One Third of Dutch Healthcare Workers Union Won’t Get COVID Vaccine

Just 36% have said they will definitely get it

One third of the members of nursing union Nu’91 say they will not accept being vaccinated against coronavirus, according to a new poll.

In total, 3,300 out of 30,000 union members took part in the survey, which highlights the different attitudes to the vaccine across the medical sector.

Just over a third (36%), said they would agree to be vaccinated and the rest were not sure.

The government plans to offer the vaccine first to healthcare workers, the elderly and people with vulnerable health conditions.

Asked why they would not accept being vaccinated, nurses said they are concerned about the long-term side effects, the speed at which the vaccine was developed and the lack of expert information.

‘Healthcare professionals require neutral, good information so that they can take a well-informed decision,’ union chairwoman Stella Salden said.

‘This can only be done by making the information available in the appropriate way… listening to professionals is crucial.

At the moment, they have a lot of questions and that means there is insufficient confidence in the vaccine.’

The poll did show wide variations within the sector.

Some 44% of hospital workers said they would accept a vaccine, compared with 35% of nurses who work with the disabled and just 25% of nursing home staff.

Younger healthcare workers are also less likely to accept being vaccinated than the over 45s.

The population of the Netherlands is also divided on the issue.

A report published by I&O Research last month found 60% of the Dutch will consider having the vaccination but less than a third would definitely do so.

Some 23% would definitely or almost definitely not agree.

Experts say a vaccination rate of at least 60% is necessary to protect the population in general.


  1. thomas malthaus says

    The Globalist public relations campaign isn’t working. I can’t understand why.

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    there is little agreement amongst experts, except that they should all be well paid

  3. stevek9 says

    A ‘vaccination rate of at least 60% is necessary to protect the population in general’. That is absolutely not true. A large part of the population is already immune, and simply doing nothing would lead to adequate immunity. It is probably already there in many countries, but you can use the PCR test to keep this going forever, if that is the goal … which it seems it is. Mortality is not different than before covid in most countries, some throughout the pandemic and now virtually all.

  4. Garry Compton says

    Why would the immunity herd and those who have already had the virus , need a vaccination. Wouldn’t they already have the mother natures vaccine in them ? How many health care workers already have semi immunity from working around the Covid patients – A whole lot of questions need answers – before anyone gets jabbed.

  5. Charles Homer says

    As shown in this article, there is one low cost, readily available and thoroughly tested drug that has been proven to reduce the mortality and incidence rates of COVID-19 that is being ignored by the mainstream media:

    This generic drug won’t generate the type of attention-grabbing headlines that the current “sexy” vaccines have received, particularly now that governments are looking for willing subjects to be the first test subjects for vaccination.

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