NYC Restaurants Band Together to Ban Cuomo From Their Establishments

A group of New York City restaurants has joined together to ban Gov. Andrew Cuomo from dining at their establishments in reaction to his lockdown policies.

“He can eat at some sh—- roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry Baird.

Members of a Facebook group by the name of “NYC Restaurant Open,” which is comprised of several restaurant and bar owners from the city, have signaled support for the Cuomo ban.

“Completely schizophrenic behavior,” one group member said. “How are they coming up with these rules is beyond any logical reasoning.”

“He can dine at Gracie Mansion if wants hospitality in Manhattan,” another member added. “He ain’t getting it here!”

Cuomo reinstated his indoor dining ban in New York City earlier this month despite resistance from business owners who have struggled through the governor’s pandemic response.

“In New York City, you put the CDC caution on indoor dining together with the rate of transmission and the density and the crowding, that is a bad situation,” Cuomo said when announcing the new round of restrictions.

Some bar and restaurant owners have gotten creative amid the restrictions, including one bar that declared itself an “autonomous zone,” offering patrons food and drinks for free but encouraging them to leave donations.

“It doesn’t seem like we can do business,” said Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti, who was arrested earlier this month in connection to refusing lockdown orders. “So here’s what we’re going to do for everybody: We’re going to give away everything for free. So now you can come to Mac’s Public House, and you can eat for free and you can drink for free. We just ask that you do make a donation toward us so that we can still pay our bills.”

“We refuse to abide by any rules and regulations put forth by the Mayor of NYC and the Governor of NY State,” a sign on the bar’s window said.

Source: Washington Examiner

  1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    What we need is for every business in the state of New York to do the same thing to both Cuomo and de Blasio.

  2. Otto310 says

    What a great idea.
    Why not take it further?
    All businesses adversely affected by the covid bollocks should write up a hit list of these fascists and withdraw all services.

    1. Иван says

      I’ve been nurturing that idea for a while. Sanctions against oligarchs. A union of small and medium businesses to basically stop all business with these parasites or charge them twice as much for goods and services.

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