Paywalls and Stuff

And paywall passes

Volume is probably going to go down around here because I’m going to get employment to fund the site.

I’m also paywalling more stuff as a measure to test how much support/interest is really there.

I don’t like paywalls and in some future to come 90% is going to be unpaywalled.

But right now I’m doing like a last-ditch effort to see how viable building a monthly supporter base would be. (Earlier model wasn’t really working out anymore.)

So I don’t know what to tell you. You’re invited to subscribe and get the full experience, and more crucially that way you can back AE and help it return to full volume sooner.

If you can’t afford it write me and I’ll get you a paywall pass for Substack anyway.

Same if you’ve backed in the past and you want it.*

I had a whole appeal written out here: Will You Back AE?

I think the Nuzhin story alone is worth $7.

I mean let’s be serious here. The product is always gonna be worth more than $7. The only question is do you have $7 to spare and do you have other stuff you would like to spend it on more, like extra beer.

Or you can also hit the old donate button for a one-time contribution and I’ll send you a pass for the appropriate number of months (generously defined).

Everyone who chipped in for the Fall fundraiser I activated your paywall pass for Substack already. You’ll be getting articles in the email you used, but you can switch that off, and just use the email to log in at Substack to read. (I told you I’d take care of you.)


*I’ve also considered sending out automatic passes to all previous donors over the years but a) it’s a lot of work going through all those records, plus b) while some might welcome it, others might consider it spam because it starts sending emails into inbox, so it’s tricky. — So just write me instead.

  1. Blackledge says

    If I pay for the entire year it’s $84 USD, right? I haven’t had my coffee yet, obviously.

    1. Field Empty says

      You can get a year for $60. Or less if you write me.

      1. Blackledge says

        e-mail sent…

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