Now Everyone in Europe Is Following the ‘Swedish Model’, but It’s Not PC to Say So

Except for the nonsense with face cloths

Editor’s note: The ‘Swedish model’ — aka what we’ve always done before the collective psychosis.

Machine translated from Swedish.

Recommendations instead of mandatory laws, open schools and restaurants along with reminders to wash your hands and keep your distance.

The Swedish model during the pandemic has been called irresponsible and used as an example of horror by several world leaders – not least with reference to Sweden’s high death toll. On several occasions, Sweden has had the highest proportion of deaths per capita in the world.

But international virus experts state that Sweden is now getting a kind of revenge for its unique corona strategy, reports SvD.

– Today, all countries in Europe more or less follow the method from the Swedish model – but no one would admit it. That is not politically correct. Almost everyone has criticized the Swedish strategy and called it inhuman and a failure. You can not turn around now, says Antoine Flahault, professor of epidemiology at the University of Geneva and head of the Institute of Global Health.

Trust unique

While infection is currently declining in Sweden, the numbers are rising in countries that have opened up after strict lockdowns. And when the virus rushes upwards again through Europe , most countries choose not to reintroduce shutdowns.

Instead, in the Swedish way, the population is encouraged to use common sense and follow recommendations on hygiene and physical distance.

– The Swedish model is seen today as sensible or as a unique alternative to lockdown. There, they have managed to make citizens understand and participate in the fight against the virus without mandatory laws and regulations. Countries want to try something more mature, more responsible and inclusive, says Fauhalt.

David Nabarro, WHO envoy for covid-19, also praises Sweden.

– I advocate that this type of trust between authorities and people is used more generally in the world, he says to SvD.

A privileged country

However, all experts highlight Sweden’s accident when it comes to keeping the infection away from nursing homes.

And Marc Van Ranst, head of the Belgian Institute of Public Health, believes that Sweden is privileged with good healthcare and few and well-informed citizens. The Swedish model might not work as well in a densely populated larger country.

Nabarro, from WHO, points out that the results do not yet exist.

– The history books will give us the answers. Then the Swedish strategy can be compared with others, he tells SvD.

Source: Aftonbladet

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