“Our Patience Is Wearing Thin” — Biden Escalates America’s Culture War Into a Forced Vaccine War

Biden makes Sobyanin's forced-vax Moscow look like a shining beacon of freedom by comparison

Has anyone told Biden there is a labor shortage??

Well, that’s over with then. For the past two months and a half, the world existed in a very strange state where Americans actually enjoyed more freedoms than Russians.

Where Moscovites -— and Russians in two dozen other Russian regions — are subject to orders that 60 percent of hospitality sector workers in each company vaccinate or face terminations, the Americans in the private sector were not subject to any such government demands.

Until now.

Biden has directed The Occupational Safety and Health Administration to draw up the paperwork that will require every private business in the US with 100 workers or more to either have them vaccinated, tested weekly, or to fire them.

That is every single worker in every single company with at least one hundred employees. That is 80 million people (40% of whom unvaccinated) minus anyone who can secure a religious or medical exemption.

This is by an order of magnitude more expansive than Russia’s forced vaccine freak show which makes demands “only” on workers in the hospitality sector in a minority of regions, and even then demands a “mere” 60 percent compliance. (Albeit Biden allows a testing loophole but which can easily be closed in a later escalation.)

We are Russophiles here at Anti-Empire so we objected even to such a comparatively “mild” forced vax program because there is nothing that pisses us off more than somebody trying to stomp on Russian dignity, but it turns out we are also Americanophiles because I find myself just as scandalized by Biden trying to trample on Americans and their freedoms.

Of course as many understand that is precisely the point. Biden supporters equate the unvaccinated with the deplorables and draw immense pleasure from getting to exercise power against them through the person of Biden. This has nothing to do with the virus. This is Biden having the supposed cultural and moral inferiors ripped by lions to win the cheer of the liberal superiority complex gallery.

I would say that he has no chance of accomplishing this, but I would have also said last March that COVID derangement would have largely subsided by now, yet here I am 18 months later sitting in a lockdown (face diapers, 10 PM curfew, no bars/movies/bowling/karaoke, PCR to board a boat or airplane) so I’m not going to say anything of the sort.

At least the Russian forced vax scheme was launched for much more mundane reasons.  Here was United Russia heading into the summer before the election which rising and soon-to-be-record infection and death rates. This wasn’t a good look for a ruling party that had previously declared victory over the virus and had largely put it in the rear-view mirror. Thus they unchained Sobyanin (who represents the COVID derangement wing of the ruling set) in a half-hearted attempt to stem the tide, or at least to deflect responsibility from themselves. It was tyrannical, hypocritical and a power overreach, and Anti-Empire fought it tooth and nail (even if that rubbed some readers the wrong way), but at least it was pre-election security theater, rather than the radical, all-encompassing militarization of the culture war that Biden has announced.

Will the DNC mascot really succeed in marshaling administrative resources to thoroughly humiliate the enemies of the snotty American liberals? I don’t know, he certainly looks bent on giving it a go.

Incidentally, the US liberals have fought militarized culture wars against imagined ignorant, retrograde, deplorables before — in the Empire’s 1990s wars in the Balkans.

But there’s only so much joy you can draw from waging war on foreign deplorables, it’s much more of a dopamine rush crushing domestic troglodytes you’re much more familiar with (albeit not necessarily terribly knowledgeable about either). And thus the American liberal war against the caveman comes home, to be fought not with bombs but with syringes, PCR tests, the banishment from public spaces, and the depriving of livelihoods.

As a man who wasn’t an American liberal but easily could have been put it:

“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

  1. yuri says

    nice pic :rats driver on right, tuna brain middle, cousin on left

    1. Raptar Driver says

      The Yurinator!
      Brain dead comments as usual.
      Never providing any argument just saying gibberish.
      Zionist fag!

      1. yuri says

        rat driver popular with fags–you received 5 LGBT upvotes…LOL
        no surprise: your language is transgender

        1. Raptar Driver says

          I think it’s time for you to get your prostate milked by your boyfriend.

    2. ken says

      Hi Yuri,,,

      I wouldn’t make too much fun of them,,, they are probably the ones with the skills to survive the coming genocide attempt.

      1. yuri says

        you may be correct

    3. XSFRGR says

      Yuri, I grew up among these people, and appearances aside what they may lack in intelligence they more than make up for in determination, and cunning. I caution you not to underestimate their potential for violence.

  2. GMC says

    In the end , I think there will be a Big Big difference between those who are forced to take the mRNA poison and those who take the Sputnik Vee adenovirus vaccines. I don’t hear any word from Russia or Gamaleya pharma about a booster.

    The Bioweapons labs will be the biggest problem in the future.

  3. ken says

    “What more is there to wait for? What more to do you need to see? We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us”

    I ask you Americans,,, Does that sound like sound like a government of the People, by the People and for the People?

    No! That is a demand from someone that thinks he owns you. This is outright tyranny,,, he is a traitor to the constitution and to the People. He must be stopped.

    Do you think they are concerned about the employment issue?

    No! If that was an issue with them they would have never locked down.

    They need to get this done before the die off begins in earnest. Biden nor OSHA has the authority to enforce what is a personal decision. But I didn’t figure they would get this far so anythings possible. Obviously the constitutions out! I’m sure the Supremo’s are in lockstep with this tyranny. The government has allowed no debate,,, has not given one inch.

    Everything in the last 19 months has been lies built on lies. First it was to flatten the curve, then it was the cases. Now it’s the vaccine. The PCR test is invalid. Even the CDC says so,,, the only ones hospitalized are the vaxxed due to the vaxx itself but blamed on the non existent variants but it appears no amount of logic works.

    They simply want everyone to get the shot and soon they will drop all pretense of it being a virus issue. Just get the shot voluntarily or we will force you.

    Many think the depopulation issue is conspiracy theory. If so then explain the governments demand you get this shot that has already killed 40,000 in the EU and US. The fact that only ten percent file a report and you end up with 400,000. It’s probably ten times that!

    Either way,,, take out the depopulation issue and none of this makes any sense. Put in the depopulation issue and it make all the sense in the world. Our government wants to kill us but doesn’t want to dirty their hands doing it the old fashioned way. Bullets, gassing and massive graves. They want us to kill ourselves. Nothing more enjoyable for them than watching their stupid enemy dying in intense pain at their own doing,,, without even a minor struggle.

    Governments have made the People their enemies. This means the government is the Peoples enemy. The final conflict is upon us. If we have to die,,, will it be on our knees taking the needle or on our feet demanding our God given rights? THEY are making this situation not us. I don’t know how they can make it any plainer

    God,,, give us the will and determination to successfully fight this evil.

    1. Art says

      Well said as usual Ken. Your “Governments have made the People their enemies.” Reminds me of a book regarding WWII Agenda –
      The People As Enemy: The Leaders’ Hidden Agenda in WWII: Spritzler, John: 9781551642161: Amazon.com: Books

      1. ken says

        Thank you,,, God this is nutzo!

    2. Mark says

      Even if there is no ‘die-off’, and the vaccines turn out to be relatively harmless – meaning that the body will recover from the introduction of gene-meddling and the immune system will go on more or less as usual – the ‘vaccines’ are all risk and no benefit. According to Japanese researchers, the virus (and it cannot be completely fake, people are actually getting sick from something) is poised to escape the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna spike concoctions altogether. It has already successfully mutated its way past three of four Receptor Binding Domains (RBD), and only one remains. Once that is successfully evaded, the vaccines might as well be saline for all the good they do, and King Pharma will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new jab.


      Which, of course, everyone will have to take. Might as well just hand national budget authority over to the pharmacists. If you capitulate once, it just gets easier after that until it is your life to be driven hither and yon by government regulation.

      1. ken says

        A persons view of whether or not the virus is real really has nothing to do with the current situation,,, that being your right to decide what goes into your body.

        If women can kill another person in their womb by saying it’s my body, my decision, than surely it applies to an experimental injection as well.

        But that said,,, Yes People are getting sick, usually the very elderly. Now what could they be getting sick from? My logical guess is the flu. Why? Because the moronic health authorities, the CDC and the WHO have declared the flu has disappeared. That was so obvious I actually laughed out loud. The flu NEVER disappears. Cut me some slack!

        The flu is especially dangerous to the elderly. Australia for example,,, the average age of all deaths are 85. My God,,, the average lifespan is around 76. So they’re living a decade longer than most but their deaths are indicative of a plague!

        The vaxx has already killed 40,000. This covers only the US, UK and EU. For grins and giggles lets add another 40,000 from the rest of the world that may not have a reporting system. Now we are at 80,000.

        Then as studies show, only about one (1) percent of actual adverse events are recorded. That would put the figure at roughly 8,000,000. Even cutting that in half is still 4 million. That’s a lot of deaths!!! More than all wars since WWII. The number of deaths in the US VAERS system,,, about 14,000 is more than twice the number of deaths from ALL vaccines COMBINED since the inception of them over the last 100 years.!

        No sir,,, I don’t think anyone will recover from these vaxxines. They are introducing boosters to insure that cannot happen.

        The die off is the question and is based on the animal studies attempted in the recent past. All the animals died. This is why they could never get FDA approval and is why the gene meddler Corminaty never should have gotten approved. There has been absolute zero studies. The FDA is compromised like the rest of government. It was pure bait and switch to get some people to vaxecute themselves. The jab they’re using in the US is still the experimental one that has the EUA.

        All the above adds up to a very nasty conclusion. They want to get rid of a helluva lot of people. The Global Warming didn’t do the job so they have come up with this….

        1. Mark says

          You cannot really allude anything by the test animals dying off – viruses are typically very species-specific, ditto vaccines against them, and so viruses that kill certain animals may not harm humans; a good example is the gain-of-function research done at Wuhan to make a bat virus affect humans. That’s not suspicious, or anything, he said sarcastically. My primary concern is ADE, and it will take a full flu season to demonstrate to me that it is going to happen or not. The flu probably made the same inroads it always does; it’s just likely that flu cases were labeled ‘COVID’ like everything else was. The WHO and CDC claim the extra hygiene efforts due to COVID probably are responsible for the flu disappearing, but I don’t think that’s very likely.

          The approval process for the Pfizer jab was the fastest in FDA history, and came just a week or so after Fauci confiding smugly to the networks that he believed it would come ‘very soon’, and that when it did the anti-vaxxers’ last arguments about the vaccine being experimental would collapse – bring on the vaccine mandates!! Au contraire, mon frere; the vaccines are still experimental because their clinical trials still have more than a year to run, and the control group has been all but eliminated by ‘unblinding’ and vaccinating those who received the placebo.

          They couldn’t realistically expect everyone who has been vaccinated to die; that would cut the world’s population in half, but more to the point, it would decimate ‘enlightened’ western countries where vaccine uptake is highest and favour poor countries where only a tiny percentage is vaccinated. The ignorant, poor and unschooled would inherit the world. The US military has been ordered to vaccinate – how would America continue to boss the world around with all but about 5% of its armed forces dead? I can believe ‘world leaders’ received dummy shots because they would consider themselves too important to take any risk, but selectively giving the whole US military saline would be too complicated.

          I think it has simply become a power game – government has decided you will by God obey orders and get the shot, and that’s that. If there really was a chance of a killer plague running out of control, they would not entertain religious or medical exemptions – couldn’t those people spread it and start the cycle all over again? If government is successful at rubbing the last few holdouts’ faces in the dirt, there will be no limit to its power and it will be able to make the population dance to its tune at will. It has discovered the magic formula – portray the goal as being for the public good, accuse anyone who opposes it of selfishness, and start a witch hunt. Pretty soon everyone will just go along passively.

      2. Raptar Driver says

        Yes they are getting sick from the same thing they have for ever.
        It’s called influenza A&B.
        And that’s assuming the virus theory is correct.
        I wouldn’t assume anything anymore.w
        Covid is 100% fake!

  4. TomR says

    A government says it has a right to define what is a vaccine, and a government says it has a right to mandate a vaccine. This means a government says it has a right to impose any substance it wants on an entire population. Including poisons, toxins etc. – as long as the government classifies the substance as a vaccine, and mandates this “vaccine” for everyone. Basically an right to commit genocide, or even extinction that a government grants to itself, just done indirectly, via a two step process of genocide, rather than via a single-step process (like direct killing).

    1. Mark says

      I’m glad you brought that up, Tom, because the CDC has in fact recently re-defined what ‘vaccine’ and vaccination’ mean on its website, just as they re-defined ‘herd immunity’ to reflect that it is only achievable through vaccination.

      The newest re-jigging of definitions has deleted all reference to ‘immunity’. Now, a vaccine provides ‘protection’.

      Old definition: Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

      New definition: Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

      Once it became clear that the new miracle vaccines do not offer immunity, the CDC ran interference for Big Pharma by going back and altering the definition so that it appeared it was never expected to do that.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    I have said before this is a war, soon it will be a hot one.
    Many people will be tortured, many people will die. (Hopefully Yurin, the shit packer will be at the head of pack(er)
    This is what they want, it is a kill off.

  6. NGg says

    F….. Idiot in the WH

  7. yuri says

    now amerikant ACLU advocates for more Covid fascism…lawyers the most statist, fascists in USA…this explains why amerikans elect them

  8. Tod Foulk says


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