Pentagon’s New Frigate Will Be Another Under-Gunned Design

80 percent of the weight and cost, 33 percent of the firepower

Editor’s note: And that’s with keeping in mind that Burke destroyers are already outgunned by Chinese counterparts: China’s New Destroyers Outrange America’s by a Ridiculous Amount

We’ve compared the Constellation to the Perry class (see, “FFG(X) Vs. Perry”) and the Buckley Class (see, “Buckley Vs. Constellation”) so let’s now compare the Constellation to the Burke.  The Constellation is a frigate so it ought to be around half the size, displacement, and armament of the Burke, right?  Let’s see.  Here’s a brief comparison of size and armament.

Burke (Flt IIA)



vs. Burke

Length, ft




Beam, ft




Displacement, tons




VLS Cells






So, compared to the Burke, we’re building a frigate that’s the same length, same beam, and 80% of the displacement to give us a ship with … 33% of the VLS armament.

All right, let’s consider cost.  We have only a very sketchy idea of what a Burke costs because of the various accounting games the Navy plays, but let’s use some recently quoted figures for the Flight IIA Burke variant over the last several years and call it $1.8B.  

We have even less idea what the Constellation will cost but the initial costs are well north of $1B and we know ship costs only move in one direction so let’s say $1.4B. 

That puts the Constellation cost at 78% of the Burke which is in line with the fact that the ship is going to be same size as a Burke but just a bit lighter.

So, same size ship, 78% of the cost, and … … … … … … 33% of the armament.

Is that really value for the dollar?

Sitting around the design table at the first meeting, who raised their hand and said, “Hey, this is a great idea”?

Source: Navy Matters

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Fat, lazy, ignorant slobs!
    Perhaps first, potty training is needed?

  2. Steve Kastl says

    Our government is hopelessly corrupt and incompetent at all levels. Judges, legislators, and all governors/presidents are grifters/whores—both parties. Everyone in power here is stealing as much as they can while in office.

  3. William White says

    They are just a coffin anyway with the new missiles, why waste money on them?

  4. yuri says

    amerikan thinking 33% of a Taliban produced 100 watt lightbulb

  5. chuxtuff says

    The latest floating multi zillion dollar MISSILE MAGNETS in something they still call a Navy. China approves though…

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