Paul Craig Roberts Attacks Faker, Martyanov and Orlov, Fires the Opening Salvo of the 5D Dunce Civil War

A patient sours on the Group Therapists, lashes out

I can’t say I read Paul Craig Roberts. The depth of his “knowledge” is sufficiently explained by the fact that as late as November 2021 he was still shilling Putin as a COVID rebel who had preserved voluntary vaccination in Russia — a truly preposterous and absurd notion, diametrically opposed to actual reality.

In other words, PCR is a clown who lives in an alternate reality and his output is trash. It’s one thing to make a surface mistake here or there, another to not even bother looking into the basics of the basics of what you’re going to sermonize on.

However, a day ago Slavland Chronicles which I do read highlighted a PCR piece from October 7 in which he attacks The Faker, Martyanov and Orlov:

Andrei Martyanov, the Saker, and Dmitry Orlov have seriously misled their pro-Russian audience. Martyanov and Saker stressed the superiority of Russian firepower and tactical operations, which was correct, but they ignored the built-in strategic failure of the Russian “limited operation.” Moreover, the Russian tactical advantage was reduced when the limited forces Putin had been willing to commit became too thin to protect the boundaries of the conquest, and modern weapons from the West and targeting information substantially reduced Russian firepower advantage.

Putin, having foolishly let the war go on month after month, a war that he should have competed in one week, gave the US and UK time to train a larger Ukrainian army and equip it with modern weapons. It should have been obvious to the Kremlin from day one that this was in the cards. Any time a war is drawn out the advantage passes to the side that is not constrained by self-imposted constraints. It is impossible to imagine Napoleon or the Wehrmacht fighting in such a constrained way as Russia is required to fight in Ukraine. If Stalin had fought in the way Putin is today, there would be no Russia.

Ouch. Quite the passage. Gotta love that fratricidal 5D multipolarista slaughter. PCR might be pushing 80+ but he still knows how to swing that hatchet.

His diagnosis of what went wrong is pretty decent, and I love the bitterness. It very much feels like the disappointed PCR was part of this “pro-Russian audience” that he says was “misled” by the trio of faux Russians. (Faker never lived there, Orlov got out when he was 12, and Martyanov falls in the 0.001% of ex-Soviet naval officers who settled in the US.)

But why was PCR looking to these clowns to tell him about the war in the first place?

These are the dunces who didn’t even know the war was going to happen. Here is Orlov on February 7:

As an imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine continues to look less and less plausible in spite of American hysteria, I rest on my laurels as a geopolitical prognosticator and put on my linguist hat to make some more videos for Russian-speaking English aficionados. To be sure, I’ll get back to writing on geopolitics as soon as anything notable happens—more notable, that is, than hot air spewed by political talking heads or movements of minuscule quantities of troops and weapons.

In this episode, I explain how the English language became a creole of mangled French and Latin words in an Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian-Norman sourdough mix with a continuously mutating disaster instead of a vowel system and an orthography that is seven centuries out-of-date and rotten to begin with. And yet this is the language of international discourse on planet Earth? Give me another globe! There seems to be something wrong with this one.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Utterly fucking hilarious! Two weeks before the war this guy was “resting” on his “laurels as a geopolitical prognosticator” (what “laurels” LOL??), declaring the war had become even less likely, and gave his readers a lecture on much more immediately relevant topic of…French words in the English language!


Meanwhile some headlines on Anti-Empire on that same February 7:

Russia’s 300K-Strong Paramilitary Police Says Holding Massive Exercise That Will See It Moved by Road, Rail and Air

3 out of 4 Russian Cruisers Are Now Either in the Med or the Black Sea

US Intel Echoes Anti-Empire’s Estimate From 2 Weeks Ago That Russians Are 70 Percent Ready

Utterly bizarre what parallel reality these people were living in. Orlov is going on about “movements of minuscule quantities of troops” a full week after the entire Far Eastern Military District had migrated to Belarus.

This is stuff that was shockingly beside the mark from before the war had even kicked off. So why was PCR drawn to it? Well, because he is a Kremlin-whitewashing 5D multipolarista clown himself. Turns out he is slightly more realistic than they, and ultimately under the weight of insane amounts of evidence, has lowered his kool-aid intake, but from where I’m standing he’s cut from the same cloth.

And that is what makes this so delightful. I am all for a much-needed fratricidal slaughter between the 5D dunces. Preferably feed them some PCP and give them glass shards so they can really make a go at it.

  1. Blackledge says

    “PCR is a clown who lives in an alternate reality and his output is trash.”

    Yes. He was an able economist once upon a time but as acting as a self-anointed “Russia expert” his advancing senility becomes very obvious. He is desperately struggling to remain relelvent and failing miserably, and needs to retire from public life, immediately.

  2. Blackledge says

    The Faker has been a two-faced, lying, bloated pile of human waste, for decades. He was on the NATO payroll and in their employ during their terror-bombing campaign in Srbija. As such he is an accomplice to the murder of unarmed civilians killed by western combat aircraft. He is party to war crimes.

    Today he denies it, claiming his “conscience was troubled,” and so he left his position with NATO, which is a lie. Scrolling through his own text in the comments section of his own website, his profound contempt for Serbian people is very clear; he mocks and belittles them, constantly, and doesn’t try to hide it at all.

    At best, Martyanov is a sociopathic liar; at worst, he is a mentally disturbed psychopath.

    1. Estragon says

      I didn’t know that the Faker had a contempt for Serbians. That’s very unusual for a Russian nationalist type. Reading around, I’ve concluded that by far his strongest prejudice is anti-Catholicism. He rants constantly about “Papists,” “Franks and Crusaders,” and like all these characters, he’s obsessed with the Great Schism of 1054. Come to think of it, his hatred of Catholicism is probably a factor in his love of Islam. It’s downright funny at times.

    2. Abraham Lincoln says

      Yes the Saker is a shabbas Goy collaborator like this pro Jewish empire website. Your WWF like scripted spat is amusing.

      Russia won the special military operation destroying the Ukrainian military.

      Then NATO joined the war so Russia now needs the extra 300k soldiers to defeat NATO in Ukraine.

      Russia has had lots of luck and god is truly on Russia’s side as the Zio empire is committing military and economic suicide with its doubling down, which would never have happened if Russia had won quickly.

      Most of Russia’s mistakes prompted much larger mistakes from the Zio empire giving Russia a massive world changing victory no one predicted.

      1. Yuno says

        Further proof that the furry noggins of the hard core DEATH TO MERIKA weirdos are INPENETRABLE to even the HIMAR-like volleys of sarc & irony thrown at em!

        Onwards to Victory, “christian marxist soldiers of the neo-bolshevik new world ordure!”

        1. Abraham Lincoln says

          You can’t argue the facts as they are indisputable so all you can do is name call.

          This Huge Jewish Finance Firm Just Took Over the US Treasury and Fed

          In less than a week the Federal Reserve has been merged with the U.S. Treasury (implying it wasn’t always that way) and BlackRock, the world’s largest and most powerful financial services institution, has been put in charge of executing future acquisitions and trades.

          Who is BlackRock? What do they own? And perhaps more importantly, what and who do they control? Jazz and James dive into BlackRock and uncover a significant portion of the apparatus by which U.S. politics are controlled and manipulated.

          This nationalizing a large swath of the financial markets. Now we’ve talked about the financialization of the country that started really in the 1970s. With things occurring before the 1970s. But the actual financialization of the economy in 1970s really took off under Ronald Reagan. We did the Reaganomics demographic deep dive. Sorry, Reaganomics, demographic, death spiral, deep dive that we did over Labor Day in twenty nineteen. Very good podcast that we did on that detailing that it was took off under Reagan, took off in two fold under Clinton and has continued and they have used these various recessions.

          [00:00:55] The last one was the 2008 financial crisis and this is the latest one actually they had the longest run, longest bull market run in a long time and it’s only a matter of time the economy had to be reset and that’s what they’re doing with this right now. We’ve talked a lot about this being a restructuring, but this is formalizing this in a way that has never been done before. Now, the big headline that people are getting hung up on is the merger of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury into one organization, implying that they were separate independent organizations at any point ever.

          [00:01:28] That’s not actually the real story. We’ll talk about what they’re actually doing, because what they are doing is they’re sort of just admitting that it’s not it’s not that anymore. Like before they would at least put up the pretense that they are separate organizations and they’re independent and yadda, yadda, yadda. Now they’re sort of dispensing with all of that. But the bigger news is that BlackRock’s involvement. So let me walk through this here. So the you this this fits in with our narrative. Lots of confirmation bias. In the past few weeks, you’ve seen the Federal Reserve cutting rates by 150 basis points to near zero. And they have run through virtually the entire handbook for the 2008 crisis. They’ve done one rate cut after another, followed by an emergency rate cut. They added a million sorry, they added a trillion dollars a day in repo injections. They used emergency powers to create this commercial paper facility for pumping overnight liquidity into the market, literally making the money printer.

          [00:02:31] Rigoberta?

          [00:02:32] Yeah, it is. That’s exactly what it is. It’s literally a facility for Birx restart quantitative easing. Then they changed it to unlimited quantitative easing, which is just fancy speak for Birx agreed to purchase unlimited bonds for the first time ever agree to loan directly to corporations, which is something they’ve never done before then. Originally the stimulus was supposed to be a trillion. Then it became two trillion. Then it became six trillion. And so they’ve also added six hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of bond buying a week going forward.

          [00:03:06] So if this continues implying that the Fed and the Treasury are two separate entities, the Fed is going to own two thirds of all of the T-bills in the market in less than a year. So it’s I mean, this merger of the two is becoming formalized. They’ve brought back a lot of these acronyms that they had in the 2008 crisis, which were on a much smaller scale. And at that time, you had Bush 43 and Obama had handed over a lot of the control of these programs to Ben Bernanke. But this is all being run by Steve Manoogian now, who is the treasury secretary. And so you have the commercial paper funding facility, CPF F, which is going to be buying commercial paper from the issuer. You have the PMI, CCF, which is the primary market corporate credit facility, which is buying corporate bonds from the issuer.

          [00:04:00] You have τα, which is the term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility, which is a funding backstop for asset backed securities. You have S M CCF, the secondary market corporate kett Creek. You’ve got to have a backup, right? You have the primary market, a corporate credit facility, and then you have a secondary market, corporate credit facility.

          [00:04:20] So they’re gonna be buying corporate bonds and bond ETF in a secondary market. And then you have the M SB LP, Ms. Lope Main Street Business Lending Program, details to come. We don’t have a lot of details about how Main Street is going to be helped out on this. But these are all organizations that were stood up back then. And so they learned a lot from then and they have realized that they need all of these sort of formalized in a way that can be controlled directly by the Treasury. Right.

          [00:04:51] They don’t have to pretend that the Fed is operating independently and loaning money to Detroit. I mean, it just doesn’t it’s the whole thing is just like. All right. Let’s just drop this whole charade that we’ve been doing. Right. I mean, this is and as we pointed out, that. Emptied all of these things when I read through the list of all the rate cuts in repo injections and quantitative easing. Line kept going down line. Loved the six trillion dollar stimulus until Frady and then the line headed for the hills again, nine hundred point drop. So I don’t know what it’s going to be doing next week. It’s going to be very volatile.

          [00:05:28] But they’re trying to stand all this up to keep things moving along, aren’t they? James?

          [00:05:34] Yeah, that’s I mean, that’s the plan. And actually things you can make an argument. They’re going to be even worse. I would make an argument. We would make the argument. Things are going to be worse and more complex than they were 10 years ago back in 0 8 because of these new financial innovations and novel investment vehicles that have come online. Right. When you have the VA health. If B as this backstop for the asset backed securities and PMC ISEF buying these corporate bonds. Well, there have been new innovations in these markets since 0 8 where not only now we have the Fed back in back in 0 8, No. 9, they were buying up the mortgage backed securities.

          [00:06:11] Right. And taking control of those. But that premise has been exported to other sectors, other security sectors. So you have now a student loan backed securities like we’ve talked about car loan, bundled securities like we’ve talked about, all of them organized a Sub-Prime prime, one star or three star. All of these ratings and the Fed is committed now to buying these buying these up with Treasury at this point as committed to buying these up. So you’re going to have much more activity in these facilities, much more much more repurchasing going on than you had in 0 8. And that is just going to have cyclical downstream effects.

          [00:06:49] It will. And it just the whole so it’s this is buying time for the system. This is you know, obviously they had to do this in order to sustain it for what they hope is going to be another decade or two.

          [00:07:02] They’re trying to put this in place where they think it can go on forever. But what they’re finding out is that it creates imbalance. Right. Like the 2008 crisis led to a lot of issues in the economy, but not it, not just in the economy, in the political world as well. It it it actually pushed people on both ends of the spectrum away from the kosher center. Right. You get people that are more interested in a Donald Trump than a Jeb Bush. You get people more interested in a Bernie Sanders than in a Joe Biden. And if they can steal the election, they will. But they didn’t count on Donald Trump. And so, you know, now that he’s been fully brought to heel, he’s going to give Schlomo whatever the fuck line he wants.

          [00:07:44] And that is if Trump wants that, too. Right. I mean, he’s been he’s been, you know, demanding that the central bankers use their power to force line at least 10000 points higher. I mean, he’s so angry about no Dow 30000. And it’s unlikely, especially if he doesn’t win re-election, that he’ll ever see Dow thirty thousand. And, you know, just imagine if he’d been able to convince them to do that. How much further this whole thing would have fallen because it’s all froth. None of it’s real. So the Fed essentially a.k.a. Treasury, one big organization, money printing Gober, they’re going to finance these special purpose vehicles for each acronym that I mentioned above to conduct these operations.

          [00:08:30] And so the Treasury is going to use these and become a each each SPV will be in a first loss position. So this means that the Treasury, formerly not implying formally, is going to be buying all the securities and backstopping loans and the Fed is going to be acting as the banker providing the financing. But really, it’s just one entity. They’re doing both. But the new the new kid on the block is BlackRock and BlackRock. We’re going to talk a lot about BlackRock here in a minute. But they have agreed to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the S.P. v.’s on behalf of the Treasury.

          [00:09:11] So this is this like totally not a government agency, right? The Fed and Treasury are being consolidated and then run by BlackRock. Essentially, it’s what they’re going to be doing. And that’s to ensure that this continues beyond any presidential administration, beyond what anyone says or does and totally outside. I mean, what’s what’s the purpose of a Fed chairman at this point? It doesn’t make sense. And so they’ve asked them to steer tens of billions of dollars of bond purchases. And they are BlackRock is the world’s largest money manager. They will purchase commercial mortgage backed securities on behalf of the New York Fed.

          [00:09:55] They will determine which securities are guaranteed by Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie Mae. I don’t even know. Ginnie Mae existed in BlackRock will execute all the trades. It’s like man must be nice to me. BlackRock actually gets. Sweetheart deal, had that happen? I mean, do they? Did they open this up for RFP and people submitted their different proposals to the government for managing this? James, I mean, it was this a fair competition or a day again? BlackRock’s gonna do it.

          [00:10:22] Yeah. Open bidding process, right? Everybody’s. Yeah. All these contracting companies submitting their bids now didn’t quite happen that way. And BlackRock has it. As it turns out, it’s much more connected than than anybody really knew. And it has their hands in well. I mean, they have their hands in just about every corporation which we’ll get into. But yeah. Now they’re they’re holding the reins of power for what, U.S. monetary policy?

          [00:10:48] They can. Yes. And so the purpose of this. Just so people understand what was done both in the bailout bill and also outside of the bailout bill, this is a combination of all of these things. This essentially means that that the presidential administration, Donald Trump, will have more control over what happens with the Fed. And it’s not this in this implied control that everybody believes isn’t going on. But Donald Trump doesn’t have to kick and scream to get Jerome Powell to do anything anymore.

          [00:11:22] I mean, they can affect that control through the special purpose vehicles, through these Organa orphanages, organizations that have been stood up and essentially the old apparatus like it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s like just eroding that, blurring the line. There is no line. Like the only line that matters is the one that goes up or down and it better be going up according to them. And that essentially puts the levers of power from Steve Manoogian directly in the hands of Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. So, yeah, I mean, why even have a Fed chairman? Well, what does that make Donald Gerard at this point?

          [00:11:56] Yeah, the Fed chairman becomes a ceremonial role at this point, largely dead.

          [00:12:01] So let’s talk about BlackRock here, because this is something that we touched on a little bit last week, last weekend. So remember last week we talked about Kelly Loffler on the Senate Health Committee. She sold up to 3.1 million dollars in stock starting on the day that her committee was briefed by the CDC. And of course, her husband is Jue Jeffrey SPRECHER, who is the founder, chairman of CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, otherwise known as ICE. He’s also the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Of course, ISIS, we pointed out last weekend, was backed as a startup by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in the year 2000. Shortly thereafter, SPRECHER was installed as CEO. Then ICE took over the New York Stock Exchange in 2012.

          [00:12:48] And so that made SPRECHER the CEO of the NYSE. Then in 2014, SPRECHER purchased this Israeli company called Super Derivatives for 350 million dollars in all cash. It’s based in Tel Aviv. It does a lot of business with, you know, companies like Deutsche Bank and Citigroup and Credit Suisse and Barclays. And so they are basically one of the many digital components that have allowed stock trades to be digitalized and fully automated.

          [00:13:17] Well, isn’t it funny how as of Monday, March 23rd, all U.S. stock markets officially closed their trading floor and went to purely electronic trading? Is that funny? Amazing. So, you know, it’s better to have human traders on the floor. Most people agree with this. The problem with computers is they cause prices to fluctuate.

          [00:13:39] They’re also not you know, it’s it’s also like who knows what’s actually going on, like who’s in control of how the trading is taking place. And they’ve had problems before as well. There is this financial firm called Knight Capital where there was a glitch in the computer. People probably remember when this happened back in 2012. But it it essentially what did they do? It sold all of the stocks that it had bought the day before because of them, because of a glitch. So it bought all these stocks and made a bunch of money for Knight Capital. And then the next morning when it woke up, it sold them all. And yeah, they lost four hundred and forty million dollars over the course of of of a little under an hour. It was ten million dollars a minute in terms of what happened. I mean, my God. But that’s that’s like that’s like the bad thing that happened to them. Think about all the the ways that this can be used to benefit them and not benefit you, which is really how the system is supposed to work.

          [00:14:41] Yeah, because the average investor is someone who either invest directly or has a fund or they’re not going to be looking at daily price fluctuations probably. And they’re not going to be set to to, you know, cut their losses like these these computers are. And that’s the other thing that computerized trading does is it will like once it’s called a stop loss, when a stock price dips below a certain threshold, it will sell a percentage of its holdings. And so this is how you get part of how you get these wild price fluctuations. Hour by hour, you know, over the last three weeks, the market has been as volatile, reaching as many peaks and valleys as it does over a typical year long period. And this is due in large part because of this expansion in Internet online trading.

          [00:15:28] Right. And essentially, the entire stock exchange is managed by a guy installed by Goldman Sachs. And a large portion of the electronic trading that is done is actually being done out of Israel by a super derivatives. And that’s not the only company that does the electronic trades. But I mean. You know, this this idea that this is a big, free, open marketplace where any anybody can participate. And, you know, it’s like, no, it’s actually very Orwellian and controlled by a handful of people. In fact, just a couple of companies really sit at the top and think, people need to understand that you have to sort of I think a lot of our our guys understand how this works and have known for a while or at least maybe you’ve had the feeling that that’s how this has been constructed. Well, let me prove it to you. So going back to BlackRock and Goldman Sachs.

          [00:16:22] Right. They’re not actually separate entities. BlackRock is the top investor in Goldman, along with Vanguard and strict State Street right after them. So together, Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street own 20 percent of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs, in turn, is who did the startup for ICE and then installed SPRECHER is the NYSE CEO. So in effect, BlackRock controls Goldman and Goldman controls Hertz Stock Exchange. And it’s pretty, pretty hilarious. And when you look at BlackRock itself, founded in nineteen eighty eight by Larry Fink, who is still the CEO, Larry Fink is Jewish. In fact, I’m just going to read the names and I will tell you if they’re not Jewish. How about that. We’ll just do it that way.

          [00:17:05] It’s easier to do it that way. So Larry Fink, Robert S. cappato, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Q Frater back, guys. A Gentile, Ralph Shlash Stein. You think that guy’s a gentile, James? I don’t know. That’s a tough one. Jesus and Keith Anderson also a gentle so out of the founders of BlackRock, six out of eight are Jewish. So who’s calling the shots now? Again, same rules apply. I’m just gonna read the names and I’ll tell you if they’re not Jewish. So Larry Fink, Robert Capital still around. Rob Al Goldstein, Ben Golub, still around. Gary Shevlin. Derek Stein. Marc Weidmann. Marc Wiseman. Those are basically the guys that sit on cardboard jazz.

          [00:17:51] It didn’t hear you call it. Any exceptions to the rule there? Yes. It seems like all these guys are Jewish. The entire corporate board of BlackRock, Jeff.

          [00:18:02] Wow. And so, yeah, of course. And Larry Fink, it’s just like, oh, my God, when you look at the look at this guy and think think told the firm’s 14000 employees that he is instituting potentially the most aggressive diversity program in corporate America and sharing that, quote, A bunch of white men will no longer be running the world’s largest money management firm. Yes. So like you guys, where it’s basically Stein, Golombek, Goldstein Capital think weideman Weizman. It’s like, oh, yeah, but not that, though. Like that’s going to remain intact. Yeah.

          [00:18:36] Yeah. And do you think they’re only applying that rule internally or are they applying that to the many corporations they have controlling stakes in as we’ll get to.

          [00:18:44] I wonder I wonder if if that theory trickles down. Yeah. And it’s I mean they’re going to be trying to mean the fact that they’re handing it off. Know, Jamie Diamond had some heart issues I think in the last couple of weeks.

          [00:18:58] And there were some articles talking about who he had groomed as his predecessors or sorry as his successors. I meant to say and one of them is Joseph Pinto, who’s a subpart of Jew, and another one is a woman. So Pinto looks like, you know, your typical like beaner replacement. But no, that’s a subpart of Jew and then a woman who he’s trying to bring up, who’s like unmarried cat lady. Yes. She’s also Jewish. And I think her name is Catherine Lake. I can’t remember. But if you look her up, she’s she’s Jewish. And those are those are the successors for Jamie Diamond, J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Diamond. If he decides to retire. So, yeah, I like this idea that. Oh, we got it. We got to diversify. No, there’s nothing getting diversified. These are all still Jews in charge of all of it. So, you know, Fink has also said profits are an in no way consistent with purpose.

          [00:19:49] In fact, profits and purpose are inextricably linked. What does he mean by that? What do you think he means? What do you think their purposes? Well, let’s talk about their purpose. So you had, I think, along with Tom Barach Blackstone, which is different from Black Rock Blackstone, that’s CEO Stephen Schwarzman and Goldman Sachs, Dina Powell were all invited to closed door sessions to discuss Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace plan.

          [00:20:17] L-o-l at peace plan. And we remember how what the rollout of that was. But think guy in charge of BlackRock. You know, he he was in that room. Tom Barach Blackstone. Goldman said it’s funny that they’re all there. And of course, Schwartzman was also selected to lead Trump’s economic advisory team during the transition. But it’s not just BlackRock of the fifty two senior executives of the largest American asset management firms, private equity funds and. Hedge funds such as Vanguard, Blackstone Group, Elliott Management, Charles Schwab, Renaissance Technologies being White Mellon, Millennium Management Warburg Pincus, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, AQR Capital, Bain Capital, Apollo Global Management 36 or Jews or have Jewish spouses.

          [00:21:03] So it’s that roughly 70 percent.

          [00:21:05] So to do 70 I think is how that works out. Just fucking disgusting. And those are the ones that, you know, we can look up and figure out. And a lot of that has changed. I think as time has gone on. But these guys are all also members of a secret society before you cringe. This is a real thing. Kappa Beta Fi Enga, look it up. It’s publicly available, but it’s a secret society for finance capital. It’s been around actually since nineteen twenty nine prior to the stock market crash in twenty nine. And the Wall Street chapter apparently is the only chapter left in the membership is is publicly available. You have people like Michael Bloomberg, John Corer, Zine, Larry Fink, Richard Grasso, David Komansky, Sally Krawcheck, who I mentioned her before. Marc Lasry, Martin Lipton. Martin Lipton. Sounds since I could go right. Wrong. Wilbur Ross, Alan Schwarz, Robert Rubin, Mary SHAPIRO, Diana Taylor, who is the wife of Michael Bloomberg and the superintendent of New York State Banks. Warren Stephens. John C. Whitehead. Richard Fuld, who is the former chair and CEO of Lehman Brothers.

          [00:22:19] You can look all these people up, but yeah, this is a this is a basically one of their little clubs. And I’m sure because this is publicly available and you can see some of the members they induct 20, 15 to 20 new members every year at a black tie dinner. I’m sure that. Do you really think that this is the only forum in which these people meet and this is a fun forum like this is where these people get together and and drink and socialize and connect with one another and network, actually. But the things that are said and the plans that are made are certainly not done in this manner. But I didn’t even know about captivated Fi. I certainly didn’t know about it. But it was formed in 1929 prior to the stock market crash. And their motto is Keeping alive the spirit of the good old days of 1928 in 1929. Well, that that kicked off a lot of the restructuring of the world economy. That’s what Spetz into World War 2.

          [00:23:17] Yeah, I know the good old days where profits were coming hot and heavy and very little oversight.

          [00:23:22] So, yeah, Larry Fink is in the mix on this. He got Bloomberg in there, got John Corazón. You got all these these people in. The only reason I mention captivated Fi is because of Larry Fink and a lot of these these people that are all intermingled in so many ways.

          [00:23:38] Sure. But Fink, I wonder how many of those people show up showed up in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, the AP, an interesting research project.

          [00:23:45] Good question. I think is probably the most powerful man in the world. His company actually has 6.5 trillion dollars in assets. They are the single largest Shell shareholder in virtually any major corporation that you can think of. We’ll go through the list here in a second. And it controls the nine DACs companies in Germany as well. So it’s not just the United States, very deeply rooted in Germany and Austria. They’re all over the world. It’s they can influence the fate of entire cities and countries. BlackRock is they have 70 offices in 30 countries, clients in over 100 countries around the world. They are essentially the world’s largest shadow bank due to its size and scope. I mean, just the math, just to put this into perspective, so people understand BlackRock is larger than Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan combined. And they own those companies, too, like they own large controlling, not quite well, not controlling in the sense that you would think not 51 percent, but large enough where they can make things happen if they need to. They are the largest single shareholder also of BASF, Daimler, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank and Allianz. And that’s just in Germany. They they also have this massive data center in Washington state.

          [00:25:16] There’s a cluster of six thousand computers there that monitor the assets of over 170 pension funds, banks, foundations, insurance companies and others. These these computers watch interest rate changes, bank failures, look at natural disasters and, you know, look at every change in consequences, positive or negative. And of course, this system is called Aladdin and there are 17000 traders around the world that decide when to buy or sell assets. Based on what this data center spits out, it’s the heart of BlackRock and they single handedly managed most of the money that is in private equity and hedge funds combined worldwide. The only other big company out there that owns just almost as much as them, they’re dwarfed by half. But three trillion is is Vanguard. And so although almost all of their holdings are stocks, they are the largest shareholder in 50 percent of the world’s third largest corporations. So they not only hold stocks, but they hold bonds, commodities, hedge funds and real estate. And yeah, I mean, according to an anonymous European insurer who wishes to remain anonymous and possibly alive as well, he said if you’re looking to buy or sell something or invest, it’s very difficult to get around BlackRock.

          [00:26:36] That I mean, they basically, like, run the show. And yeah, yeah, it’s huge.

          [00:26:41] Yeah. And when you take a look at the toll, the type of companies they’re involved in, it’s very diversified, a lot of diverse assets here.

          [00:26:48] They have 5 percent of Apple, 5 percent of Exxon Mobile, 6 percent of Google, 7 percent of Berkshire Hathaway. The list goes on and on, 7 percent of Petro China. So they’re involved in just about every field you can imagine.

          [00:27:01] Yeah. Johnson and Johnson. G.E., Chevron. JP Morgan. Wells Fargo. Procter and Gamble. Royal Dutch Shell. Nestlé. Walmart. Novartis. Roget, Toyota. China. Mobile.

          [00:27:11] Like I mean, they they don’t need like who needs sovereign nations and government. Like government is just like for these people, just something that’s getting in the way and this consolidation of power in the center of power in the United States and basically installing BlackRock as the new operating system on top of the Fed and the Treasury is exactly I mean, it just put it all together and you can figure out what’s going on.

          1. Yuno says

            Too late in the day for me to deal with that wall of words… so I skipped to the final paragraph… \and Bingo! …”installing BlackRock as the new operating system on top of the Fed and the Treasury” is something we can agree upon!
            Err… how that leads one to becoming a vociferous exponent of “Russia’s Inevitable Victory over the Forces of “Anglo-American”” imperialism shall have to wait for another day – and hopefully something of a synopsis of the above.

            1. TZVI says

              Links to actual board members a Joke? You are not thinking straight.

            2. Yuno says

              Yes, Tzvi, Abe has got some issues there; but on the bright side of the ledger – at least he’s decided to join in the fun… re good ol ‘irony & sarc!’

              “You can’t argue the facts as they are indisputable so all you can do is name call.”

              is how he started off the book length treatise above. Good for the goose – good fo the gander?

              btw. BlackRock is indeed a Hooish firm – token names of the board aside. The trick is catching the many varieties & variations of Gesher Galician names modified through the centuries to wash out the Yiddish intonations. Case in point – Sec of Treasury – “C. Douglas Dillon”…grandson of Samuel Laposki … the family name was changed by his father.

              Since his time the Treasury has become a veritable \province\ of hudaics – both of the frankish & more ‘mainstream’ type. Fink has simply staged a coup whereby he now ‘supersedes’ even the titled owner of that position in authority. Trimpf hollowed out the executive authority & sovereignty of USA LLC to the point where Larry could simple ‘grasp the low hangin fruit!’

          2. TZVI says

            The Misnamed “Abraham Lincoln” Posted:

            “And there were some articles talking about who he had groomed as his predecessors or sorry as his successors. I meant to say and one of them is Joseph Pinto, who’s a subpart of Jew… So Pinto looks like, you know, your typical like beaner replacement.”

            Wow you sounds like you want to start the inquisition again, do people need a Certificado Limpieza de Sangre to live and work in the U.S.A.? Joseph Pinto is from Argentina BTW.


            Here is JP Morgan’s board…does not look very Jewish To me:

            Here is Blackrock’s Board, Including Larry Fink I see four to five other Jewish Faces and 5 names out of 21 directors ( I would Know 🙂 ) for a total of 28.5% possibly Jewish, or Jewish decent. ( 6/21)


            What can I say Some Yahudim ( Jews) are really good in finance, is anyone here surprised?

            1. Abraham Lincoln says

              Wow you are a joke. The lies were much better years ago. Mossad should fire you.

              See one of the few good Jews as not all are bad like you.

              Biden’s Slew Of Jews

              WRITTEN BY BROTHER NATHANAEL | 26 MAY 2021



              90% of all government officials in Ukraine are Jews

      2. Rebel Forever says

        What? Abraham Lincoln is back from the piece of lead John Wilkes Booth justifiably fired into his wicked brain?

  3. Blackledge says

    Orlov claims to be “a linguist,” which doesn’t pass the smell test. On his former Patreon page and now on Boosty, his response to reader questions, like, “how can I learn the basics of the Russian language?” his canned answer is “I really wouldn’t know.” This is the answer from a LINGUIST.

    He was an engineer who made money with a theory on collapse for many years, making the rounds on the US public speaking circuit, addressing various American “prepper” groups, publishing books, and publishing essays with a paywall: first on Patreon, and now on Boosty. Over time, he has morphed from a technical writer expounding on historical economic and current engineering topics to a shameless Kremlin propagandist, increasingly disconnected from reality and unable to speak objectively about the war in Ukraine or the former Soviet Union.

    Over the past year, Orlov has adopted more of an “Edge Lord” persona, constantly berating his own, paying subscribers, talking down to them as if they were backward, ignorant children, insulting their intelligence seemingly as a form of amusement, and harshly attacking any viewpoint with doesn’t fall in line with his own, near-demigod views of the world. In many instances he simply deletes what his readers write or otherwise have to say. I assume his subscription numbers slowly rising is attributable to cash flows from whoever his Russian sponsors, are, because familiar subscribers stopped posting on his page some time ago. Why pay to be verbally abused by an angry, middle-aged Russian man?

    Overall, Orlov seems to be quite bitter since leaving the United States, instead of feeling relieved and happy as one would expect given his rhetoric about life in Russia being “so much better.” He rants and whines about the USA like a jilted woman carries on about the ex-boyfriend who dumped her, and has reduced his professional image and reputation to that of a cartoon character.

    I wonder how he will rationalize defeat and be able to live with it, if Russia goes on to lose this war as it appears to be…

    1. Estragon says

      Orlov finally left America? I guess we should give him points for putting his money where his mouth is. That leaves Faker, Martyanov, and the Awful Avalanche guy (Yalensis) as the remaining America-based Russian chauvinist bloggers. A peculiar phenomenon indeed.

  4. TZVI says

    First, why the picture of Molester Jackson? Are there no better pictures of people eating popcorn?

    Second, Mr. Roberts is an elder Statesman who can be misled like anyone else…I certainly don’t always agree with him, but his main message is “Avoid Nuclear War” ( aka U.S.A. war With the R.F.). One does not have to agree with him on everything to understand his intentions are noble. You should start an e-mail conversation with him as he does answer e-mails.

    1. Panos says

      Agree with you completely.Making mistakes is one thing and it is understandable,being a chauvinistic military snob like Martyanov or a suspect copium grifter like Faker is another thing entirely.PCR is an honest guy.

      1. Yuno says

        lol, the knights riding to the defense of PCR need to wake up from their dream world and get grounded in the really real dirty deal world which PCR was a proud ”midwife” to.

        The Reagan Era witnessed the actual TAKEOVER of the executive office by the gang who now(as Prez Kushner demonstrated ably)OVERTLY run puppet ‘presidents’ both east & west… dictating policies which are formulated at the highest levels of BNAI BRITH… BUT managed by lower echelons stooges like Klaws Schwab & the Ethiopian Marxist fake “doctor.”

        PCR was right in the thick of it – when the very first ‘visit’ by the millennialist cult leader & maniac Schneersohn to the Oval Office took place – taking the senile puppet in hand and establishing his “right of first night” over all the hand puppets who would follow(as ably demonstrated each year now via the “EDUCATION DAY” abortion whereby each puppet & congressional cartoon characters proclaim their fealty to talmudic principles in perpetuity.

        Except for the time I nailed Donnie’s first missile strike over Syria as the beginning of the end for the “God Emporor”[sic] as his fanboys called him, I never received as many upvotes on the infamous trotskyite agitprop site “zero-cred” as when I named Roberts “Wormtongue” –

        it clearly resonated with the cultist jock-sniffers of the CIRCLE J Ranch.& DEATH TO AMERIKA hangout. Orlov is merely Robert’s ‘other orifice’ speaking.

        1. TZVI says

          Before Reagan, November 22 1963 was the end of the office of the presidency as an independent office.

          Ronald thought he was in charge, then early in his “presidency” came March 30, 1981 when he was shot and Bush ( Se Eye Aye) took over. The Jews in “power” are just along for the ride like everyone else.

          1. Yuno says

            Not an ‘incompatible’ viewpoint, squire.

            While it’s doubtless over-estimated the extent to which the(WASPish)elements of the Kennedy Konspiracy]Hunt Bros, CIA, the Generals etc,)designed & executed that hit,

            they surely did play a role – though I would argue more in the dupe mold of Reagans’ thinking “I’m in charge” than as prime protagonists. The actual ‘executive offices’ for the production were Seagrams’ HQ in Montreal, along with the folks @ Permindex, and the Lansky mob. The latter of course roped in some of their Spic fall guys(a couple of the more prominent of which ended up Dumped in Honduras sans foot wear)

            and kept the landscape clear of anything that could connect the dots leading from Ruby(Rubenstein) back to Dimora and the secret showdown over UnHoly Land nukes which caused the contract to be issued in the first place. Since ‘the Hews in Power’ ain’t actually Hews(belong to a heretical strain of gnostic-influenced kabbalism which eschews da Jews as much as they do the Goo-ys) I can’t but agree that the actual Hews are indeed ‘along for the ride’ for the most part. Similar to they way the WASPS were along for the ride ending Nov 23rd!

            *Secret Showdown comin for Pootie in a NY York minute? If he deviates from the SLAV ON SLAV slaughterhouse script by waging serious WAR – you can bet on it.

            Only the scriptwriters know for sure!

            1. TZVI says

              OK let’s see what points we agree on:

              A)The FAKE Kabalah / Gnosis from the Zohar and even worse from later works, ideas, and people ( “Arizal”) is an evil twisting of the Torah. The REAL kabbalah ( reception /tradition) came at Mount Sinai and passed through 40 generations of teachers, later to be found with the Sa’adia Goan and Miamonidies.

              Did you know there was an attempt to put those who believed in “Tzim Tzum” in excommunication by the Jewish courts in Europe for heresy ( Panentheism). Today, Most Chassidic groups at least do not take it literally, but some still do and are guilty of Heresy.

              On JFK:

              There looks to be some involvement with both See Aye Aye and Mo-S-Sad on that one, many people wanted him out of the way ( not the least LBJ, Allen Dulles camp, Hoover, the Mafia, etc. ), or were complicit with the “intervention” as McCain called it. The orders for his Secret serve to abandon the Presidential vehicle moments before he was taken down came from the top IMHO.

            2. James II says

              You sure thheyy even know know?

            3. TZVI says

              “Goy” means “nation” in Hebrew, Hebrews are called “Goy Kadosh” ( גוֹי קָדוֹשׁ Holy nation), “Goyim” is the plural form of “nations” that would usually refer to the other nations /families of the earth…it’s really a shame it became a pejorative.

              ” וְאַתֶּם תִּהְיוּ-לִי מַמְלֶכֶת כֹּהֲנִים, וְגוֹי קָדוֹשׁ: אֵלֶּה, הַדְּבָרִים, אֲשֶׁר תְּדַבֵּר, אֶל-בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל. ”
              Shemot/ Exedous 19:6
              and ye shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.’

              Also See Genesis 12:2

              אֶעֶשְׂךָ, לְגוֹי גָּדוֹל, וַאֲבָרֶכְךָ, וַאֲגַדְּלָה שְׁמֶךָ; וֶהְיֵה, בְּרָכָה.
              And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and be thou a blessing.

              As for “Rabbinical Madmen” it’s true there are vast problems, from my perspective it is simply amazing that 20-30% of the children of Israel keep the Sabbath and some form of Kosher with no central authority with real power to enforce such laws since the Roman Conquest( 70 C.E.), and no Sanhedrin ( Supreme Court) since around 600 C.E. to guide the willing.

              The Jewish Supremacists whether they be Zionist OR “Haredi” / Non-Zionist have lost all sense of Humility and prospective. The children of Israel are only “better” when they ACT better, we are supposed to hold ourselves to a higher standard…for example we only hold Jews can be born “bastards” ( Mamzer , Mamzerim in plural).


        2. TZVI says


          Learn a little about the real Talmud:

          The problem is NOT the Talmud, it’s that most Jews don’t keep to their traditions at the moment. Keep in mind the children of Israel have not had a single central religious authority for over 1400 years now…

          Funny you mention the Seven laws of Noah adopted, they don’t allow for Abortion under most circumstances according to the Talmud. Even more importantly today the Noachide laws FORBID Homosexuality…In other words, the resolution adopted by the US congress in 1991 ( after Reagan left office) is being completely ignored as the political pandering it always was.

          Reform “Jews”, Secular “Jews” don’t hold by and could care less about the laws in the Talmud, that especially goes for the Benai Brith ( “Jewish” Masonry) Crowd. The former leaders of Chabad / Lubavitch made a deal with the state of Israel to act as eyes and ears, and host agents in Chabad Houses all over the world in exchange for Kfar Chabad, and less scrutiny collecting money from overseas. Lubavitch is more closely watched in Russia, and they ROUTINELY send back their people to Israel if they sense any thing that might cross the line.

          1. Yuno says

            As you’ve prolly guessed, I’m not one of the ‘it’s the Hews’ crowd; considerable nuance is required when seeking to evaluate the extent to which the poisonous contents of the [Babylonian]talmud are given credence by the mainstream hudaic. However – for purposes of …he hehe…’learning a little about the talmud’… I’ll stick with the excellent investigations/interpretations of Hoffman, finely seasoned with the speculations of the great scholar Scholem, as to the coalesce of kabbalist necromancy with the hate literature of talmudism, and topped with the enlightening perspective *of Michael Samuel – former professor in the Judaic studies department of Concordia University, Montreal…

            the sum total of which allows me to treat with extreme levity your proposition -“Lubavitch is more closely watched in Russia” etc., etc.,

            but I’m happy to allow for engagement from all sides of the matter – unlike the parties who we are currently debating the ‘hudaic’ bonafides of. As you doubtless know … a LARGE proportion of the Hudaic world do NOT consider lubavitichers to be bona fide Hews.

            In the context of this site’s premise, and to keep within those limits, I’d like to close by re-iterating my previous point; the relationship of the [right of return]Rus president to his Chabad ‘handlers’ is IDENTICAL to that of Reagan and those who followed in numbered sequence – Trumpf being both the latest & most obvious example of the ‘hand puppet’ phenomena. If THEY didn’t want war in Ukraine{proto-GREATER PODOLIA that is to say} you can be GUARANTEED that Poutine would NOT be bringing war to that area.


            1. TZVI says

              I don’t know you, but I DO know about Michael Hoffman…Hoffman is a charlatan who refuses to correct his lies and misrepresentations even when confronted by the truth and context of the text as was done by one of my teachers ( I am a witness to that). You are making a mistake by trusting him.

            2. TZVI says

              Just FYI here are some recent and past times Chabad emissaries are sent packing or refused entry:





              I am not saying the RF counter-intelligence is perfect, but they don’t allow them a free hand either.

            3. Yuno says

              Ok, I’ll bite; if someone can show the representations of Michael Hoffman(via “Judaism’s Strange Gods” & numerous other tracts)to be error-filled misrepresentations of the body of talmudic teachings…
              via a suitably objective means of rebuttal, I’ll perforce read and reflect pon the thing. Tis of great interest to me that Hoffman has been egregiously attacked by the (rabidly ‘anti-semitic’*)Fitzpatrick crew of the Catholic right & apparently receives the very same treatment from [fill in your teachers’ affiliations ….. here]
              since as a rule I tend to sympathize with the party who get’s a thrashing from the extremes of both spectrums!

              *phrase useful only for carrying a turn of phrase otherwise difficult to enunciate for the average onlooker. How bout Scholem? Would he as well, ‘not cut the mustard’?

              Since Ukrainians are LIBERALLY spiced with hudaic genes, it seems to me rather ironic that they are getting a rap supposedly ‘justifying’ a second HOLOMAR as being “neo-Nazi’s” & “Banderistas.” Come to think of it – Adolf himself was liberally spiced with hudaic genes. Time for the ‘self-hating Hoo’ meme? I don’t want to deviate far from the sites premise & purpose here.

            4. TZVI says

              For some reason the “reply” button under your last comment does not show, so I hope you will see it here…

              Just go to this link: and read a bit, it rebuts most of the lies about the Talmud by Hoffman and others. It was written by Gil Student years ago and republished at that link.

              If possible I will also try to answer specific questions if it’s not covered there.

              The funny thing is Paul Craig Roberts was labeled “Anti-Semetic” by the ADL due to his criticism of the Modern State of Israel. I wrote to him to offer my support, and to my surprise he wrote back. I agree the term “Anti-Semetic” is often used wrongly.

            5. Yuno says

              Ok, I’m reading the provided link. In the meanwhile, it might be helpful if you could re-assure us somehow that the quote from Yitshak Ginsburg provided in the link I gave above – one of many from “Rebbes” commenting upon the status of ‘goyim’ according to the talmudic script –

              should be ignored, in favor of believing your provided version of a ‘kinder/gentler’ talmud is the ‘authentic’ one? I’ read the passage which claims that ‘direct quotations taken from the talmud are wrong or taken out of context’ – but I’m hunting for exactly how so… according to Gil Student. It prolly wasn’t a great start for MR G STUDENT to have chosen his quote from Maimonides

              “Righteous gentiles have a place in the world to come” in answering his own question “Where do gentiles fit into the Jewish world view?”…

              since ‘having a place’ as ‘cattle’/serfs’ etc., is NOT pre-cluded in any way by such description! Numerous rabbinical ‘representatives of hudaic ideology have described goyim as being exactly such.

          2. TZVI says


            Their is the actual text in the Talmud…that is the most important thing to read, but sometimes to understand it you have to go many pages back, or many pages forward ans the topic of discussion and context of discussion is not always clear unless you do.

            To address your very legitimate question: There are Some Modern day ” Orthodox Rabbis” with ideologies fused with Zohar/ “Arizal” thinking who make wrong statements about Non-Jews, besides the one you mentioned there was Also Ovadia Yosef and others… who have made public statements about Non-Jews that are against our Sages teachings…and yes some Jews believe them.

            This will all be cleared up when Navuah ( prophecy) returns, then Jews will behave OR ELSE. It is also possible that 2/3rd of the Jews in Israel will die leaving one third left if the children of Israel do NOT repent. ( Zecharia 13:8)

            ( thing about Ovadiya Yosef is him and 2 other family members died within a year when opposed the state drafting Yeshiva students…)

            As for Gil Student, we say that about ourselves to having a “share” or a “place” or “Portion” in the World to come ( Olam HaBa )…We say “all Israel has a place/Share/Portion in the World to come” BUT you can lose it when you sin! ( obvious examples would be Homosexual acts and Adultry, Murder, Idol Worship -even in the heart-, etc. Another way to put it is we were ALL born INNOCENT free of Sin, so just try not to sin very badly and you make it to the World to come. ( If you do sin, and all of us do to some extent, then Repent.)

            NO ONE who makes it to the world to come will be a serf/slave. Keep in mind you are dealing with an translation of Hebrew ( “Cheleq” חֵלֶק) to English… this CAN be translated as “Portion”, “Place”, or “Share of” depending on who is translating.

            “Place” in the world to come:




            “All of the Jewish people have a share in the World to Come”

            The mishnah immediately proceeds to detail various exceptions to this seemingly categorical statement, including those who deny the truth of the doctrine of resurrection, one who reads “external literature” (books by heretics) and whispers invocations over a wound (per Rabbi Akiva), the residents of an idolatrous city, and various biblical characters, including the king Jeoroboam and the prophet Balaam. All these and more are excluded from the World to Come.”

            1. Yuno says

              Intriguing. By keeping an ‘open mind’ I can acquire new insights every day. I’ll reflect upon what you say, and take my time sampling the site you provided. The time I insisted on my own former site(dealing largely with ‘talmudic kabbalism’s effects on our era)that “not all hoos are to be branded with the sins of the rabbinical madmen” – by citing the example of the formerly powerful non-talmud following branch(aka ‘Karaites’) – there got opened such a can of worms from trolls insisting on playing the ‘all jews are the same’ card over & over, I eventually just left.
              I guess that was plan.
              Russo-talmudic trolls RULE the net at this point. Goys NEVER fight back effectively.

  5. RegretLeft says

    OK Smarty-pants – just don’t rest on your laurels. We are told the US 101st Airborne is currently in Romania (“miles from the Ukr border”). Now you tell us where they are going to be in two weeks. (Hint – US mid-term elections are Nov 8 – 16 days from today).

  6. Oscar Peterson says

    Once again, it’s amazing to me how much effort you spend whining about all the people whose hope that Russia could thwart the relentless US drive for perpetual hegemony led them to cling to a distorted understanding of how the situation in Ukraine has been developing.

    Whether Paul Craig Roberts is right or wrong or late-in-the-game to being right is so unimportant that no one who subscribes to an “Anti-Empire” view of the world would spend any time thinking about it.

    Can the 300K mobilized troops be turned into an effective, decently equipped, decently led force that will make a positive difference for Russia in this war? Is there going to be a resumed Russian offensive to force a peace acceptable to Russia on Ukraine or not? If not, is Russia going to hunker down and try to defend what it has? Will Russia’s switch to supplying Asia with energy instead of Europe work in the short and long terms? Will the price cap happen and what will be its outcome?

    These are issues/questions that matter.

    What is your purpose in writing this kind of piece? Is there a purpose beyond self-gratification?

    1. Yuno says

      What’s YOUR GAME in pretending to have a pre-emptive say in what the site owner choses to write about? If you want to dictate the subject matter to be discussed(and/or to be denied consideration!!)when will we be seeing notice of the forthcoming OSCARPETERSONWITHTHEKLASSCHWABORCHESTRA.COM
      site squire?
      Gee,,, HOO”S ‘whining now-anyhow’?

      1. Oscar Peterson says

        I have no idea what you mean by “prentending to have a preemptive say.”

        I am merely criticizing what I see as a pointless obsession with the errors of other small-time bloggers who are as marginal more-or-less as Anti-Empire. What’s the point?

        But now that I know it bothers you so much, I’ll probably do it even more often.

        1. Yuno says

          “Whether Paul Craig Roberts is right or wrong or late-in-the-game to being right is so unimportant that no one who subscribes to an “Anti-Empire” view of the world would spend any time thinking about it.|

          Read n weep champ. You wrote it …. you own it. Too late for ‘damage control.’

          re your ‘threat’ – I’ve dealt with literally hundreds of your ilk over the past decade. Do whatever thy wilt. It’s all good for a laugh!

    2. peterinanz says

      “Can the 300K mobilized troops be turned into an effective, decently equipped, decently led force that will make a positive difference for Russia in this war?”
      Depends on who’s defining the outcome. For Putin, his clique, and especially Putintards, yes.
      For an average Russian, no. Especially for those in the range of Ukrainian artillery.
      “Is there going to be a resumed Russian offensive to force a peace acceptable to Russia on Ukraine or not?”
      “If not, is Russia going to hunker down and try to defend what it has?”
      “Will Russia’s switch to supplying Asia with energy instead of Europe work in the short and long terms?”
      No. It (read the Cabal in Kremlin) will keep doing all possible to achieve it’s primary objective. Preserve its power and wealth. Plebs desperately project on the Cabal what it isn’t. All it wants is to share the power and wealth with the rest of 0.1 %. Capos dividing the city. Like: they want Ukraine; Mexico to US.
      “Will the price cap happen and what will be its outcome?”
      Don’t know about the former; the later will be, for plebs in the West austerity with panopticon.

      “These are issues/questions that matter”.
      Among some else. As the life under CBDC, Social Credit and the rest.
      Not an interesting topic in the infotainment sphere.

      Judging from your posts here you are about to fire several questions. Preamble them with answer to just one: what’s your opinion about Russian CiC, on tactical level, in this debacle? My answer to your questions will be on the same level. Good luck.

    3. Panos says

      Anyone else noticing how this kind of questions are NEVER about the West?For obvious reasons,West acts in the exact opposite manner Putin & co do.Coherently,decisively,boldly and with extremely clear war aims,that is the “decolonisation” aka dissolution of RF.So it is not “capos of the 0.1% dividing the city” as Peterinanz says,not at least from the “correct side of history”.The western “capos” are out to wipe out everyone else and take the whole city for themselves,down to the very last alley,and everyone understands that.It is the RF “capos” that act in a paranoid and selfdestructive way,trying to run the show in a 16th or 17th century manner,with mercs,tribal armies,incoherent and disconnected back and forth campaigns etc etc.

  7. SteveK9 says

    PCR has not been ‘late’ to the game. He has been saying the same things he is saying now, since March. He can’t help it if Marko doesn’t want to bother reading all (or any) of those articles. PCR’s main point throughout is that Putin is naive, Putin is hesitant, Putin does not know the West, or what he is doing. And, the result has been a war that has lasted 8 months, with the West crossing red line after red line. And, finally he is fearful when the West is emboldened enough, they will do something that will initiate a nuclear war. Maybe he is too pessimistic. But, instead of shooting your mouth off, maybe try reading first. You do enough bitching about people not reading you.

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