People Are Clinging to Landing Gears of Jets Taking Off (and Falling to Their Deaths) — Anthony Blinken: ‘This Is Not Saigon’

He's right, this is a hundred times worse than Saigon. Saigon held out for another 3 years after the US military withdrew

No words.

Just to say caution. Maybe you don’t actually want to see this.

If the US had the kind of parliamentary coalition governments that are the norm in Europe this would be an automatic resignation event.

What a mess.

The most dysfunctional and humiliating way to retreat you can possibly imagine. (On the other hand, this should give the Empire “Vietnam Syndrome” for at least 6 or 7 minutes.)

  1. yuri says

    amerikan incompetence and stupidity can never be underestimated

  2. ken says

    Wonder how they’ll blame Trump for this….

    Really though,,, American military has proven they can invade but have no clue on how to disengage.

    Like Viet Nam it’s a shitshow. We should have never been in either one. But the MIC makes its dough selling the tools of war and that’s about all America has left after offshoring its production to foreign low wage slave states.

  3. Rupert says

    They should do the same with israel that actually attacked us many times.

  4. NGg says


    1. XSFRGR says

      WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

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