremonial purposes…

      the World would be better if they were converted to giant rescue ships..or hospital ships to cope with the natural (?) disasters which afflict us…


    More grandstanding by the Emperor without his cloths. Mr. Trump, NOBODY of any value takes you or your assholes seriously anymore.

  5. pinOKYO nOSE says

    fast attack boat wow that is terrifying! and certainly justifies uncle samuel’s trillion dollar “defense” budget.

  6. JustPassingThrough says

    doesn’t take much to impress murikan politicians.
    anything dumb will do.

  7. BitinDawg says

    America is not a sovereign nation state. America functions under the tutelage of Jews and Zionist Jew Israel. At the turn of the twentieth century guileful Zionist Jews wrote produced and distributed the Zionist Christian Scofield study bible for the purpose of turning Christians into Zionists. It was a highly successful psychological operation in mind control. Yes, sorry to say it, but my people are damned fools. Worse; they are Zionists. http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/02/the-zionist-created-scofield-bible/

    1. Canosin says

      it’s true….. and soo sad….

  8. David Bedford says

    Off you go with your tail between your legs lols

  9. Richard says

    You enter the Strait of Hormuz, you are in Iran’s waters, the carrier was there without permission. The US military was poking bear with orders from jew land and President Bone Spur, Trump.

  10. Godfrey de Saint-Omer says

    Scheduled cruise to leave the gulf! All they had to do was hit a single button and activate the the R2D2 units and 20 patrol boats would be in Davy Jones locker! Over 5thousand rounds a second of armor piercing rounds will ruin anyone’s day. Plus them trying to take on a Burke class destroyer! Right! Pt boats wouldn’t last 5min!

    1. junktex says

      Just like we made short work of the Taliban.

    2. Canosin says

      what a nonsense …. seems you are cracker with 45 years of experience in strategic warfare while laying on your battle hardened couch… .

    3. Red Pill says

      just long enough for shore battery’s light up the
      Aircraft carrier strike group with a thousand missles

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