On Hiroshima Anniversary Blinken Expresses “Deep Concern” to Asian Countries That China Might Expand Nukes to 10% of America’s

Self-awareness: zero

America’s top diplomat expressed concern to Southeast Asian foreign ministers about China’s growing nuclear arsenal, the State Department said Friday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined to the ASEAN Regional Forum, an online meeting of more than 20 countries, a list of provocative Chinese behavior.

“The secretary also noted deep concern with the rapid growth of the PRC’s nuclear arsenal which highlights how Beijing has sharply deviated from its decades-old nuclear strategy based on minimum deterrence,” State spokesman Ned Price said, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

Meeting was held on August 6th, 8pm by Japanese time

A report last month from the American Federation of Scientists concluded that Beijing was building more than 100 missile silos in its Xinjiang region, raising questions about China’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates that China holds approximately 350 of the world’s nukes, a fraction of the 5,550 possessed by the United States and 6,255 by Russia.

Source: CNBC

  1. Annr says

    In the Blinken an eye those inbreeders have trumped up another war charge. No surprises.

  2. Annr says

    The ONLY country to have dropped an atomic bomb? US of Israel, still the most dangerous countries in the world todsy.

  3. mijj says

    it’s not hypocricy if you’re a Racist, Colonialist, Rules Based Orderist.

  4. edwardi says

    Ya but 350 is more than enough to do the job, why really do they need more, do they like the US just need somewhere to piss more $ out a window. If there is any exchange at any level, that is the End. The world is over. So ? what’s the point.

    1. Richseeto says

      Indeed, less than 350 is more than sufficient to do the job of destroying planet earth when each one is at least one megaton equivalent as China’s are reputed to be and can reach the US mainland in 30 minutes which is virtually unstoppable.

      The point is if the US which has a population of less than 5% but consumes 25% of its total resources, and so considered living in the laps of luxury is willing to sacrifice all in the interests of remain the top dog forever and a nation such as China on the rise will never be cowed, will challenge it to the very nth degree and if it is suicidal enough to end it all, then what has China and her people to lose?

      China has seen all the woes and destruction of war can do to a nation, its people and infra-structures having had between 40-60 millions men, women and children butchered by the cruel Japanese invasion, does not want war and only wanted to remain unmolested or unprovoked by all and sundries but……

      If war comes to her shores, she will fight and fight to win at all costs.

      Do the US have the guts with or without its donkey lackeys to come to invade China akin to entering the dragon’s lair coming from thousands of kilometres to foment war?

      Has it learnt any lessons from the defeats of the Korean, Vietnam and now the Afghan wars?

      Does it believe as many of its pugnacious military generals and armchair ones that it will be as easy to defeat China as a “slam dunk” basket game?

      Then let it all hang out and see how easy it is if the US is willing to sacrifice the cream of its young men and women to come to “protect” the yellow men and women which it loathed and treated as sub-humans for centuries in the US of A.

      It can be guaranteed that it won’t be like the old time Century of Humiliation fiasco that China can be had in such an easy manner.

  5. yuri says

    immoral amerikans murdered 250000 Japanese with 2 atom bombs and these racist blame China—despicable

    1. Richseeto says

      Unfortunately, that is the manner in which the US operates.

      Always try to shift the blame of its own wilful criminal activities onto others through its overblown narratives and thinks that just by some words alone, it can shift blame and abuses.

      That is why the words of the World Bully and Hegemon cannot be taken at face value and the US has lost all sense of credibility.

  6. Joe_Below says

    Nukes are yet another manufactured myth.

    1. Richseeto says

      Please explain how.

  7. Hamid says

    And this Blinken (US) remark actually started the new arms race … as worried China really needs now to accelerate their nuclear arms development. US “tolerance”, their arrogance, and their ignorance will precipitate the end for humanity.

    1. Richseeto says

      Indeed, indeed.

  8. Michael Arnold says

    I hate the ussa!

    1. Revo says

      It’s the Jewssa…American people are inherently good…The Jew controlled blackmailed pedos the Jews select for Govt are the problem

      1. Eddy says

        From where I sit, the exact opposite is the reality. Those very same folks you claim are inherently good, stand by their Government every time it bombs the crap out of a defenceless nation. Take good long hard look at the amount of bombs being dropped right now on Afghanistan after the U.S. has claimed it has withdrawn from Afghanistan ? Not a peep from U.S. citizenry who you claim are good people. DUH !

  9. Albericus says

    WOW! 10% ! how about America get rid of 90% of their nukes …..
    NOBODY NEEDS a gun that can shoot more than 10 NUKES.
    Everyone please take note: We spend $Hundreds of Billion$ per year on Department of Homeland Security. It was the duty and sole mission of DHS to seal the borders and secure this Nation.
    Have you heard ONE WORD from those P.O.S. about preparing for possible nuclear war? Have they made ANY preparations for CIVILIAN(YOU & YOURS) casualties? Any public service announcements of supplies and preparations you should be making? Bunkers, food, supplies, medical is all set aside for “THEM” what about YOUR Family? Everything for the shit-bird politicians and NOTHING for your family.
    FOAD (((Blinken)))
    “The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.” — Spy Jonathan Pollard during interrogation by the FBI. 

    1. Eddy says

      America feels it NEEDS this amount of nukes, as countries that are targeted have developed excellent defensive systems, that can blow these missiles out of the sky well before they reach their target.So their strategy is we’ll swamp’em with hundreds, some must get thru. That’s the hope anyway. Never mind the mess such an action will make of the atmosphere, but see, they REALLY care about global warming ect. L.O.L.

    2. Richseeto says

      Have you wondered why the citizens of the US are so hard done by that they have to live on the streets, have inadequate food and nutrition and no health care or social security?

      All that loot is spent on war, war toys and hardware in research for more and more efficacious ways to eliminate mankind.

      And the US can hypocritically call itself the Champion of Liberty and the Prince of Peace?

  10. Steve Kastl says

    Cannot wait until Blinken and his ilk are on trial for treason. He is an Israeli duel citizen and should not be in our government.

    1. Eddy says

      I keep hearing such statements made by various posters, but the same folks never give us any indication of WHO it is, they believe will be laying the charges against these people, and WHO it is, that will be hearing them, and in what Court. Strange that.

    2. Richseeto says

      That’s true.

      The guy doesn’t give a rat’s about working for peace and understanding but if he managed to foment war….

      Will the Ba@Ta^& put himself and his children on the front line first?

  11. Thomas Paine says

    You’re watching a movie.

  12. Richseeto says

    What is the damn world coming to?

    Consider the headline: “On Hiroshima Anniversary Blinken Expresses “Deep Concern” to Asian Countries That China Might Expand Nukes to 10% of America’s.”

     Oh, according to this US idiot, the world should worry that China is building its nukes up to 10% of the US’s 3500 nukes.

    China has never threaten nor bully anyone with her nukes but the US has declared many times: WE WILL BOMB YOU BACK TO THE STONE AGE IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH OUR DEMANDS.

    So, folks if you are honest and fair, which nation should you worry about the most? Hmm?
    Are you going to be some donkey kong just to listen to and believe all the BS the US con artists that ever graced the government to the last Trumpo appointed Pompeo whom the Cantonese dubbed Jeegow (a unique Pig-Dog that only exists in China and Germany) and now Mr Blinkey, well named for someone who wanted to outdo Pompy but is found wanting?

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