Only Other Guy in Store Not Wearing Mask Gives You Knowing Look as Though Welcoming You to Secret Society

"Welcome to the resistance"

U.S.—When you stopped by the store to pick up a few quick things on your way home from work yesterday, the only other maskless man in the store gave you a knowing look, a sly smile, and a little, almost imperceptible nod as though he were welcoming you to some kind of secret society.

Locking eyes with you through the sea of masked “sheeple,” the man gave you a look as though to say, “Welcome to the resistance. You and I, we’re the ones who are going to start the revolution. Look at these sheep, wearing masks like dumb-dumbs. They bought the lie from Big Brother. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. That grandma over there shopping for peaches, wearing her face diaper? She’s garbage. A useful idiot. A bootlicker. But not you. You and me? We’re different. We’re special. We don’t buy the lies. We see through them and behold the truth: that masks are for the ignorant and the weak. Welcome to the society of the enlightened, brother.”

At publishing time, you didn’t have the heart to tell him you just forgot your bandana in the car and weren’t making a political statement or anything.

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. Jimmy Yost says

    “Any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it.” Henry David Thoreau

  2. Chris Calo says

    The only virus is the fear of the virus, and American sheep are to stupid and indoctrinated to be a free thinker, if they don’t agree with you they verbally attack you

  3. Chris Calo says

    The educated I mean indoctrinated are the biggest idiots who believe anything a draft dodging proffer tells them ,or the news media

  4. thomas malthaus says

    Are Americans rational?

  5. Julie Bronson says

    Epstein guilty Trump pretends to be against this yet gave Gates GAVI group money and praise and is pushing the DNA altering vaccine at Warp Speed. Same swamp. Get it?

  6. Jimbo Mcgee says

    Masks and mandatory vaccines are manifestations of a sort of “biological socialism”. Immune and bodily autonomy, personal responsibility for your own sickness and health- these are tantamount to private property. We must all share one, big, public immune system. If one person is sick, the entire collective must go into sickness mode. Individuals who insist on health autonomy are selfish, akin to those Soviet citizens who secretly hoarded some grain for themselves. All of this is simply Communism in a white coat.

  7. Maxwell says

    Having the entire population put on a mask for a mild flu is social programming. Submission training. Fascism.

    1. glimmer says

      China mind virus.

      1. Le Ruse says

        China mind virus.?? With an US Patent ??? Hmm..

      2. voza0db says

        What virus?!

      3. cap960 says

        Who said so? Some are saying it was in India before China. Others are saying it was in the US before China. Lots are saying the US military brough it to China. Remember people dying from e-cigarettes “popcorn lungs”. Funny how COVID19 lungs xrays are similar to e-cigarettes lungs problems. Just saying…easy to accuse China. Russia for all our problems. Convenient enemies. Now our government are talking about great reset…check UN agenda 21. Was COVID19

        1. glimmer says

          it’s just a stupid trick that worked, for what reason i don’t know why but i do actually. people are selfish, pampered pussies & almost everyone in American society is empathetic to the point of self destruction.
          this is clearly China + those paid off by them in US government. the demoralizing things they’re having us do are very Chinese in nature.

          1. OBED SANTOS says

            Like Eric Fartwell the Chinese agent.

        2. sojournerholmes says

          Considering the “ascended masters” are behind the UN. UN is a more currupt bureaucracy than the US. i say prove to me you have ascended and are without time as the Heavenly Spirit Father. Where to these “acended masters” come from? Preached by the man made religions of india and china. William cooper exposed this crap 20 years ago out of their own writings, blavasky, manly p hall. Notice how it is a flipping an half indian woman kamala and her husband a jew? Some say kamal’s mom is a jew.
          They want/need to start ww3 to get their wishes.
          Who opened china up? Kissenger

        3. PatriotPene says

          Seems pretty obvious to me.

  8. Afshin Nejat says

    At an AMC Theater there was a sign demanding masks warn at all times for the safety of all UNLESS you were enjoying food or beverages………….. Because there are viruses out there that are just that polite.

  9. ke4ram says

    The EU had 6 or more months of mask requirements or you were fined and could be jailed. Result: Cases increased.

    The UK had 6 or more months of mask requirements or you were fined and could be jailed. Result: Cases increased.

    The DPRK (Kalifornia)had 6 or more months of mask requirements or you were fined and could be jailed. Result: Cases increased.

    Michigan had 6 or more months of mask requirements or you were fined and could be jailed. Result: Cases increased.

    New York City had 6 or more months of mask requirements,,, and has destroyed itself,,, and you were fined and could be jailed. Result: Cases increased.

    Do any of the covid idiots out there have enough brain cells left to see a trend here?

    1. PatriotPene says

      A guy friend of mine nicked himself shaving. Continued to wear his mask every day without cleaning it once. He got a staph infection.

    2. voza0db says

      The only goal of ALL the tools being deployed around the Planet is to test the Herd behaviour and to kill as many as possible… this part just the bonus!

      Data for my Plantation shows that clearly!


    here in NM you come in without mask you get refused service
    That Being said..i get my goods and as soon as i am out the door
    Mask comes off…
    Now on the Vaccines..heres what must be done
    all those that are pushing for mandatory Vaccination
    you got to take that Vaccine and shut it up your…
    where the sun doesn’t shine
    You Must do this now!

  11. peterappleby21 says

    It’s the ”Eyes Wide Open”‘ society

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