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Oakland’s COVID Toll Revised Down 25% After Criteria Change

"The county previously included...people who died in a car crashes and tested positive for COVID"

Alameda County updated its methodology for reporting coronavirus-related fatalities on Friday, resulting in a 25% drop in the county’s death toll.

The total number of people who have died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic went from 1,634 to 1,223, according to data as of May 23.

The new count only includes those people “who died as a direct result of COVID-19, with COVID-19 as a contributing cause of death, or in whom death caused by COVID-19 could not be ruled out,” according to a statement from the county. [Still an incredibly broad definition. COVID does not even have to be the primary cause of death.]

The county previously included any person who died while infected with the virus in the total COVID-19 deaths for the jurisdiction. Case in point: People who died in a car crashes and tested positive for COVID were counted in the county’s previous system even though they were not included in the state toll.

The update did not disproportionally impact reported deaths for any specific race or ethnic group or zip code.

“It is important to note that earlier adoption of the State reporting definition would not have changed the course of the pandemic, nor would it have affected the key measures, including case rate, test positivity and hospitalizations, that drove public health responses to the pandemic,” the county said in its statement.

California has reported 62,470 COVID-related deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to state data.

Source: SFGATE

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6 days ago

good Cokeland authorities learning arithmetic

6 days ago

Now about that remaining 75% …

6 days ago

There are no covid deaths… only those with mostly the flu or pneumonia relabeled covid by unscrupulous doctors, hospitals, etc to get free fed bucks. The entire medical system is corrupt to the core.

Never in History has a Disease been replaced.png
Last edited 6 days ago by ken
2 days ago

In other words, they are still counting those with cancer & Covid-19 (like those with cancer, that developed pneumonia), and those that they are not sure? I what case are they not “sure”, since Covid-19 testing is about 30% accurate?