Oligarchs Are Leaving Ukraine on Charter Flights

Zelensky says they should be with their workers

Machine translated from Ukrainian.

Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen leave Ukraine on charter flights, only on Sunday about 20 charters and private planes departed from Kiev.

Such a number of charters has not been seen in 6 years of observations.

Among the charters and private jets that left Ukraine on Sunday are the boards of Rinat Akhmetov and Boris Kolesnikov.

Later, Kolesnikov in a comment to the UP noted that he was in Kiev and was not going to go anywhere. According to him, the plane flew to Prague for maintenance.

A private board for 50 people was also ordered by the deputy of the OPZh, millionaire Igor Abramovich.

According to the UP from two sources in the OPZh and two people who were offered to leave, this board should take relatives of party members from Kiev to Vienna, as well as Abramovich’s business partners. The UP reached out to him for comment.

At the same time, according to the UP, although one of Akhmetov’s planes took off from Ukraine on Sunday, the oligarch himself left the country on January 30 on a flight to Zurich.

On the same day, businessman Victor Pinchuk left Ukraine.

Businessman, MP Vadym Novynskyi left Ukraine on February 10 on a Kyiv-Munich flight.

On the same day, Alexander Yaroslavsky went abroad, whose motorcade knocked down a man to death.

On February 13, businessmen Andriy Stavnitser and Vadim Nesterenko flew out of Ukraine, on February 12 – Vadim Stolar and Vasyl Khmelnitsky.

The press service of Stavnitser told the UP that he flew on a business trip and would return to Ukraine the other day.

The press service of Khmelnytsky told the UP that he flew with the team for training and should return to Ukraine on February 20. They added that this tour was planned three months in advance and Khmelnytsky’s children remain in Ukraine.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

Zelensky Tells Oligarchs, MPs to Return

President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to people’s deputies and oligarchs who left Ukraine to return within 24 hours to this crucial moment for the country.

Source : Zelensky during a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Zelensky’s direct speech:

“As for businessmen… You said, by the way, 30 charters only yesterday. This means that we have a rich country. The main thing is that they fly empty, not take something out of Ukraine.

People who are abroad, deputies of different parties… We must give them a signal from the state, the Verkhovna Rada, the speaker, I personally would like to ask them to return to the state within 24 hours. I think they should come back.

Otherwise, we all, as the state and the leadership, need to draw serious conclusions. And believe me, we will do them.”

Zelensky also addressed the oligarchs, noting that the state will not influence business, but believes that they should return to businesses and their employees.


  • On February 13, the UE reported that Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen were leaving Ukraine on charter flights, with about 20 charters and private jets departing from Kyiv on Sunday alone.
  • As of noon on February 14, 23 deputies are not in Ukraine. [11 from the Opposition Platform which holds 44 seats.]

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here are some recent comments about the situation in Ukraine from Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:


    Despite what Washington says, it would appear that Russia has no interest in furthering its agenda in Ukraine.

    1. iconoclast says

      mother russia can read the west’s constant deception like an open book.

  2. Geraldo says

    Wow, this US false flag must be a big one, do you think we’re looking at a small nuclear device here? I mean the US/UK have deserted the battlefield like cowards after promising Ukraine ‘we stand shoulder to shoulder with you’ These jerks are going to look so so so bad when Putin doesn’t invade. I think the Russians have fed the yanks dud intel, its going to be a massive humiliation for the West if nothing happens.

  3. Mark says

    Extraordinary; Russia does not even have to deploy its armed forces outside of Russia to achieve geopolitical aims. Simply drawing them up in something approximating battle formations – inside Russia – seems to be enough, although to be fair, a good deal of credit needs to be awarded to the western media for its coordinated-fright campaign. But this is working so well I will be surprised if Biden does not try to grab some of the recognition, and claim he and Moscow are working together to combat corruption in Ukraine! And if a sweetener is needed, Zelensky – the serving president who was swept to power on a promise to stamp out corruption in Ukraine – is begging the oligarchs to return. You couldn’t make this up.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Rats & Bedbugs are leaving Ukraine ???

  5. Martillo says

    Poisoned juice khazar heading for apartheid occupied Palestine as Slumville kabuki doom porn continues in ukropland? But will it all soften the collapse of the anglozionazi empire of shit?

    Naaaaaaah…the jig is finally up as USSA starts to burn.

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