Passionate Russian Man Launches One-Man Crusade to Save What He Cherishes

Mad respect

His values may not be your values, but you have to respect the determination.

Luka Safronov, 31 chained himself to a McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow trying to stop McDonald’s announced withdrawal from Russia earning himself an arrest and a fine.

He was heard saying:

“They fed us this food for 30 years…and now they are leaving us. The sanctions are depriving me of the food that I have eaten all my life”.


“I weigh over 270 kg. This is my choice, my means of expression and my freedoms.”


“Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizens!”

How many people will launch a one-man crusade for anything?

He is a Mcdonald’s patriot and he will fight for his fries!

Someone in the crowd shouts: “They’ll open in a few weeks under a different name.”

Luka expressing his freedom. Roll on brother!

A long time ago Safronov, who is the son of a famous painter, was a piano prodigy until he decided his life would be better if it had less Brahms and more McDonald’s. — A man who carves out his own path in life, then! A man of unflinching loyalty and devotion to his passion.

Tho’ all the world betrays thee
One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard
One faithful harp shall praise thee!

  1. EstibenDelMar says

    what a click bait!!! i sheeply clicked on it…

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  2. Jerôme says

    He represents the fat,obese,lardy ligs in zionazi USrael, and their McDonalds! Nice commercial lardy pig for the zionazis in United Snakes!

  3. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Thing is, McD’s version of thousand Island dressing is pretty yum, and if you learn how to make a burger yourself, then their Big Mac and cheeseburger deserve to be in your repertoire. You don’t get to feed 100m people a day with dog shit.

    And I’m not 270kg or woke, but a burger is a burger.. I’m actually happy cause Burger King is staying for now, and imo that is the lowest denominator of burgers: if you can’t make something better than a whopper, you should not run a burger joint.

  4. GMC says

    There used to be a McDonalds at the Simferopol train/bus stations in the Center of town , until we switched hands.Yo Safronov, there is life after Mickey Dee leaves town.Trust me, another Russian restaurant will open up and it will be a decent fast food hang out.
    Actually, the train and bus customers loved the clean bathrooms, fresh coffee and a burger or wrap for their journey.

  5. ken says

    He’s probably had the shots so he’s healthy!

  6. anon says

    This imbecile is the perfect illustration of why one shouldn’t ‘consume’ mactucky’s mechanically reclaimed meat ‘products’…

    the filth being neither ‘happy’ nor a ‘meal’… and will eventually after thirty years turn you into ‘hollywood monster’ that’s never seen it’s pecker since puberty..

  7. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    McDonald’s withdrawing from Russia is probably one of the best things that could have happened to Russians.

  8. Mr Reynard says

    So, not only in the free democratic west, the subhumans are coming ??

  9. Martillo says

    Export the hog to Slumville, USSA. Let it eat the filth until it explodes.

  10. Mr Reynard says

    Stupid morons are in every nations …×1112.jpg

  11. John Charlton says

    So Anti-Empire has exposed itself as one of VLAD PUTIN’S propaganda rags…Can you sleep at night with visions of DEAD UKRANIAN CHILDREN in your heads. You are loathesome human beings.

  12. Attila the hun! says

    disgustnig animal! Fauck you! Russia will be better without those shits!

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